1. Fr Bernard Mangematin

  2. Fr Albert Nyssens

  3. Fr William Lynch

  4. Fr Gerard F Scriven

  5. Fr Piet van Spaandonk `

  6. Patrick Southall







Father Bernard Mangematin

1925 - 2012

Father Bernard Mangematin of the diocese of Clermont-Ferrant died on1 March Tassy, France at the age of 86 years including 59 years as a missionary in Nigeria and mainly in France.

The funeral of Father Bernard Mangematin was celebrated Monday, March 5, 2012 at 10:00 am in the chapel of the retirement home of Tassy

Pray for him and his family.

Guy Vuillemin, M.Afr.

Milestones in the life of Father Bernard Mangemati

20/03/1925    Born in Clermont Ferrand France Thiers Diocese
23/03/1925    Baptism at St. Agnes Thiers
14/05/1936    Confirmation Thiers 

6th to 1st College St Peter Courpi?re
College Massillon terminal Clermont Ferrand

Philosophy:   2 years Kerlois
Theology:      3 years' s-HeerenbergHollande
25/07/1952    Oath 's-Heerenberg
11/06/1953    Priesthood Monteviot Scotland

Mission to Nigeria
11/06/1953    Oyo Nigeria
04/11/1953    1st Appointment Oshogbo (Ifa)
01/10/1959    Education: Lumen Vitae Brussels Belgium
01/01/1961    Superior Osogbo
12/10/1962    Ogbomosho
22/01/1963    College Ife
18/09/1965    Great Villa exercises Cavalleti Italy
01/02/1966    Osogbo Nigeria
01/01/1971    Inspector of religion
1972               Training Institute Catholic Interdiocesan Iperœ Remo
01/01/1973    Major Seminary (part-time professor, is coordinator catechetics in Nigeria) Ibadan
1/1/1974        Pastoral assistant SS Peter and Paul Ile-Ife (Oyo diocese)
01/01/1975    St John Ilode (Ile-Ife)
01/01/1981    NATO Vicar-Aiyegbaju
16/06/1981    Recycling One year Friant France
07/06/1982    Vicar Ile-Ife Nigeria
1984               SS Peter and Paul Parish Priest Ile-Ife

Appointments in France
06/11/1984    Return to France cataract operation
May 1984       Appointed in France Verlomme
01/01/1986    Appointed in Toulouse (Research)
13/08/1987    Appointed Mours (Research)
01/10/1988    Priest Vitry-sur-Seine France
10/09/1989    Residence / Searches Mours France
09/03/1994    Encount.Elderly Cfr. Roma, Italy MG
01/11/2007    Appointed to the retirement home Bry-sur-Marne
01/10/2011    Appointed to the retirement home Tassy
01/03/2012    Return to the Father's house Tassy

May he rest in peace.

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Father Albert Nyssens

Fr Nyssens died on February 29, 2012 in Brussels Evere, Belgium.

He was 84 years including 59 years as a missionary in France, Switzerland, Congo (DRC) and Belgium

Pray for him and for those who were dear to him.


Milestones of life of Father Albert Nyssens M.Afr

Nat .: Belge Nat.: Belgian
Dioc?se d'origine Home diocese
Mechelen-Bru. Mechelen-Bru.
Ixelles Ixelles
16-11-1927 16-11-1927
AnnŽe Spirituelle Spiritual Year
Varsenare Varsenare
22-09-1948 22-09-1948
Serment Oath
Heverlee Heverlee
19-07-1952 19-07-1952
Pr?trise Priesthood
Heverlee Heverlee
05-04-1953 05-04-1953

