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September 5th 2019

Maurice Billingsley shared the following link to the Tablet's further article on Mgr. Fitzgerald M.Afr.: 


September 2nd 2019

This week we received the exciting news from Rome of the elevation of Mgr. Michael Fitzgerald M.Afr. to Cardinal.  Here are a couple of links to that effect:



and Maurice Billingsley sent us the following related link from "The Tablet"  



August 27th 2019

We have heard from Jean-Marie Proust who was a novice in Fribourg in 1973-74 with a comment regarding a photo from Michael Gallagher in the Gallery, page 312.  We have added Jean-Marie's note to the photo in question, (the third one down).  Thank you Jean-Marie.


August 6th. 2019

For all former students at St. Columba's we would like to draw your attention to Chris Benton's report on his current visit to the site in his MESSAGE BOARD post.


July 25th 2019

We have added an obituary for Margaret Strain, the late wife of Pelican, Rev. John Strain in the OBITUARIES section of the web site. John kindly wrote this for us but we have added a link to another, published in the Guardian newspaper and written by Margaret & John's daughter, Helen Honour, which was pointed out to us by John's contemporary at the Priory, Sean Murphy.


July 22nd 2019

We have received some sad news from Tom Kelly (The Priory 1955-1958).  He writes:

"A bit late telling  you, but this is just to inform Pelicans that Margaret, my wife, passed away on 5th May this year. Her Funeral Mass was on 6th June at Assumption of Our Lady  Church here in Maldon, and she was then buried in our local cemetery. Some members of Pelicans may remember her. As I write, I am looking, slightly twisted neck-at a photo of us both on the steps of  Bishops Waltham Parish  Church steps after one of our past Reunions there with many others. I don't know who is still around from my time  with  White Fathers, as everybody, like myself too, are getting older.!!!
Tom Kelly"

May Margaret rest in peace and let us remember Tom & his family in our prayers.

July 5th 2019

We have added an obituary page for Fr. Patrick ('Fitz') FitzGerald M.Afr. in our OBITUARIES section. here.  If anyone has anything to add to this, as we know 'Fitz' was a part of many of our lives, please, send them to us at webteam@thepelicans.org.uk Thank you.

July 3rd 2019

It is with sadness that we learn of the passing of Fr. Pat Fitzgerald M.Afr.  "Father Terry Madden, Provincial Delegate of the sector of Great Britain,
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father on Wednesday 26th June 2019 at a New-York Hospital (USA) at the age of 93 years, of which 69 years of missionary life in
Great Britain, Tanzania, Zambia and in the United States."  Fr. Pat (Fitz) was at the Priory from 1954 to 1961 being Superior there from 1957 (thank you Patrick Burns for the correction) and rector at St. Edward's, Totteridge from 1964 to 1969.  May he rest in peace.    We will add an obituary to our Obituaries section as soon as possible.


June 13th 2019

It is with great sadness that we learn of the passing of Margaret Strain, loving wife of our confrère Rev. John Strain.  John's note to us reads:

                    "Dear Pelicans

                     My wife Margaret died peacefully on 9th June with her family at her bedside.

                     I attach details of her funeral. Everyone is welcome Could you please forward to everyone you think would like to know

                     Keep me, our children Justin and Helen and our four grandchildren in your prayers

                      Margaret Honour Strain
                      21 Nov 1934 - 9 Jun 2019
                      Requiescat in pace"

(If you are having difficulty reading this invitation - using 'ctrl +' in your browser will help.)



June 13th 2019

I recently visited my original Canadian home. Took some photos and put together a little piece for the HISTORIES section of the web site.  This can be viewed in histories 62.


June 11th 2019

All of us here at The Pelicans would like to congratulate our fellow Pelican Tom Canning on his being awarded the 'Benemerenti Medal' by Pope Frances for over 50 years as a member of the St Vincent De Paul and his work within his parish. See Tom's full message on the messagebord.


June 10th 2019

May was a very quiet month but today it rains (quite appropriate as we are expecting 30mm of rain here today). 

Nick Kendellen (St. Columba's 1954-56...) has been in touch and updated his contact information.  In addition he has kindly donated to Fr. Dave Cullen's appeal.  Fr. Dave has also been in touch and has updated his regular news from Chipata.  This can be found in the APPEALS section of the web site.

Following Robbie Dempsey's recent message on the message board regarding the late Fr. Tom Stoker we came across a photo of Fr. Tom post the St. Columba's fire which we have posted, also, in GALLERY 378, below the photo/article that Robbie referenced.


April 29th 2019

Maurice Billingsley has sent us the following link Jerusalem: Ecumenical Accompaniers handover mission to new group | ICN from the World council of Churches, which may be of interest to Pelicans.  Thank you Maurice


April 15th 2019

Robbie Dempsey has sent us Fr. John Millane's funeral announcement card which we have added to Fr. John's  Obit section.


April 5th 2019

We have added two obituaries to the OBITUARIES section of the website.  That of Fr. Paul Hannon M.Afr. as well as that of Fr. John Millane M.Afr. who passed away last October.  We have also updated the obituary of Fr. John Lynch M.Afr. who was killed tragically in the USA in 2017.  May they all rest in Peace.


April 4th 2019

It is with great sadness that we learn of the passing of Fr. Paul Hannon Mafr.  Paul was the Provincial Superior in the UK from 2010-2014.  He returned to the Lord on March 28th 2019.  May he rest in Peace!  We will post an Obituary in the appropriate section of the website very soon.


March 11th 2019

Mike Ellis & John Joyce have sent us an update on the AMAP project.  A report on "collecting, transporting and re-distributing redundant hospital equipment" is now available in the AMAP section of our "APPEALS" area on the website.  Thank you, Mike & John for the work you do on the Pelicans' behalf in this project. 


February 19th. 2019

We have received an update from Fr. Dave Cullen, by way of Robbie Dempsey.  This update is now available in the APPEALS section of the web site.


February 15th 2019

It is with sadness that we have learned from Robbie Dempsey, today of the passing of Fr. Bernard Joinet M.Afr.  Fr. Joinet taught some of us at St. Columba's in the early 60s. He passed away on Monday, Feb. 11th.  We have added an obituary to our OBITUARIES page.  Requiescat in pace.


February 13th 2019

It has been fairly quiet around here of late, but today is a special day.  Today we celebrate the birthday of our illustrious 'Webmaster Emeritus', Paul West

We would like to wish Paul a very Happy Birthday and, once again, thank him for all the work he did in establishing 'The Pelicans' web site and keeping it running for so many years.  We hope & pray that his health is holding up and he has many years ahead of him.  Once again, Paul, a very Happy Birthday from all 'The Pelicans".


January 21st 2019

Mike Ellis has sent us a report from Fr.Alick Mwamba in Mali on epilepsy patients in his area and how the drugs our AMAP programme are helping.  This report can now be found in our 'APPEALS' section.  Anyone wishing to help in this project can contact Mike who's details are also in that Appeals section.


January 2nd. 2019

Wishing all Pelicans, friends and web visitors a very happy & prosperous 2019.