Fr Francis Carey

Mrs Mary Christine Hughes

Charlie McLaren

Tom McKeith

Fr Francis Carey, MAfr
1938 - 2010

5th May 2010

I regret to inform you that our confrere Fr. Francis Carey died this afternoon at 16.40 hours in Olivedale Clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa. Br Rene Garand had just been to see him less than an hour before. Frank was admitted in the hospital on 7th April 2010 for a bowel obstruction.

He was operated on, on Thursday 8th April 2010 but developed complications after that. He later receive two more operations with little improvement. From yesterday the doctors realised they had done all they could.

Fr. Christopher Chileshe
of the Southern Africa Province

Frank's funeral mass was held at Thom Kight Mortuary chapel. It was celebrated by Antoon van Kessel (from Lusaka) and the preacher was Piet Verkleij his community member from Ndola. The Merrivale students sung very well at the celebration. Sr. Leen SHJM gave the life story of Frank and she also represented the family.

He is buried at Westpark Cemetery alongside Louis Blondel

Click here to read eulogies at Fr Frank's funeral in South Africa, and Memorial Mass in Liverpool

Some pictures taken at Frank's funeral in South Africa:

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20-09-1938 Liverpool
Original Diocese Liverpool
Spiritual Year 07-09-1958 (Monteviot)
Taking the Oath Totteridge

01-09-1963  Centre de langue llondola, Zambia
27-06-1964  Vicaire Kayambi, D.Mbala
26-11-1964  Charles-Lwanga Kopa
01-01-1968  Sup?ieur ad interim Mbala,Seminary
26-12-1968  Lwitikila
01-07-1969  Sup?ieur Lwitikila
01-01-1976  Inspector of Religious Education Lusaka,Woodlands
01-01-1979  Vicaire+Education Lwitikila,D.Mbala
27-09-1979  Studies, Oak Lodge G.B.
10-01-1980  Studies, London, Pembridge Pl.
23-09-1981  Mbala, Headquarters Zambia
28-05-1982  Studies, G.B.
01-01-1984  Courses for Teachers Mbala,St Francis Zambia
01-11-1985  Thesis > 10.01.1986
01-01-1987 Inst.Chr.Leadership Lwitikila,D.Mbala Zambia
01-08-1989  Pastoral & Development Ndola,D.Ndola Zambia
23-01-1991  Cong?m?. > 16-04-1991
08-08-1991 Justice + Peace London,Oak Lodge G.B.
17-05-1998  D?ut?au Chapitre
01-06-1998  Provincial Council
30-10-2000  J & P Ed H.C.: Cambridge G.B.
01-10-2003  Resident, London,Oak Lodge
01-02-2004  HIV Apostolate Ndola Zambia
01-06-2007  Research Ndola Zambia
05-05-2010  Retour au Seigneur, Olivedale Clinic, Johannesburg, South Africa

Rest In Peace

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Mrs Mary Christine Hughes
1908 - 2010

Message Board, May 31st, 2010
Chris Benton heard today that Mrs Christine Hughes had died overnight. He posted the following message on the website :

"Christine will be fondly remembered by countless people who started life with the White Fathers at St Columba's, where she worked for many years.

She was cook to both students and staff, and also looked after the laundry until the seminary closed in 1963.

Christine celebrated her 101st birthday last December?er long life due to being so busy, no doubt! (Some of this good work is described in the website's NEWS section)."

Christine, on her 100th birthday, surrounded by Cardinal Keith O'Brien and her family.

Christine's funeral
took place on Thursday 3rd June 2010 at St Cuthbert's Church, Melrose, followed by interment at Waird's Cemetery. The services were conducted by Fr John Creanor.

'A Service of Thanksgiving for the Life of Mary Christine Hughes'
included the following hymns :

 O Lord, My God! When In awesome wonder
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness
My God loves me; his love will never end.
 Lay your hands gently upon us
? Walk with me, O My Lord

Message Board, June 4th, 2010

Chris Benton posted this follow-on message :

I have received a number of messages from Pelicans who had the privilege of knowing Christine. I trust they will not be offended if I respond via the website.

First of all both disance and the short notice combined to prevent most Pelicans from attending and I know Christine's family understood this. I did convey expressions of sympathy I have personally received and also the condolences of all Pelicans. As many of you will be aware, Josie and I visit St Boswells at least one weekend every year.

