of The Priory Grounds at BISHOP'S WALTHAM

Page 1 : An aerial view of The Priory grounds
, from various angles

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A bird's eye view of The Priory grounds (May 2008)

The site of the old Priory buildings is now a housing estate named 'Priory Park"—see the cluster of houses at the top left, skirtedby Elizabeth Way.

In the mid-nineties, work began on creating a bowling green and club house on the site of the former top football pitch,
officially opening in May 1998 as 'The Arthur Howard Pavillion Park' and home to the Meon Valley Bowling Club. Parking
facilities lie adjacent to the Pavillion, in what was once The Orchard. Would Brother Paddy have seen this when he attended
the official opening of the new parish church in that same year? I hope not.

The bottom football pitch, which Priorians referred to as 'The Mine', is pretty much as it used to be but now serves
as a play area for the local children. It is rather like a mini-park, and includes typical pieces of play apparatus. Football is now
played on the field below.

'X marks the spot' where once was the kitchen garden that Fr Patrick Fitzgerald started. (See the area of uncut meadow grass with the two footpaths that cross). To the north of this area is the land which the White Fathers gave to the diocese to enable a new parish church to be built.

That stream that we called 'The Danube' is still trickling under the canopy of the hawthorn hedgrow that skirts the old
cricket pitch. The gaps in the hedgrow that we used to cross through for cricket or athletics are still there, and after all these years are in regular use by the estate children and dog walkers.

The cricket and athletic field has been used over the years for growing turf. Consequently the subsoil is now in evidence
over most of its surface. It lies neglected for the most part and currently there are moves afoot to use it for more building more houses.

(The Arthur Howard Pavillion 2002. Source : Robbie Dempsey, taken at 2002 reunion)

(source : adapted from Microsoft's Virtual Earth, via

This view shows Martin Street more prominently (see top right).
On this unmade road lies the front of the grey-roofed church of Our Lady, Queen of Apostles,
erected in 1998 over the site of the tennis court—at the bottom of what we knew as the Burma Road.
Within the church grounds is the White Fathers' cemetery. (Carefully tended by today's parishioners).

(source : adapted from Microsoft's Virtual Earth, via

A further perspective which highlights the cluster of houses in Priory Park (to the left).

Below is an undated aerial view of the old Priory buildings.

(source : Michael Goodstadt)

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