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(Source: John Morton)

First Communicants, June 1945
John Morton is at the back, at the extreme right, John Coffey far left at the top and
Tony Divan
is in front of him, to his right. (or is that Just Wiilliam ?)

Fr John Maguire, as the recently-appointed Parish Priest, is at the back.
In the second row from the front we have Terry Divan (second left), standing next to
Frank Tolman. In the front, Sheila Merrifield is second from the right.
David Bloomfield is extreme right behind the girl who is standing.

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(Source: Mrs Sheila Steggal)

In the grounds of the Church, opposite the Lourdes Grotto. Early fifties ?
A group of White Fathers who are largely unknown to me, though I do recogise a couple of faces.
The only one I can name is Fr Michael Coghlan, second from the right, who was Procurator at
The Priory in 1955/6 and the last pp at the church which was once The Priory's Chapel at
Bishop's Waltham before the diocese took over.

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(Source: Eugene MacBride)

Mary Logan, who was housekeeper at Heston
and other WF houses
(Totteridge, Palace Court and Holland Villas).
She was the cousin of Brother Aidan
(Brother John Ryan),  who introduced her to the White Fathers.
Mary died in October 1999

Can you remember and the period in which she worked at Heston ?

(Source: Paul West)

The rear of the White Fathers' house and the chapel
Pictured are my older brother John and me, probably in the summer of 1952, judging by
the innocent demeanour of the shorter one

(Source: David Rose)

Another view of the old church — one which
is likely to be more familar to most people
(Probably taken in the fifties)

Who is the child standing at the entrance ?
David thinks that it is John Healy.

(And he should know because he took the picture).

(Source: David Rose)

The altar of the old church - just as I remember it.
Note :
The door to the left was the sacristy and the one on the right
was where the altar servers got dressed — and prepared
the thurible for High Mass (one of the highlights of our duties).

Many of my childhood memories are of serving at early weekday Mass.
This was particularly special in the winter because it involved getting
up very early in the dark and skidding along the frosty roads towards
the church when virtually nobody else was  about. Often the church was in darkness
when I arrived and that was a bit scary for me as a young lad.

David Rose was a fellow altar-server, of course, along
with my brother John, John and Andy Morton, John Healy, John and Paul Tait,
Richard and Anthony Sainsbury and — not forgetting the older boys
/ men , such as John Traynor, John and David Bloomfield et al.

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