01-09-1953 Etudes Roma Italia01-09-1953   Studies Roma Italia
25-06-1956 Louvain Belgique 25-06-1956   Leuven Belgium
01-06-1957 Gr.SŽminaire Baudouinville Congo 01-06-1957   Gr.SŽminaire Baudouinville Congo
01-07-1963 Gr.SŽminaire Mutesa, Bukavu 01-07-1963   Gr.SŽminaire Mutesa, Bukavu
01-07-1966 Chancelier-Secr. 01-07-1966   Chancellor-Secr. Bukavu,Archev?chŽ Bukavu Archdiocese
01-09-1968 Noviciat Gap France 01-09-1968   Novitiate Gap France
01-10-1970 Responsable AnnŽe Spirituelle. 01-10-1970   Head Spiritual Year. Fribourg Suisse Fribourg Switzerland
01-01-1974 DŽlŽguŽ au Chapitre 01-01-1974   Chapter Delegate
01-01-1975 Vicaire+Anim.Spirit. 01-01-1975   Vicar Anim.Spirit +. Chai, D.Bukavu Za•re SE Chai, SE Zaire D.Bukavu
01-01-1980 Dir.Spir.:Gr.SŽminaire. 01-01-1980   Dir.Spir.: Gr.SŽminaire. Murhesa Murhesa
30-06-1984 Aumonier :Fr?res Servites Bagira 30-06-1984   Chaplain: Servite Friars Bagira
01-07-1985 1er Assitant RŽgional Bukavu, Maison RŽg. 01-07-1985   1st Assitant Regional Bukavu, House Reg. Za•re SE Zaire SE
01-07-1991 n'est plus Assitant RŽgional 01-07-1991   no longer Assitant Regional
01-01-1992 Anim.Spirituelle Kalemie, Christ-Roi Za•re SE 01-01-1992   Anim.Spirituelle Kalemie, Christ the King SE Zaire
01-05-1994 Chancelier du dioc?se 01-05-1994   Chancellor of the Diocese
15-09-1999 Session +70 Roma 15-09-1999   Session 70 Roma
30-01-2005 Aum™nier H™pital Fomulac, D.Bukavu Congo 30-01-2005   Fomulac Hospital Chaplain, D.Bukavu Congo
05-06-2007 NommŽ Bruxelles, Evere Belgique 05-06-2007   Appointed Brussels, Belgium Evere
29-02-2012 Retour au Seigneur ˆ Bruxelles, Evere, Belgique 29-02-2012   Back to the Lord in Brussels, Evere, Belgium

Brussels, 03/03/2012

Wednesday morning Feb. 29, a second phone call - after the one that announced the death of Vic Nijs - we learned that the Evere

Father Albert Nyssens

had just passed away at 10:45 am, surrounded by his colleagues, who had also ensured the night. He had cancer of the bone marrow and his illness was long and painful, but Albert never complained.

Albert was born in Ixelles (Brussels) November 16, 1927, in a large family (six children) and easy (his father was a bank manager). He studied humanities at the College Saint-Jean-Berchmans (Brussels) and the College Saint-Pierre (Uccle). At the request of his parents he first - without success - the first year of application in philosophy and literature at the Institut Saint-Louis, before appearing in the White Fathers.

In his recommendation letter, the vicar of the parish is full of praise for Albert, who helped her patronage, "a rookie first value" - "an extreme simplicity and charming" - "a young man who sense of duty "-" Piety and absolutely exemplary conduct "-" Sociable? Certainly. He won the affection of children particularly coarse our Marolles "-" In our parish works he has made a charity, dedication, a spirit of organization, sound judgment, a generosity that make me infinitely regret his departure. "

In September 1946 Albert enters Thy-le-Ch‰teau, made his novitiate at Varsenare (1948-1949) and theology at Heverlee, where he directs the "Missionary Circle" with skill and initiative. He was ordained priest by Mgr. Durrieu April 5, 1953. One of his teachers at Heverlee, Father Dominique Nothomb, concludes his review: "Everything is a little guy on elite, endowed with rich personal, social and supernatural."

Albert was sent to the Gregorian University (Rome) where he obtained a doctorate in theology (1953-1956). The final report indicates that it will be an excellent senior seminary, provided he manages to temper his tendency to rigidity in his actions and positions that do not cache otherwise. After a stint in Leuven for his 'military service', he sailed April 13, 1957 in Antwerp towards the Congo.

He started as a professor at the Grand Seminary Baudouinville (now Moba) with 10 hours of theology in the first year and during a liturgy among philosophers. It also applies to the study of Swahili "despite the middle of the Seminar, which is not very favorable," as he explains in a letter to the provincial of Belgium. The village, he takes care of Xaveri, which takes him quite some time.

In July 1962, Albert was named to the Major Seminary of Murhesa, which he was the rector from 1963 to 1966. The bishops then ask him to study the various problems of the updating seminars after Vatican Council II: methods of training, adaptation of curricula, etc..

On 1 July 1966, Albert was appointed secretary-chancellor of the Archdiocese of Bukavu. During this period, the Company uses Albert to lend a hand in Rome in evaluating the responses of their colleagues on the first session of the famous Chapter of 1967. In September 1968 the Company sends to the Gap, staff member of the spiritual year.

Two years later, in October 1970, he became head of the Spiritual Year in Freiburg. He remained there until 1973. During these difficult years, Albert following closely the development of missionary formation and reflects on future prospects, especially in terms of an international company like ours.

