The White Fathers & Their Missions

by Fr. Joseph Bouniol  W.F.


Intro Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Part 4a Part 4b Part 5 Appendix

Transcribed and arranged by Robbie Dempsey

has done an outstanding job for us all here by reproducing this substantial history by Fr Bouniol. — nearly 400pages of text, photographs and illustrations—which was originally published in 1929 by Sands & Co (Covent Garden).

The scope of the book is very comprehensive:

Part 1 The Foundation and early history of the Society
Part 2 A Description of the White Fathers' Society
Part 3The Principal features of the missionary work of
Part 3 the White Fathers' Society
Part 4The White Fathers' Missions
Part 5 The Society in Europe and America

This from Maurice Billingsley:   "On 20/12/28 Fr Arthur Hughes, then working at the Priory, wrote to his sister (Christian name Winifred, Religious name Sister Edith, S.M.) that he was correcting proofs of the History of the Society. This could only be Fr Bouniol's book"