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December 30th 2007 10:18:04 PM
NAME : Jim Connelly

A happy new year to all Pelicans and, such as myself non-Pelicans.

You are doing a great job Paul, may you continue in the same way during 2008.

December 24th 2007 07:38:52 PM
NAME : Paul West

CHRISTMAS GREETINGS TO ALL VISITORS TO THE PELICANS' WEBSITE and grateful thanks to those who kindly contributed material during the past year.

On behalf of us all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Treasurer, Patrick Gibbons, who does such a dedicated job in processing the many cheques that have been donated towards the missions.

Did you know that Pat guarantees that every penny you send him goes to those in need ? So let's make Pat work even harder next year by sending him any spare £10 notes that might be left over after Christmas !

You'll be pleased to know that fresh material will start to appear on the website in early January. The lead-up to Christmas has been rather fraught (as it has for you. no doubt) and quite a few people have been patiently waiting for their emails to be answered.

Here's to a memorable Christmas and every happiness in the coming year !

December 24th 2007 02:14:02 PM
NAME : Tony Smyth

Just a note to wish everyone a wonderful and blessed Christmas season from the snowbanks of eastern Ontario.

December 24th 2007 02:12:34 AM
NAME : Michael Mearns

A blessed Christmas to all. Remember that this is the time when your best pair of trousers came out from under the mattress, having been pressed between you and the sheet of cardboard or better still a sheet of plywood and you donned them, exulting in the the magnificent crease, which could have sliced bread had you been called upon to do it.

All the best. MIKE.

December 23rd 2007 03:04:27 PM
NAME : John Quinn

This is my first post. I was at Blacklion 1961-63, Dorking 1963-64 and went out to Eastview for Theology. I now live in St. Catharines, Ontario, married for 37 years with four kids.

I met with Andy Coyle in September of this year on a visit back to England.

Please check out , a conference(Canadian Forum on Theology and Education) I have run since 1979 at St. Jerome's University, Waterloo, Ontario.

Later in January/February 2008 check out for a new on-line Canadian Catholic independent magazine (and buy a membership if you wish)

Best wishes for a restful and recreative Christmas

December 23rd 2007 02:42:22 PM
NAME : Patrick Gibbons

A Happy Christmas to one and all.

I thought that the festive season would be a good time to let you know of the presents that Santa Clause has given to the Pelicans !!

I have received cheques for a total of £400 from England and Ireland, 1000 euros from a Pelican and 00 from America.

The dollars have been sent from Diarmaid Collins in memory of his uncle, Fr Jerry O'Leary, who died a year or so ago.
Jerry was at the Priory 1933-38 and spent most of his missionary life in Malawi.

David Cullen and Jerry were confreres and Diarmaid has asked that half of the donation goes to David.

When I have received all the Christmas gifts I will post another message to let you know how the monies are being distributed in Africa.

All donations are gratefully received !!!

A happy christmas to all

Pelican Treasurer

December 22nd 2007 09:47:35 PM
NAME : Eric Creaney (aka Pat)

Wishing all a a Happy Christmas and 'A Guid New Year' from Scotland!

December 22nd 2007 07:09:03 PM
NAME : Patricia Medina

Best wishes for a very happy and peaceful Christmas from Belcoo/Blacklion to everyone on the Pelicans.

May the New Year bring you all joy, health, luck and prosperity.


December 22nd 2007 04:57:44 PM
NAME : John Byrne

Greetings all. Anyone who was in Blacklion between 1965 and 1968 and Broome Hall 1968/9 will hopefully remember Vincent O'Neill. He's in very good form, and I was delighted to meet up with him earlier in the week, and talk about times past and present.

Thanks to the Pelicans this has been a year for renewing acquaintances from 40 years ago, Joe McIntyre, Vincent - and I'm not quite finished yet as Maurice Cunningham will be back in Ireland from the US of A after Christmas, and a meet-up is planned.

None of this would have happened without the Pelicans. A very happy, peaceful Christmas, and every blessing for 2008 to all.

