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Mike Mearns found the following 2 photos whilst searching his attic recently.
As he points out, these are taken during the same period as those on Page 207

(source : Mike Mearns)

Launching 'Das Boot' on Lough MacNean 1961

(L-R) : ——, ——, Joe Mullen, Larry Shine, Charlie Bingham, Danny O'Hagan and Mike Mearns


(source : Mike Mearns)

Preparing for the launch of Das Boot

PF=Peter Fredrickson. EB=Eddie Brady. PT=Paul Tait. JC=Jim Connolly. DA=Dave Airley. NK=Nicky Kendellen. JW=Jack Waring.
TP=Tommy Power. AH=Alf Harrison. PC=Patrick Creaney. JW=Joe Mullen. BN=Brendan Neiland. AW=Andy Murphy?
BP=Brother Paddy. CW=Chris Wildsmith. MM=Mike Mearns. LS=Larry Shine. MK=Michael Keller. FT=Frank Treanor.

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We have Mrs. Pat MacGowan to thank for the following contribution.
Mrs MacGowan is Margaret Morton's aunt, who took these photos when
she visited 'The Priory' when it was used as a Police training centre.
She was accompanied by Margaret's brother Ebby (Michael Bolan).

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