Summer 2018 St. Boswell's area gathering.

Mike Ellis and I are considering the possibility of another get-together in the Borders in summer 2018 along the lines of those organised in September 2009 and July 2015.

Accommodation would be for 2 nights  in a hotel (probably Melrose or at the Buccleuch Arms in St Boswell’s) with individuals of course free to make alternative accommodation arrangements.  There would be one main get-together dinner, and a visit to St Columba’s.  Visits to other places could be organised or left to individuals.

To help us gauge probable numbers  it would be helpful if anyone who would be interested in attending this reunion could let Mike or me know by email ( , ) or any other means and indicate their preferences for accommodation, any preferences for dates (including any preference for another year or another time of the year), whether you would be bringing a partner,  and any suggestions for other aspects of the event.


Our suggested dates are as follows.  Please indicate your preference:

                                                                                                                                  Friday 15th June – Sunday 17th June

                                                                                                                                  Friday 13th July – Sunday 15th July

                                                                                                                                  Friday 14th September – Sunday 16th September


It might also be useful if you could get this information to any of our ex confreres who might not regularly access the  Pelicans web site.


If there is a reasonable response Mike and I shall look more closely at accommodation possibilities and dates and post details on the website and Facebook page and to individuals


Ian Scott.

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