A Selection of 'Totteridge Photos'
taken from the GALLERY

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Note : It is not possible to arrange the GALLERY photos in chronological order because that is not the way in which they arrive at the Pelican 'office'

(source : Michael Gallagher)

(L-R) :

Brian Martin, Martin Hurley, Michael Gallagher, Jean Michel Laurent, Tom Hillas and Fr Albert Nyssens.

(Go to Page 19 of the OBITUARIES section to read more about the late Fr Albert Nyssens)

(source: Anthony Whelan)

Totteridge Panto 1959
(L-R) : Frank Larkin as Admiral Sauerkraut being' treated' by some unknown sailors

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(source: Eugene MacBride)

The Totteridge panto 1959


Sauerkraut (Frank Larkin) and his marines
: Pat Martin, Hans Schrenk, Phil Leedal, Gunther ? ——

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(source: Eugene MacBride)

Totteridge, Ordination Year 1960
Can you names any of the people in this group, please ?

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(source: Eugene MacBride)

Totteridge Class of 1961
Eugene MacBride is far right on the front row, with Pat Martin
sitting beside him. Behind them is Packy Harrity

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(source: Tony Smyth)

Deaconate ordinations, Totteridge 1971
The only ordinand that Tony can recognise is John Slinger to the extreme right.
Maurice (Billingsley) recognises Jurgen Peltz, front row, second left.
Behind the ordinands are (L-R) :
Ronnie O'Connor, Tony Smyth and Terry Madden (?) more to the right.

Winfried Hartwig writes (April 2011)

"This is Whetstone parish church:
Front-row, second from the left is Gerhard Knühl
(now in Trier,Germany) — (not Jürgen Pelz, still in Tanzania).

The rest, might be Verona-Fathers and John Slinger, as you know.

(source: Winfried Hartwig)

I've got a slightly different picture of the scene from above and the one from the other side of the church:

From left: Dominique Arnauld, Augustin Dery, Marc François, John Gould, Hans Schering, ?American?

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