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Pete Wells writes:

I recently came across your web site when looking for information on  Danby Hall .

I was pleasantly surprised to see how much information the Pelican web site  had gathered on the White Fathers history and specifically St Columba's and Danby Hall. Also to see my name in the list of students. Reading the entries on the website brought back mainly happy memories of the time I spent at St Columba's in 1963 which was brought to an abrupt end with the fire and subsequent bus trip home via Newcastle afterwards with nothing but the cloths that we wore. I remember also Totteridge on the site seeing trips we did seeing the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London.  We spent Christmas there and it snowed. From there it was Danby Hall in 1964/1965. - Pictures to follow. I have enclosed some photo of the Fire and a picture of 2 Irish lads  ( Sean Mcanally is one I think) with Bro Owen.  The colour photo was taken by my father on a visit to the boarders in 1974.

Also enclosed are picture of myself Richard Sloan and Jim Fairlamb talking to one of the Americans in the Recreation Room.  Others I the photos that I have identified are John Hawkins, Thomas Gibbons and Andrew Scully


Pete writes further:

Enclosed are some more photo of Danby Hall,  Not sure who are doing the dusting I have identified Gerard Lenaghan with Fr Wynn. 

(Editor's note:  Looks like Terry Madden dusting the banister. Can anyone identify others in these photos?)
Pete writes further (5/7/17):

I enclose the other photos I have. One is of me canoeing on the river Ure and the others are of some of us uncovering a hard court to be used as a basket ball pitch. Along with myself ( on the right) I think one of the other boys in the middle is Anthony Quinn. Fr Wynn is also in the picture but  not sure about the others. You may recognise them. (Editor: any assistance in identifying would be appreciated.)

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John Quinn writes:
"I have been looking for photos and came across these. These were not what I was looking for. The black and white photos are from Blacklion1962-1963. The colour photo is Broome Hall 1963-1964.
In the photos the two are John Macdonald, the taller one, and me. The Blacklion photo includes  Fr. Darcy and Fr. Con. and a Dutch White Father Bishop whom I  think was Josef Blomjous.  Some of the students included Tom Dooley, whose uncle was a W.F. Mick Keller, Jim Bentley, Pete Smith a recent two-time English Provincial , Tommy Mallon, Charlie Timoney was ordained ln 1968 as was John MacDonald who is also in the photo.Mike Foley, Chris Cuthill, Chris Wildsmith whose brother was I think already ordained, and Derek Green
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