The Priory - 50 Years After!
On the feast of the Martyrs of Uganda (June 3rd) 2017 a few of us descended on Bishop's Waltham to remember the 50th anniversary of the White Fathers leaving The Priory.  Present at the gathering were Maurice Billingsley, (1962-67), Michael Byrne,  (1963-66), Chris Cooper , (1959-62) & myself (Tony Smyth, (1962-67)).
We wandered around the old grounds and remembered days gone by. Hopefully the photos below will bring back some memories to some dispite the dramatic changes in many cases.
  L-R: Tony Smyth, Michael Byrne & Maurice Billingsley enjoying a drink together
after supper on June 3rd.
The Statue from above the main entrance to the Priory
        lives on outside the church of Our Lady Queen of Apostles
         Church build on the lower part of the former Priory property.
This photo fron Gallery 122 taken in 1967  ----->>>>>>>>> The same corner  today (2017)
One of the first things I saw on arrival in Winchester.  Those buses look familiar I thought
          to myself. :-)
         What we believe is the verge at the top of the football field. With, on the right, what used
          to be the steps to the football field.
The old rugby ground from the edge of the old cricket pitch. The Priory entrance at the end of Albert Rd.
The graveyard, now behind the church of Our Lady Queen of The Apostles on Martin St. Our Lady Queen of The Apostles  Church on Martin St.
The Pelicans co-founder, Eugene MacBride's Memorial in the cemetery in Bishop's Waltham. The Bishop's Palace (Waltham) remains.
  (All photos source: Tony Smyth)
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