Newsletter 33: October 2000

My dear Pelicans

The most important (devasting) news is that JIMMY JOHNSTON is very ill. Jimmy is indispensable to the Pelicans and to the WFs in Scotland. Pray for him. Pray hard for him.*

JOHN BOWMAN is dead. John was a fine tenor and Nanki Poo in The Mikado at the Priory in 1951; also, despite a certain frogginess, chief reader in the refrectory at the Priory and Broome Hall. May Boidy rest in peace.

JOHN STRAIN has been ordained an Anglican priest. Maurice (Billingsley) attended the ceremony. We wish John a ministry fruitful beyond belief and hope he will be able to celebrate the Eucharist with us when he gets an opportunity.

What about the BISHOP'S WALTHAM reunion on the weekend before Pentecost? We had Paul West, genius of our website; Peter Finn; John and Margaret Morton; Tom and Betty Mackle; Margaret and Tommy Kelly; Major Tom and Verna Burdett Clark; Paula and David Yeomans; Anne and Terry Butler; Bernard (Kid) Melling); Chris (Boy) Benton; Norma and Pat Gibbons; Monica and Tony Guilfoyle; Zelda and me. Father Buckley and the parishioners seemed very happy to see us (they actually applauded the Salve Regina) and of course we were as ever happy to be back. I intend to make the Priory an annual event at Pentecost and will seek Fr Buckley's permission for 2 and 3 June 2001.

PETER McKENZIE's new headstone is up at Blacklion to the delight of parishioners dismayed by the deteriorating condition of the old one. I accepted the congratulations of the P.P. on your behalf. My thanks to all who contributed towards the stone. The old one was a true disgrace.

*Sadly, Jimmy died 31st October - see the Obituaries Section.

THE PRESTON REUNION (photos below, taken by Derek Biewer) was October 21 and 22. Once again Fr O'Donnell and Muriel (with Jean) totally surpassing themselves in making us welcome and have our deepest thanks. I am to try for Dublin 5 to 7 October 2001. Who were there you ask? Fr O'Donnell (80 years old on 6/11/00); Muriel and Jean; Bro Trevor Robinson MBE (who spoke quite brilliantly about his wheelchair mission for the paraplegic in Tamale); May and Derek Biewer; Frank Dillon; Fr David Lee; Fr Liam Ludden (who said Mass on Sunday); Lionel Kearney; Frank Murphy; Hugh Campbell; Chas Robinson; Chris Benton; Norma and Pat Gibbons; Dessie Fitzmaurice; Margaret and Tommy Kelly; Bernard Melling; Mick Creechan; Zelda and me. Anne and Terry Butler were to come but were prevented by an illness in the family.

(Source: Derek Biewer)

Muriel and Jean accepting a well-deserved bouquet of thanks for all their hard work.

(Source: Derek Biewer)

Brother Trevor, Fr O'Donnell, Fr Liam Ludden or David Lee?), and the back of Lionel Kearney.

(Source: Derek Biewer)

Lionel Kearney, Dessie Fitzmaurice, Frank Dillon (at back) and others at the farewell lunch.

(Source: Derek Biewer)

Zelda, Tommy and Margaret Kelly, ? and Eugene.

A very happy Christmas when it comes. Eugene

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