Investing in Children on the Street

Charity No. 1127206.
Registered in England & Wales

StreetInvest is an independent Charity and not part of the Missionaries of Africa (The White Fathers).

This is far from a hopeless cause. Street children are some of the bravest and strongest children you may ever have the privilege to meet.

StreetInvest exists to offer a solution to the world’s most excluded street children. These are the children who are on the street and have no significant adult in their lives.  This, sadly, is presently the majority of all former, current and future street children.

The vast majority of street children will stay on the street rather than leave. And more are joining every day. Most programmes support children who leave the street. 

Our objective is to promote a process that extends the chance of a better life to all street children. This process centres on identifying, training and supporting workers on the streets to fill the role of a significant adult in the children’s lives. 

StreetInvest offers a training programme for street workers that has been developed over the last ten years and has been proven in both Eastern Europe and Africa. We also support the investments in these children that they and the street workers identify as priorities.

With street workers in place to gain the trust and respect of even the most hardened street child, experience has shown that there is a greater chance that the “critical mass” of these children who remain on the street will be:

  1. More willing to make the positive choices that offer them new paths and
  2. Less likely to take negative choices that lead them further into alienation and the very danger, drugs, violence and criminality that communities fear.

StreetInvest is led by a small team of professionals with extensive experience in the development, training, finance, legal and social care worlds.  StreetInvest’s vision is to establish and prove the process of training and putting street workers onto the streets as a central programme for all street children worldwide. 

StreetInvest’s key objectives for the next five years are:

    • Develop and prove a strategy for street children that is applicable from government level to local NGO level to offer the best chances for all street children

    • Develop our Street Worker Training Programme to include:

      An independent and locally managed programme in sub-Saharan Africa that will reach the majority of the street children in that region

      Establishing a similar network of local workers and trainers in Eastern Europe

      Running a pilot programme in Asia, identify the required adjustments to suit that environment and secure funding for a full programme roll out

      Investigating how the same principles may be applied to developed as well as developing markets, particularly in the UK

      Forming partnerships with existing providers of major interventions for OVCs (orphans & vulnerable children) to develop effective delivery specifically to these most excluded street children

      Supporting all of the above through a programme of investments that facilitate improved choices for street children on the street.

      Undertaking original and action research to guide, monitor, evaluate and improve all our activities.

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