Episcopal ordination of Fr. John MacWilliam M.Afr.
Maurice Billingsley writes:  

I went to Worth, not because of any connection with Bp MacWilliam, but to see something of Claude Rault, the bishop emeritus of Laghouat, who was econome at Gap. A few references to him in the Gallery, e.g. p306. It was good to see him; if I say he looked frail, then he always did and he was certainly lively enough in conversation. And asking about translating the new edition of his book, which is already in Spanish and German. A joint effort? But we would need a publisher first. Claude came to the refreshments gasping for a beer, and was highly amused to see that Kent's best was on offer: 'BISHOPS FINGER'.

Also in evidence were Thomas Hillas and Rosemary, looking and sounding good.  Thomas is still doing his retreats near Cambridge; he worked with Bp MacWilliam in various places.

Frank Barnes was there, representing the Superior General, who could not get a visa! What sort of country are we living in? Frank knows how to work a crowd. Terry Madden was there, Gerry Stone and Aylward Shorter, but they were racing back to Ealing to celebrate Peter Kelly's 60th of ordination. That's made you feel younger! Michael Fitzgerald spoke well in his homily; I would guess it will appear in Petit Echo at some point.

I'll scan the front of the service booklet and zip it over before I post it to Andre Filion in Canada, who recruited +John in the first place when Andre was on promotion work in the UK.

Below are some photos of the ordination taken by Howard Griggs on behalf of the Monastic Community at Worth School.  We would like to thank all involved for their permission to reproduce these photos.
(Photo courtesy of Worth School) (Photo courtesy of Worth School)
(Photo courtesy of Worth School) (Photo courtesy of Worth School)
(Photo courtesy of Worth School) (Photo courtesy of Worth School)
Further photos of Ordination day.on the White Fathers' Web Site.  
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