YEAR 2012

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March 2011

The following is a copy of recent correspondence from Peter Finn, reminding us of the significance of the year 2012 to the White Fathers (Missionaries of Africa):

12th March 2011

To : Paul West, Pelicans' website (12th March)
From: Peter Finn

Dear Paul

I haven’t been to BW for ages. It is no longer a parish but part of a bigger pastoral area called St Swithun Wells Parish. Fr Buckley is still at BW, but I hear that he is due to retire soon and return to Ireland. I hope he manages to stay in place until 2012 when it will be the centenary of the WFs arriving in this country, specifically at BW. I wonder if the WFs will be celebrating the occasion?

16th March 2011

From: Peter Finn

Dear Fathers,

Will the Society be celebrating the centenary of the White Fathers’ arrival in Britain in 1912?

There are many who may wish to join the celebrations in some way. The parish of Bishops Waltham would doubtless like to do something – perhaps a special Mass, and Paul West of the Pelicans would, I am sure, welcome being able to publicise it on his website. (I have copied him on this message.)

If you will be issuing a press release, then we should be able to get it into local newspapers especially in places where the Society was once well known.

17th March 2011

To : G.B. Delegate Superior
From: Peter Finn

Dear Fr Paul,

Thank you for your quick reply. Next time I go by B Waltham I’ll try to call on the Parish Priest (Fr John Buckley, who intends retiring soon) to see if he has anything in mind. He is a former missionary himself (St Patrick’s Missionary Soc) and a strong supporter of the Pelicans. He had Abp Michael Fitzgerald and eight WF priests and brothers at the last celebration in his parish, but only Michael and Pat Fitzgerald are still with us. Unfortunately, many of the Pelicans who attended on that occasion have also departed this life or are no longer up to travelling long distances.

We hope that there will be a special edition of the Society’s magazine.


February 23rd 2011

Fr Patrick Harrity's Golden Jubilee

Eric Creaney writes :

I made it to Fr Harrity's 50th Anniversary and met Pelicans George Fairholme, Frank Dillon, Michael Creechan, Richard Tobin — as well as Packy's brother, Willy — and, of course,  Frs. George Smith, Stephen Collins, John McLean, Paul Hannon and Brother Ray.

(source: Eric Creaney)

Fr Patrick Harrity MAfr

(source: Eric Creaney)

(source: Eric Creaney)

(source: Eric Creaney)

(source: Eric Creaney)

(source: Eric Creaney)

Fr Stevie Collins MAfr

(source: Eric Creaney)

Eric and Tress Donnelly

The lady with me (above) is Tress Donnelly, sister of Fr. Pat. Donnelly W.F. and long time power behind the Parents and Friends Association in Scotland.  She was my Primary 7 teacher way back in 1952/ 53 and a big influence on my joining St. Columba's in '53 along with Stevie Collins.


January 14th 2011