(source : Eugene MacBride)

3rd July 1957
Ordinations to sub-Diaconite and Minor Orders at the Scholaticate Chapel, s'Heerenberg

Taken from Page 155 of the GALLERY

(source : John Morton)

Untitled, unplaced and undated.
Probably taken at s'Heerenberg in July 1957, when John (on leave from the RAF) visited his old classmates.

Peter McComiskey can be seen at the front, in the middle.

Taken from Page 148 of the GALLERY

(source : John Fowles)

John Fowles, standing at the entrance to s'Heerenberg.

John and Carole Fowles travelled over from Canada in August 2004 to visit some WF friends
from John's time at s'Heerenberg and elsewhere.

Taken from Page 194 of the GALLERY

(source: Anthony Whelan)

Potato peeling at s'Heerenberg (1958?)

Taken from Page 102of the GALLERY

(source: Peter McComisky)

The High Altar, House of Novices, s'Heerenberg 1956

Taken from Page 102of the GALLERY

(source : Patrick Menzies)

Skating at s'Heerenberg, 1953

(L-R) :Hank van der Pavard and Pat Menzies

Taken from Page 229 of the GALLERY

(Source : Eugene MacBride)

(L-R) : Ben Henze, Eugene MacBride, Martien van den Ven, Chris Wouters and Ged Wynne

Taken from Page 92 of the GALLERY

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