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(source and commentary : David Rose, Parishioner at Heston)

David Rose writes : "I visited Carthage in 2001, to see the last resting place of Cardinal Lavigerie, the founder of the White Fathers. I discovered that the Cathedral had been nationalised by the government in Tunis and that the Cardinal's remains had been moved to the White Fathers' chapel in Via Aurelia in Rome. As we were both going to Rome that October for Cardinal Cormac's Rite of Reception at his Titular Church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, we visited the White Fathers' house and saw the tomb of Cardinal Lavigerie.

We were made very welcome by Father Henk Bonke.

(source and commentary : David Rose, Parishioner at Heston)

On the roof of the White Fathers' House in Via Aurelia, Rome, with
Fr Henk CJ Bonke WF (right), Secretary General at the time (2001) 

The following 2 photos were taken from Part 2 of "Destined for a Mission",

the autobiography of the late Fr Kevin Wiseman WF

Part 1 of this book has been transcribed for the website and Chapter 1
starts on on Page 9 of the HISTORIES section.
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(source : "Destined for a Mission" by the late Fr Kevin Wiseman)

(L-R) : Fr Charles Cardiff WF and Fr Kevin Wiseman

Fr Wiseman wrote : "Busansa was a White Father mission. A very interesting character named Father Charlie Tardiff lived there. He was a great host. You could be sure to be served some special dish. Often Boston beans were cooked. He was also a great hunter, with several elephants to his name, besides several smaller animals for meat. One day he went out on his motorbike and, as usual, he carried a .22 calibre rifle in case he spotted a gazelle or fowl. As he was passing by a cave he saw a pack of dogs barking furiously. He went to see and then realised that these dogs had cornered a leopard. Without further ado he shot the leopard and then realised that he had made a foolish mistake. Had he just wounded the beast, it would have attacked him . . . . . . .

. . . . . Charlie had a pet ostrich at the mission. It used to spend the day picking up stuff and when Charlie was busy mending motorbikes or trucks, the ostrich wo
uld come to "help" him. Nuts and bolts disappeared and the ostrich would eventually defecate them. "

(Taken from Chapter 9 "Nyegezi Seminary, Holidays")


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