Michael Gallagher & Rosie McArt

Michael Gallagher and Rosie McArt, who recently put together a CD to support
the invaluable work of Frs Frank Barnes, Richard Sloan and Terry Madden.

(source: Michael Gallagher)

Frank Barnes, Richard Sloan and Terry Madden — to whom the CD is dedicated

Michael Gallagher writes : "Terry Madden, Frank Barnes, Richard Sloan and myself
go back a long way to 1963 [at St Columba's] when we were wearing short trousers and long socks — so we share a lot of memories. The three of them come to see me every two years when on leave.

Frank was Novice Master in the WF house in Kasama, Zambia until approximately this time last year and is now in charge of a WF house of studies in Nairobi on the edge of one of the largest and most dangerous slums inAfrica. (It is too dangerous for him even to ride a bicycle).

Richard, while attached to a Parish in London, is also in charge of a team of Psychotherapists. He worked for a number of years as a missionary in Bolivia.

Terry does "animation/vocations" work in Burkina Faso and surrounding Francophone

One of my hobbies is music and Rosie McArt, a friend of mine for many years, is a really fine singer. We have just completed the process of putting together a CD to raise funds for these friends. Rosie has done the vocals and I've put the backing together using keyboards and guitar.

All profits from the CD will go to raise funds for Frank, Terry and Richard for the various projects they are involved in. These three guys always put everyone else first and themselves second. We know, for example, that money sent to help Terry with his own finances actually gets used to pay for books/ school fees for some of the students under his care."

Michael and Rosie hope that you will buy their CD to help raise funds for Frank, Terry and Richard. This highly-professional CD could make an ideal Birthday or Christmas present for someone.

The price of the CD will be £10 & £2.00 to cover p+p
which should be sent to Michael at the following address:

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