Newsletter 35: Easter 2001

My dear Pelicans

A very happy Easter to us all. Christmas just doesn’t hold a candle, does it'? If only this lousy weather would brighten up. I never spent a better Easter weatherwise than in the noviciate at ‘sHeerenberg late April 1957, an absolute glory of a Sunday. Does Dave Cullen WF remember'?

Now for the sad bits. Kevin Wiseman WF is dead.

He was one of the golden boys priested at Jedburgh 3 June 1949 by Arp MacDonald OSB. Kevin was the student philosopher prepared for execution at Fresnes by the Gestapo in 1940. He stared death in the face two or three times and incredible to believe was reprieved by Hitler himself (on public relations grounds!).

(see Page 9 of the HISTORIES section to read an account of this dreadful experience - ed)

He was in receipt of this newsletter for several years and I was privileged to meet him at his sister’s house in Bourne, Lincs, in May l 999. At the Priory he was a magnificent cyclist and performed such deeds on two wheels as would give you nightmares if you dreamt about them now.

(Source: Petit Echo N.922)

Dead is another famous White Father, Alex Easton
. Alex was from Coatbridge (Pat Martin used to boast about him) and was ordained in 1956. He spent the whole of his priestly career in Uganda and not so long ago we picked him up as one of the missionaries who badly needed our help. (I think Pat Boyd WF suggested we must take him up). Alex was doing a lot of work in prisons when Pat Gibbons got on to him but I can't remember a suggestion that his health was poor or else I have forgotten it. Stevie Collins told me that his pal Alex was dead so that's two good, good men lost to Uganda but the London parishes at least have gained Stevie.

(see Page 1 of the OBITUARIES section - ed)

The Bishop’s Waltham reunion is Friday 1, Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 June.
The idea of Bishop’s Waltham is to give the southmen,/southwomen a chance to turn out. I gave you some accommodation addresses in the last newsletter. If you've lost them you can always write to me at 3 l Harrowby Lane, Grantham, Lincs NG31 9HY or 'phone me at 01476-561890 or e-mail me at eenzee@ Unless we have been overtaken by events, the plan for Sunday 3 June is to inter John Burdett Clark’s ashes in the WF cemetery at the Priory after Mass. Please turn out. There’s only one Pelican reunion I have ever thought was no use The rest have all been morale-boosters.


What About Dublin?? you ask (well I hope you do). As I told you, I wrote to the new Irish Provincial, Fr Gerry Murphy, if we could use Templeogue over Friday 5, Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October'? Fr Murphy says the Irish Province "would be delighted to assist with your reunion this year. . . we are carrying out some renovation on the main house at Cypress Grove. This means we might he a bit restricted in the facilities we can place at your disposal. Anyway, Eugene, let me not dampen your enthusiasm... drop me a few lines some time and let me know what you would like us to do for you..." I am very grateful to Fr Murphy but is Dublin on or off? To date, I know of one Pelican who will take because he insists last time was terrific! It was indeed, I know it, but the trouble is, the native Irish did not come. Only a few Six Counties' boys and the diaspora (me) turned-up. Do you want to go? That we are as welcome as in 1997 goes without saying but do you want to go? You must tell me so that I can tell Fr Murphy.

I want to know from you before 31 May! 31 May!! 31 May!!! Use snail mail, e-mail, telephone but let me know before 31 May! ! ! ! If I don't get a quorum, Dublin simply will not happen. I will have to tell Fr Murphy thank you, Father, but it's off; lack of support (and wouldn't that be awful, Pelicans lacking in their support!).

Fr Herb Herrity had a book written before he died (4 May 2000). It's called "Light Me a Candle" and it costs £5. Proceeds are to the clinic he founded in Ghana. I discovered it on sale from Fr Jos. Chambers at Our Lady of Good Counsel, Dennistoun, Glasgow G3l 2JF but l would presume you can also get it from the WFs in Rutherglen. Either way, go for it! It's all for Africa.

Do you want a Pelican badge now that you've discovered we exist? Send me £10 and I'll send you one of the little beauties. These are a limited edition and when they run out, that's it, you've had it, no more.

To finish: Did you know that the only Jesuit present at the start of the Council of Trent was Claude le Jay? Fact!

God Bless. Eugene

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