Abbotsford Revisited 2018

Gerard Lenaghan writes:

After our visit to Abbotsford last year The Lenaghans have rented The Hope Wing for a week at Easter for a family reunion.

My brother, Michael, has suggested that we all read a Sir Walter Scott novel prior to our visit in remembrance of him as his private library is, in fact, part of our accommodation. It is, I tell you, very hard reading!




I was up there a few weeks ago checking out our accommodation and threw a few photos I took into a short video.
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I had never been to Abbotsford before but Michael was there in 1962. The location of the photograph is,
as you see, directly outside The Hope Wing.




Michael has worked very hard trying to identify all of these people and expects to recognised for his labours!


Right to left:

• Tom Hillas  • Denis Starkey • Simon Blandford • Fr. Gerry Smulders • Jim Kelly • Mike Cairns
• Peter Coyle • Jim Gunning • Tom Oswoski • Bill Tonner • Fr. Ball • Paul Glover • Tom McKeith
• Unknown ??? • Thomas “Tucker” O’Neill • Michael Costello • Peter Shorrock • Ian McDonald


I hope this is of interest. A higher resolution photo of this photo is attached.

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