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We start this page with a rare photo of days at Templeogue, provided by Michael Gallagher :


(source: Michael Gallagher)

Dublin Zoo, 1971
(L-R) : Michael Gallagher (scarf), Michael Hayden (behind),
Martin Murphy, Brian Martin, Eddie Fitzgerald and Michael Miller).

Martin writes (March 2007) :
I came across the attached photo
which may be of interest to you because there is not very much
on the Website relating to the White Father’s House in Templeogue
where I studied Philosophy under the guidance of Fr Eugene Lewis.
This was taken in 1971 at Dublin Zoo on a day out and I remember
we had a great day with plenty of laughter
. . . .

I am in touch with Michael Miller on a regular basis and
I have met him twice in recent years. He was originally
from Derry and is now living in Sweden. I am afraid I have
lost touch with the others. Of those in the photo Brian,
Michael Miller and myself went on to do our Novitiate in Fribourg, Switzerland.

. . . . Michael Hayden came from Donegal,
Martin Murphy and Eddie Fitzgerald
from Cork. Brian Martin was from Finglas
in Dublin but is now living in Strasbourg.

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(source: Monica West)

Can you identify these three WFs ?
I found this photo in one of my sister's albums
and I'm pretty sure that it was NOT taken at Heston
(the WFs' parish in which we grew up).

There were annual trips to Broome Hall (Dorking)
for Heston parishioners in those days.
This would probably have been taken in the mid-50s.
Is that a stable door on the left ?

Peter Finn writes (March 2006) :
" This photo shows Fr John Stanley (on the left) and Fr O'Donnell.
In front of them is Tom Bradley (now Fr Bradley in Dublin).
Tom is in a philosopher's cassock, so the photo would
have been taken 1951/52. Philosophy was then at Broome
Hall, but I don't recognise the background of the picture. "