In 1973 Albert takes a sabbatical: a few months of English in London in a long trip to Africa, which led him, from December 1973 to July 1974, Burkina Faso (Upper Volta yet at that time), Ghana, Mali, Togo and even. He preached many retreats ("because I hardly have the soul of a tourist," he wrote in a letter in April 1973). He returned to Belgium in July, still drives a pension and part as delegate of Switzerland to Chapter 1974. Early 1975, Albert, still in Rome, wrote at the request of the new Superior General, Father Jean-Marie Vasseur, the classic work in our Company, entitled "Attitudes of the Apostles", where you'll search in vain name of the author.

Beginning in July 1975, we find Albert in Bukavu, in the parish of Chai, where he is vicar while being responsible for ongoing formation. Incidentally, Albert had the habit of writing regularly provincial of Belgium and occasionally react to the content of Nuntiuncula. This sometimes leads to a deepening of long reflection.

On occasion, he did not hesitate to contact either his thoughts on the General Council. This provides us with interesting information. About his new job, he writes: "The big concern is slow but steady progress in the direction of grassroots communities living a commitment of as many Christians as possible in diversified services. One of the most active and most promising at the moment is that of volunteer catechists. / ... / The role of clergy and religious is growing in this area of ??the leaders of these leaders. "

End of 1979, Albert returned to the Grand Seminary Murhesa, as spiritual director. In November 1983, called on him at short notice to replace Father Roelens, sick, and preach the great retreat to Jerusalem. In June 1984, Albert was appointed to the parish of Bagira and became chaplain of the Servite Friars. Not for long, since 1 July 1985, he became assistant regional Southeast. It will provide this service until 30 June 1991.

After discharge, Albert was named assistant to the great popular parish of Christ the King, the center of Kalemie. He remained there thirteen years (1992-2005). It is mainly responsible for the spiritual. From May 1994 he was also chancellor of the diocese. In late January 2005, Albert returned to the Archdiocese of Bukavu and became chaplain of the hospital Fomulac, 50 km from Bukavu.

End of December 2006 a bad back pain the terrace. The doctors did not discover the cause and send in Belgium. In Brussels are diagnosed with myeloma requiring chemotherapy and radiation, requiring the wearing of a corset and preventing any displacement by metro, tram or bus. In June 2007, Albert joined our community of Evere.

Le Petit Echo No. 7 of 2009 has some testimonials from colleagues 'older'. Albert writes: "The current direction of my missionary life? Make the loving will of God. Except illusion on my part, I never looked, or refused a requested appointment. Despite over 50 years of priesthood, I returned to province had never asked until the day when the disease has forced me to leave Africa. This struck me as another manifestation of the Lord's will, which gave me the serenity to accept . The change was huge and adapting to my new situation, until now, wonder of seeing the same loving will of God and be a missionary in another way: through prayer, a certain inactivity. This is most of my spiritual life. "

The liturgy of thanksgiving will be held Thursday, March 8, at 10 pm 30 hours, at St Vincent, St Vincent Place, 1140 Evere. Those who wish to concelebrate bring an alb and purple stole. Snacks will be offered to the family and colleagues to the "Garden of Evere," Sint-106 Vincentiusstraat, Evere.

May he rest in peace.

Michael Gallagher writes (10th March 2012) :

I was sad to hear of the death of Albert Nyssens - he was my Novice Master in Fribourg 1972/73.

Above is a photo showing Albert during the Christmas period 1972-73 - such a great man and a great example to all the students.

Albert accompanied a group of us students (including me) to a wooden cabin half way up a mountain overlooking Altdorf in the German speaking part of Switzerland where William Tell came from. The cabin was on land owned by a Swiss WF student whose name escapes me.

I remember very clearly that New Year's Eve which we spent with his family in their home at the bottom of the mountain, especially as we spoke very little German and they had no English or French but that did not matter and a great night was had by all. Bearing in mind the night in question it was "interesting" getting back up to the cabin where everyone slept very soundly until the morning.

He showed great kindness to everyone and even more patience with us who were getting our heads around French during the first few months and the corresponding blunders we all made.

The White Fathers have lost a great ambassador.

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May he rest in peace.


Father William Lynch

as remembered by
Michael Goodstadt

Fr. Bill Lynch (from Fife) died in Toronto on August 17, 2011. I attended his funeral Mass along with John Fowles, who now lives outside Toronto. I was particularly moved by the fact that the Mass was officiated by Archbishop Collins (of Toronto), and was attended by a large number of diocesan colleagues.