It was in 1983 on such a visit that I discovered from Brian McGowan the caretaker at what is now Tweed Horizons that Christine was not only alive and well but was still (at 76 years of age) extremely active in numerous roles ?Eucharistic Minister ( serving the Borders Hospital at Melrose until she was 96) and as a parish councillor (who in this role, incidentally, was strongly influential in ensuring that the exterior of St Columba's retained is original features and appearance).to mention two.

Needless to say, Josie and I made a point of visiting her on that occasion and on each of our succeeding weekend visits. One of Christine's most endearing qualities was her unassuming manner. Whoever the person ?whatever the subject ?she was never judgemental. St Francis exhorted his followers '. . . . go out and preach the Gospel ?use words if necessary . . . '. I can think of no more apt description of this wonderful person who acted the gospel and who, tirelessly and selflessly, dedicated herself to the needs of others because she fully understood (and acted, throughout her long life accordingly) the simple message from Christ ' Love one another as I have loved you'.

While she will be sorely missed and we mourn her passing. Her Requiem fully reflected the greater emphasis deservedly placed on celebrating her life.

Regards & Godbless

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Charlie McLaren
1941 - 2010

St Boswell's 1953-55
The Priory    1955-59
         Blacklion     1959-1960     

A Memorial Mass was held in Dundee on Saturday 6th of November to celebrate the life of Charlie McLaren who died recently in Brisbane Australia. While the event was tinged with sadness it was to celebrate a life lived well.

His wife Jan had written a eulogy and in it she says "he was intelligent, he was modest, he was honest and he was sincere." Those of us who knew Charlie would echo these sentiments.

The mass was concelebrated by Monsignor Hugh McInally and Fr. Pat Shanahan WF
and attended by Charlie? family and friends and included Eric Creaney, Manus Maguire and myself.

Eric had created an album of photographs taken of Charlie at various times at St. Boswells and the Priory which he gave to the family after theceremony and this was very much appreciated by them.

His friend, Pat Rice

by Jan, his wife


I welcome you here today and thank you for joining us in our final farewell to Charlie. A husband, father, grandfather, brother, son-in-law, brother-in-law, uncle, Godfather and friend.

I particularly wish to thank Fr Adrian Meaney msc, who came from Sydney to be with us. He was our priest & friend for the 9 years we were in Alice Sprlngs. I also wish to thank Fr John Egan for being with us.

A big welcome to Charlie's family who has travelled from Scotland and to the many others who have travelled great distances to share this day. Welcome.

Thanks go to Jill for producing the Mass booklet and organising the day's proceedings and to Jim for conducting the Poppy Ceremony and organising the piper. Thank you my brother and sister.

Charlie was a man of few words and the readings today will conform to this characteristic of his.

Charles McLaren, the second born son of Charles McLaren and Ann Eliza White was born in Dundee, Scotland, at the height of the Second World War. He grew up as the eldest of 7 girls and 5; the firstborn died a few weeks after birth.

(source : Charlie's family, via Eric Creaney)

Charlie, an altar boy from an early age, would serve Mass every morning at St Joseph's, a church he held very dear to his heart. Miss Flynn taught him for many years and there must have been clashes of personality as one day Miss Flynn stated "You think you are smart, don't you Charlie?" to which he replied in all sincerity and honestly, "Yes Miss Flynn."

It was Miss Flynn who returned money to his mother after he had helped himself to the coal money. He wanted to buy black babies for the Missions.

The missionary spirit was very strong in him and at an early age he joined the White Fathers, or Missionaries of Africa. He spent time in their seminaries in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland but after 7 years decided his life was to take a different direction.

He joined the Royal Air Force in June 1960, spending the first 12 months studying Mandarin and the following 2 years in Hong Kong. The next 14 months he was at home in Dundee for a short time and then at Bletchley Park in England, the home of the Enigma machine ?a very suitable location for him as he too was an enigma.

In August 1964 he joined the Australian Army in London. He spent the first few months at the Army Intelligence Centre in Sydney before attending the School of Languages at Point Cook.

