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(source : Paul West)

Fr Pat Shanahan
, June 2005, taking the Chester train back to London
after yet another appeal for Street Child Africa.

I was lucky enough to catch up with him at St Clare's Church in Lache,
near Chester. We had a most enjoyable 2 hours talking over old times
and discussing his work with the charity — which has him shuttling back
and forth to the 6 African countries where the project operates.

Pat's UK base is currently at Oak Lodge (2005).

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(source : unknown — original very creased)

St Columba's, 1955 (likely date)

(L-R) :

Philip Holcroft, Patrick Southall, Paul Tait and John Paul Larkins

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The following pictures have been taken from a film of the ordinations at Jedburgh on 3rd June 1949 — now stored on dvd, courtesy of Bernard Melling.

The film is nearly 60 years old, so these single screen shots are not of the best quality. Even so, I hope that they will still be of interest to you, given that many of the priests portrayed were part of our young lives.

Can you help to identify them ?

(source : all the above screenshots are taken from the dvd created by Bernard Melling)