Newsletter 45: New Year 2004

Carissimi Pelicani:

A Happy New Year to all of us everywhere (the old urbi et orbi, huh?) 1 January---31 December 2004!

I've just got a New Year Encyclical ready to go out by snail mail and I think you electronics all know its opening gist already:

1) how Bud Greene met Peter McKenzie's brother-in-law in Blacklion and how impressed he had been by our new headstone on wee Pete's grave;

2) how Harold Johnson, local archivist, dug me out a copy of Bernie D'Arcy's film of the opening of the college 1 September 1955;  it's soundless but we're opening to add some appropriate background music and I've written a script which I hope John Morton will speak;

3) how Kevin Wiseman's sister Celia tells me there was a double reel made of the ordinations at Jedburgh
3 June 1949; how Peter Finn is now pursuing the matter with the British Provincial;

d) how Celia also tells me there was an actual document with Hitler's signature reprieving Kevin the third time he was due to face the firing squad at Fresnes.  Where is it now?  I have written to the Peres Blancs in Paris.  Watch this space!

What about Hugh Campbell?  Well, that darling boy had put on ELEVEN pounds last time I spoke to him and was planning to spend Christmas with his old classmate the P.P. of Tullibody (=Jimmy Wallace, ex-Priory and Broome Hall).  The day I spoke to Hugh, Vinny Callaghan, Frank Dillon and young Pat Tierney had been down to see him. 

What a smashing gesture on top of the work they did at St Columba's in September along with John Morton, Tommy Kelly and Mick Creechan.

Right, it's MOANIN' GIT time.

I want a Dryburgh-style turn-out of the south (and all places else?) at The Priory for Pentecost Eve 29 May and Whit Sunday 30 May.  I haven't got Fr Buckley's permission yet but he's always so glad to see us that that should be no problem.

Dryburgh Abbey Hotel last September was the first reunion for years in the true sense of the word i.e. a mob.  At last the Scots responded to the Fiery Cross. 

Come on, you southerners!  Let's do it for The Priory!

Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th May 2004

In the past, most people have booked in for 2 nights B & B, travelling down on the Friday to stay overnight

Some suggested accommodation :
Tom Wilkie (01489) 890188
The Priory Inn (01489) 891313
The White Horse (01489) 892532
The Marwell Hotel (01962) 777681
The Upland Park Hotel  (01489) 878507
Mrs Blick (01489) 896798

Boost your morale on a Pelican weekend!

FOR THIS AUTUMNDryburgh Abbey Hotel has 27 rooms on provisional reservation for the MACBRIDE/PELICANS PARTY 1-3 October 2004.

Book fast and book now!

Place a reservation today with the Bookings Clerk, Dryburgh Abbey Hotel, St Boswell's, Scottish Borders TD6 0RQ

Tel : (01835) 822 261
email :

The wee lassie will ask you for a £50 deposit.  The more we can pack-in Pelicanwise, the less we will have to pay.

Please make your reservation and THEN TELL ME (01476) 561 890 so that I can keep a track of numbers.  There is also B&B in St Boswell's.

For autumn 2005 : I want to do Dublin again as in 1997 and 2001 cum permissu of the Irish provincial.

For autumn 2006 : I think we should go back to Rome and see how it's looking after the earthworks of 1999.

Start saving your bawbees but don't forget Africa.  Our man Pat Gibbons can get money out there without a penny skimmed-off.  Brilliant, Pat!

Lotsa luv,


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