Soon after arriving in Victoria we met. Our first outing was to see a movie and during the news clip the theatre was solemn and in silence as we watched Sir Winston Churchill's body, on a barge, floating majestically down the Thames. It was accompanied by the very stirring music 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic' but we said in unison "John Brown's body lies a-molding in the grave". This was not good as we both laughed. Much tutting and shushing was aimed in our direction, which of course did not help in regaining our composure.!!

We spent 12 months meeting every Saturday before he went back to Hong Kong. I joined him 12 months later where we were married. In 1970 he joined the Commonwealth Public Service where he continued the work, which we were never permitted to discuss!! iscuss!!

Our life together has been very fulfilling, exciting and interesting, producing Lucia, Andrew, Gerard and Gabrielle. Apart from Hong Kong, we have lived in Melbourne, Alice Springs, Canberra, Cairns and now the Sunshine Coast. We were fortunate enough to travel extensively and Charlie utilised his skill of French, German and Italian. His French accent was sensational; Oh Jock I will miss hearing your mellow tones.

He was intelligent, he was modest, he was generous, he was honest, and he was sincere. He loved his religion, he loved his Lotto, he loved his newspapers, he loved crosswords, he loved Scotland and he loved his children and grand children and he was fond of a beer.

He was the love of my life. I will miss you my wee Scotsman; my life will never be the same.



Messages from Charlie's friends
left on the website's Message Board

Danny O'Hagan
I had phone calls from Pat Rice, Manus and Chris McGuire telling me that Charlie McLaren had died in Australia a couple of weeks ago. A Memorial Mass is to be held in St Joseph's, Dundee on Saturday at 11am. Pat Shanahan hopes to be home from Africa to concelebrate. Won't be able to manage unfortunately but I'm sure the family would welcome any Pelicans able to attend.

Paul West
A lot of people who knew Charlie Maclaren will be sad to hear of his death. He was liked by all who knew him at St Columba's and The Priory. What a nice guy he was! Thanks, Danny, for letting us know. Hopefully, some of his friends will be able to attend the Memorial Service on Saturday.

Eric Creaney

So sad to hear about Charlie Mac after having searched for him for years. I shall be at the Memorial along with Patrick Shanahan and Pat Rice and the family would greatly appreciate attendance by any other Pelicans. I have two single beds available in Gartcosh on Friday night if anyone needs accommodation and a lift to Dundee on Saturday morning and one bed on Saturday night (Patrick will be overnighting with me Saturday). I shall get Patrick to offer a Mass on behalf of all of us who knew Charlie and gained so much from his friendship.

Mike Mearns

I am saddened to hear of Charlie McLaren's death. One of the best gone too soon. We started together at St Columba's in September 1953. He was probably the toughest guy, pound for pound, I ever met. We practised putting the shot and throwing the discus together at the Priory and dug out a few tree stumps together on the Burma Road. That was until Paul Moody put an end to it because of broken pick axe handles!

Uncompromising central defender, very hard worker and a good friend. Farewell.

Charlie disappeared off my map in 1961 and the word was that he joined the RAF and was trained as a Mandarin language expert Was this so? If anybody has any info about Charlie, I'm sure many would enjoy hearing his story.

Best regards to all. MIKE.

Patrick Gibbons
I was so sorry to hear of Charlie's death.We were great friends and visited each other's homes during the holidays. He came to visit me when he joined the RAF and then we lost touch I tried to contact him through the RAF, but to no avail. He was a lovely guy and I have many fond memories of our time with the WFs. I am so sorry that I can't make it to the memorial service.

John "Skelf" Larkins

I got an e-mail from Eric Creaney to wish me a happy birthday but also included the news of my dear friend Charlie McLaren. He was my "Headers partner" ?one tough guy. He visited my home during the holidays and we went to Parkhead to see a Celtic game together. I remember being right beside him on the football pitch when I heard that big "Crack" as he broke his leg. Such a pity that we were never able to hook up again in life. We all used to meet up in London on the way back to school. The Glasgow boys arrived at Euston on the overnight train and we walked to Kings Cross to meet the Edinburgh boys. We spent a day in London, usually at the Baths in Westminster, then a movie in Leicester Square.

God Rest your soul, Charlie!!

With special thanks to Eric Creaney and Patrick Rice for their contributions to this Tribute, some of which will soon appear in the website's GALLERY.

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Tom ("Tommy") McKeith

(source: Sacramento Bee by way of Jay Spooner)
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