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The few remaining photos from Bob Clyde's collection
— though he tells me that he has more to come.

(source : Robert Clyde)

The statue of the Mother and Child in its original setting —
above the front door of the Fathers' house.

(Now sited at the entrance to the parish church
of Our Lady, Queen of Apostles, Bishop's Waltham).

(source : Robert Clyde)

The Fathers' house at The Priory, 1947 / 1948

Pictures of snowy days are so evocative, aren't they ? — and this
view of the house doesn't appear elsewhere in our collection.

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(source : Robert Clyde)

Sports' Day at The Priory, summer 1948 :
Fr Andrew Murphy doing stunts on his motorbike.

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(source : Robert Clyde)

This photo was probably taken in 1948. It
was a reproduction print in the Priory Oratory which was upstairs in the Fathers' House.  The picture was also reproduced as a prayer card.

. . . thanks, again, Peter (Finn)


(source : Paul West)

Bodnant Gardens, June 2005 — yet another reunion this year.
Mike Mearns (left) and Paul West

We arranged to meet at noon in the cafe at the entrance to the gardens. We both got there early and sat at adjacent tables,
wondering when the other would arrive. About 20 minutes later,
Mike spotted my copy of Peter Finn's History of The Priory and then he twigged! Not a bad bit of detective work after 40 years of not seeing each other.

Mike is still his old self, by the way — just as likeable, with a superb memory of his WF days and a store of funny stories about our past. We spent a most enjoyable 4 hours or so, walking round and round the grounds, chatting away and almost oblivious to the beautiful setting.

We've still got a few chapters to exchange, and I'm looking forward to the next time he comes over from Canada.

Below : Kay and Mike, who have been married now for 35 years.