Donations to The Pelicans Website.
Unfortunately, it costs money to keep a website functioning. Happily this amount is not exorbitant but does require that we ask our users and friends to help us.

Effective January 2020 we need to find £68 per year to cover 1) domain ( registration (£12) plus 2) for domain security (£22) and 3) £34 for web hosting per year plus any taxes.

The Web hosting fee is payable every 3 years (2019, 2022, etc.  i.e. £102 every 3 years.), while the domain registration and security is annual. 

So we are looking to raise £34 for January 2020, an additional £34 for January 2021.  Then another £162 (£102 + £12 + £22 + VAT) by January 15th 2022 and then an addition £34 in each of the following 2 years before we begin the cycle yet again in January 2025.

To this end we have added a 'Donate' button to our 'Welcome' page.  This button links to our friends at PayPal (LJPDigimart) and allows for modest donations to be made using most credit/debit cards or PayPal. As this transaction will take place entirely on the PayPal server it is completely secure.

Donations are completely voluntary but we would like to thank, in advance, all those that chose to help us.

The Pelicans Webteam.