Ratho, near Edinburgh

       1966-78 Hostel for junior seminarians attending:
 1. Scotus Academy, Edinburgh, 1966-69
2. St David’s School, Dalkeith, 1969-78
1976-82 Promotions and Vocations Centre


(source : Robin Russell)
The whole community at Ratho, near Edinburgh (1967?)

Back : 2nd left Ronnie O'Connor, 4th left Robin Russell, 2nd right Thomas Gormley (Owen's brother)
Middle (staff) : Fr Hugh Monaghan, Fr Francis Ball, Fr Patrick Menzies, Brother John Ogilvie
Front : 1st right, Liam Cairns (brother of Michael)

The ladies in the photograph are the housekeeper, Mrs McGurk and her daughter (Philomena?).


(source: John Fleming)

Probably 1982

"This photo is from Ratho, during one of the (in)famous "Voc-Vacs".
At this one I had taken the decision to consider entering formation
to find out what I'd been put here to do. These weekends introduced
us as young men to the life and values of the Society.

Featured in this photo  are Frs Mike Cotton, Damian Duggan,
the excellent Albert Gardiner and the much loved and respected Fr Jasper."