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(source : Voix D'Afrique, via Pat McHale)

Scholastics at Carthage 1958

Front Row, extreme right : Michael Fitzgerald
That's Ged Wynne at the back—next to the person wearing the fez.

Can you identify anyone else ?
Michael Targett and / or Michael Bolan ? (contemporaries)

There is a record of UK Theology students known to have studied at Thibar and Carthage
in the STUDENT LISTINGS Appendix


'The Pelican Club'
(taken from WF/WS magazine no. 311, August - September 1993, via Maurice Billingsley)

' The Pelican Club ' is an organisation for ex-White father Students—see page 27 of the February-March 1993 issue—and will hold its second annual meeting at the White fathers' house in Preston on 23rd and 24th October 1993. If any more ex-WF students would like to join the group please contact Eugene MacBride

Front Row : Vinny Callaghan, Fr Pat Boyd WF, Frank Dillon and Walter Perry
Second Row : Pat Tierney
Third Row : Jack Terague and Jarlath Hynes
Top Row : Eugene MacBride, Denis Shields and Tommy Price

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(source: WF /WS magazine No. 157, December 1967-Jan 1968)

"Priest and catechist"

Can you name the priest, please?

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(source: WF /WS magazine No. 161, August -September 1968)

Silver Jubilees

Fr Michael Coffey (left) and Fr Andrew Murphy