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Maurice Billingsley recently discovered his French Bible from his days at Gap. It had been missing for many years — believed lost or given away — only to be found at the back of a bookcase that was being moved in preparation for a major re-decoration.

The following two ordination cards had been used as markers.

(source: Maurice Billingsley)



(source: Maurice Billingsley)

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(source: Peter Finn)

The Priory Old Boys’ Dinner in 1968 at the Challoner Club, London.


Back: ——, John Heath, Peter Finn, Gordon White, Terence Pettit, John Baker, -——
Front: Fr Gerry Geddes, George Penistone, Fr Andrew Murphy, Louis Fitzmaurice, Fr Marchant.

Peter writes (July 2016):
"I think John Teague and Hugh Tapping are in
the back row, but I don’t know which is which."

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(source: Peter Finn)

The Pelicans' reunion at Templeogue, Dublin, 1997.


Des Fitzmaurice, Peter Finn, Tommy Price.