a) 1955 / 56

Taken from The Pelican - Christmas 1955, lent by Anthony McCaffrey

Please note:
where possible, Christian names have been added from memory or taken from the list of ex-Priory students.

Are you able to supply any missing Christian names please? These lists are very useful to people, if only because
they help to jog memories.

Form VI Form V Form IV Form III
Richard Calcutt (Capt)

Edward Bleasdale

Paul Ashby David Airley
Eric Creaney Brian Butler Desmond Boyle Geoffrey Bickers
Brian Foley Michael Goodstadt Patrick Cassidy Charles Bingham
Michael McDonnell Joseph Kavanagh (Vice) Hugh Concagh Patrick Burns
Michael Kelly John Corcoran Gerard Cannon
Philip Harrison Joseph Foley Leo Clancy
Peter Machin Robin Griffin Patrick Creaney
John Martin John Lyden Finbarre Fitzpatrick
Eric McCormack Michael McBride Patrick Gibbons
Joseph McDermott Anthony McCaffrey Graham Hoxley
Brian McGuire Nicholas Muller Hynes
Christopher McGuire Terence Pettit Johnston
Gerard O'Byrne Patrick Rice Thomas Kelly
Anthony O'Gorman John Paul Larkins
George Smith James Lomas
Sean Surdival Patrick MacDonald
Patrick Tierney Charles Mclaren
Anthony Visocchi Peter McMurray
James Youdale Michael Mearns
Gordon Rutledge
William Nimmo-Scott
Patrick Shanahan
Anthony Shann
Desmond Smith
John West
Paul West

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