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The 3rd page of photos from Fr Frank Nolan WF's collection.

(source: Fr Frank Nolan)

(L-R) : Fr Kees van den Bosch (novice master), Bishop Geraerts
and Fr Emil Geurts after the orfdinations of 1955 or 1957

source: Fr Frank Nolan)

(L-R) : Washing up at s'Heerenberg

Fr David Cullen with John Morrissey to his left.
Facing the camera are Lex Ziegelaar and Joe de Rooij (to his left)

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(source: Fr Frank Nolan)

Most of the British contingent at s'Heerenberg, 1955-56

(L-R) : Front : Alec McGarry, George Fairholm,
Tom Bradley, Des Fitzmaurice and Hugh Regan (?)

Back : Gerry (?) Harrity (Packy's twin), Eugene MacBride or Frank Dillon,
Eugene Lewis, Frank Nolan, John Morrissey, Pat Menzies (in front of whom ? possibly Peter Kelly),
Laurence geraghty, Brian Garvey, John Sandom, —— (Welshman, in front of Gerry Corcoran),
Dave Cullen and Eddie Bolan.

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(source: Fr Frank Nolan)

Broome Hall 1952-53

(L-R) : Back : Dave Cullen, George Fairholm, Ted Lang, Norman MacConnell,
Hogger O'Hara, John Sandom, Gerry Corcoran, Robby Clyde

Front : Laurence Geraghty, Freddy Seiles,
Brother John Ogilvy, Alec McGarry, Cyril Basil Brown

One missing at the back ?

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(source: Fr Frank Nolan)

(source: Fr Frank Nolan)

Priory Rugby Team 1964-5
(L-R) : Back : George Jason, Sean Hughes, Patrick McHale, John Mills, Ian Scott,
Charles Savage, Owen Gormley, John Layland, Adrian Moran & Fr Brian Garvey WF

Front :
Vincent Brosnan, Eddie Carroll, Ian Parsons (?), John Parker,
Michael Greene (?), Paul Fletcher (?) & Ciaran McGuinness


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