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John Brighouse and Tony Smyth provided these photos of "The Lark (L'Alouette), an English-language version of a 1952 play by Jean Anouilh about Joan of Arc. It was performed by The Priory seminarians in 1964 (?) and directed by Fr Brian Garvey.

"Alouette, gentille alouette,
Alouette, je te plumerai".

Are you able to identify which part of The Priory is displayed in each photo?

(source: John Brighouse)

"The Lark" by Jean Anouilh performed at The Priory 1965 (Directed by Fr. Brian Garvey)

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(source: John Brighouse)

Peter Shorrock & Tony Smyth

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(Source: Tony Smyth)


Robert (Jack) Dempsey, —— , (Fr) Richard Kinlen, —— (in white at front), Michael Cairns,
the back of ? (maybe Philip Mason), Adrian Moran, Cedric Pollard, John Corrigan, Peter Shorrock.

(source: John Brighouse)

(source:, via Maurice Bilingsley)

Richard Baawobr and Pierre Aucoin
at the
Provincial Council of AMS in April 2014.

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