Father Bill had a very hard life in so many ways. I knew Father Bill as a student during my last two years at the Priory (1955-1957). I reconnected with him in the 1980? when he was still a White Father serving in Toronto; he later became a diocesan priest in Toronto.

For the last ten years his life he resided in a long-term retirement centre, where he was very well looked after. I would visit him as often as I could, though I now feel guilty that I did not visit him more often.
Although he became a diocesan priest, I know he maintained a close attachment to the White Fathers: the photo that held pride of place in his room showed the late Pope John Paul II talking to Father Bill, who was in full WF regalia (which, apparently, was in short supply at the time)?his was while Father Bill was completing his biblical studies in Rome.

Father Bill had an enormous influence on my life: his dedicated teaching reinforced my life-long love for mathematics; in the absence of a science program at the Priory, he attempted to open our minds to the progress, importance and wonders of science; he provided permission for me to open my mind to ?he intellectual life?he gave me a book of that title, written by A.G. Sertillanges.

Finally, for me, Father Bill? life was a paradigm of how Jesus?suffering and death is frequently exhibited and confronted in the daily struggles of those who suffer the most, in the lives of those who are not necessarily ?uccessful?as measured by the standards of the world or even colleagues.

May he rest in peace.

Mike Mearns writes (December 2012):

Bill Lynch was our math teacher at the Priory 1955- 58. I was hopeless at the subject but he managed to get me through the course, although I didn't manage an O level pass.

He was ordained at Galashiels in 1955 and celebrated his first Mass at the chapel at St Boswells.

His rapid entrance and his unique walk down the aisle prompted Dessie Smith to name him Penguin and so he was from that point on. His collection of birds, housed at the side of the Gym, made for much enjoyment for the students.

He visited my parents on several occasions and on one visit returned to the Priory with a large Gray Parrot. A friend of my father had found it wandering outside. It was a caged in the open area on the ground floor under the refectory. This area was Ned Harvey's manual work assignment. When the parrot was returned to its owner in Chiswick a couple of weeks later it had a strong Falkirk accent.

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Father Gerard F Scriven
1911 - 1949

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Father Piet van Spaandonk
1906 - 1974

Oudenbosch, the Netherlands, 21.10.1906 ?Mushanga, Uganda 14.12.1974

Ordained in June 1931, Fr Piet departed shortly afterwards for Uganda and was active in a number of parishes.

A few years after his arrival he started in Rushoroza Parish the ?ucharistic Crusade? For him, learning another language never was an obstacle whatever to moving to another parish.

He was good, very good indeed in Lunyakole. He knew it so well that the local Munyankole bishop wrote his pastoral letters in English, then passed them to Fr. Piet to translate them into ?lassical?Lunyankole.

He was member of the Bible Translation Commission. He encouraged local authors and corrected their manuscripts. He also assisted in reorganizing the VTTC, i.e. the teacher training colleges where the local language was used instead of English.

For twenty six years he gave all his energy to school affairs, and he surely must have trained more than 750 teachers. Fr. Piet? aim was to give teachers a solid Christian conviction. In 1953 he was given the task of reorganizing the Ibanda Training College to comply with the higher demands laid down by Government for their training. After his 1956 home leave Fr. Piet was assigned to the Katigondo Major Seminary, where his experience as pastor and instructor was seen as being of the utmost importance. Moral theology was given him as subject to teach and he had to work hard to brush up his theology.

In 1960 a sudden end came to all this activity because on Christmas Day he suffered a heart-attack, so serious that the doctor advised he be given the sacrament of the sick. The seminary rector was so devastated by the happening, that he felt completely lost in administering the sacrament that Piet himself had to direct him. But once more he came out on top and was, in 1961, appointed PP at Nyamitanga, to return to Ibanda in 1963.

A second heart-attack necessitated his return to the Netherlands. And he again overcame his illness and was, in 1965, appointed socius in the noviciate in England. In 1969 he went back to Uganda where, in 1974, he died suddenly ?they found him dead in bed.

Taken from the Petit Echo, 1975, p. 357

May he rest in peace.

?With thanks to F.C. van Vlijmen and Tom Canning (who was a great admirer of Fr Spaandonk)

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Patrick Southall
1944 - 1974

St Columba's 1954 - 56
The Priory 1956 - 58

Patrick is the cousin of PJ (Paddy) Byrne.

More to follow

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