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We start this page with 2 more photos from Peter Jennings

(source & copyright: Peter Jennings)

Father Camille Dufort, the French-Canadian White Father who taught French and RE during Peter's time at St Columba's,
pictured with Peter's sister Mary and his mother, at Easter 1960.

(source & copyright: Peter Jennings)

(L-R) :Peter Jennings, Abbot Cuthbert Johnson OSB (Peter Johnson)
and John Scully — pictured together in London
on Tuesday 3 May 2005. It was the first time since
July 1961 that the three of them had been together !

Peter writes : "John Scully, St Columba's September 1959 to July 1962,
contacted me completely out of the blue shortly
after my return from Rome where I was covering
the Election and Inaugural Mass of Pope Benedict XVI.
He told me that he had recently looked at The Pelicans'
website quite by chance and wanted to get in touch.

John began in Dryburgh House and ended up
as House Captain of Kelso in his third year at St Columba's.

John accepted an invitation to join me and Abbot Cuthbert Johnson OSB
of Quarr Abbey on the Isle of Wight (Peter Johnson of Melrose House,
September 1959 to July 1961) for lunch at my club, the East India,
in St James's Square, London, on Tuesday 3 May. It was the first time
that I had seen John since the day I left St Columba's in July 1961.

We shared some wonderful memories over lunch and during the afternoon."

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(source : Robbie Dempsey)

John Strain, on the day of his ordination30th June (2000 ?)

An account of this can be read in the OTHER NEWS part of the NEWS SECTION.
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(source : WF/WS magazine Feb - March 2001)

Buckingham Palace 2000, on the day that Br Trevor Robinson received an MBE from the Queen for his services to the disabled and disadvantaged in Ghana. Go to the APPEALS section to read more about his work and this award.

(L-R) : Fr Diarmud Sheehan WF, Br Trevor Robinson and Roger, his brother.

(close up)

(source : "Illustrated" May 17th 1958 — courtesy of PAT GRITTON)

An old copy of the "Illustrated" magazine has been stored in Pat's attic for years
— probably because it contained a short reference to St Columba's.

The caption to the accompanying photo reads :

"White-habited figures walk against a typical border country background.
They are White Fathers, Roman Catholic missionaries training
at St Boswells, near Edinburgh, for Africa."


Were YOU at St Columba's in 1958 ?

" YES " says Arthur McGuigan (24th August 2005).
" The three priests walking in the field with the Eildons in the background, are, from left to right,
Fr. McKenna, Fr. Tom O'Donnell, and Fr. Aucoin. The three of them were there when I was at St Columba's in 1958."

With Thanks to Fr Pierre Aucoin for confirming the identity of his two colleagues.