December 17th 2007 02:13:53 AM
NAME : Peter Prof McMurray

Hi to All Happy Xmas from Tasmania. Please note new email address.

The tomatoes are demanding a great deal of attention, unfortunately the response is somewhat muted as I managed a major heart attack last month.

C'est la vie! Please if you think that you have a bad attack of dyspepsia but it seems a little high in the chest get an ambulance quickly.

Great job on the site Paul

Regards Peter McMurray

December 14th 2007 01:38:15 PM
NAME : Peter Vale-Humphreys

Both Edith & I wish everyone in the Pelicans a Very Happy Christmas and New Year.

December 12th 2007 09:17:53 PM
NAME : Maurice Billingsley

The wonders of wireless technology! I was beginning to ask myself how I'd ever get through to one of my pupils, who has excused himself from school attendance in his GCSE year. His father said he was applying for a post GCSE course in fisheries management, so I got talking about that. He wants a lake of his own, he said, so I tapped in MacNean and Blacklion on the search engine. A few pictures, including the golf course, had him salivating over the prospects for casting a line, and we actually got some work done afterwards. He was also taken with the idea of a round of golf with the Doc, who stopped off a couple of times to blast away where he wanted the bunkers to go. Boy had had a fruitless morning casting for chubb, and rather liked the idea of piking from a boat or by the river, or pulling a wee trout out of one of the streams. Not that the locals didn't do much better than us at that game!

Happy Christmas to all,


December 10th 2007 07:44:05 PM
NAME : John Morton

I can now confirm that the Re-union scheduled for next Pentecost {11thMay2008} at Bishops Waltham will take place.

Unfortunately Father Buckley has been ill which has made planning the event rather difficult.

However, I have been assured by Terry Butler that they are preparing for a Special Celebration to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Blessing of the Church and all Pelicans are most welcome to attend. Full details will be sent out early in the New Year.

In the meantime may I wish everyone a joyful Christmas and every Blessing in 2008! John.

December 8th 2007 07:28:17 PM
NAME : Zelda MacBride

Peter and Bernie Osborne hope to accompany me to next year's reunion at St Boswell's—so please add them to the list that you are keeping in the REUNIONS Appendix.

May I take this opportunity to thank every one for their prayers and kindness during this last, very difficult year, and to wish all the Pelicans a Happy Christmas. Next year I hope to be 'back on my feet' and sending cards to all my many Pelican friends.

I must add that Eugene would be proud to know that so many people have promised to take part in the forthcoming reunions at Bishop's Waltham and St Boswell's.

Here's to the New Year—may it be a happy one for all of us !

December 3rd 2007 09:59:48 PM c
NAME : Chris Benton

Addition to list : just received a call from Owen Gormley to tell me he will be attending the Reunion Oct2008 with his wife Susan.

December 1st 2007 08:12:21 PM
NAME : Paul West

Please go to the REUNIONS Appendix (see left panel) for the latest information from CHRIS BENTON about the reunion at St Boswell's next year.

It includes an up-todate list of all those people who have so far expressed their wish to attend. Have YOU decided yet ?

(As Chris says, it's important to book accommodation as soon as possible because this is going to be a very popular event).

November 29th 2007 02:16:32 PM
NAME : Patricia Medina

Harold Johnson is an institution in Blacklion. He owns the drapers shop right on Main Street as did his father before him.

Harold probably knows more about the history of Blacklion and area than anyone.

Regards, Patricia

November 28th 2007 06:02:57 PM
NAME : John Paul Dawson


Just to update the Pelican's Message Board regarding my visit to see Father Donaghue who was at St Columba's College in the mid-fifties. Father is currently the spiritual director of St Anne's Convent and Nursing Home at Musselborough, near Edinburgh. He is in good form, pleased to be remembered by the Pelicans, a most charming and personable man and all being well hopes to join the re-union in October '08. If I am able, I wiill meet Father again for lunch before Christmas.

Danny O'Hagen has sent an e-mail and I must reply and apologise to Danny for the delay, due to being away.

I hope to be in contact with more of the tartan Pelicans in the near future, and am looking forward to the two re-unions that will be taking place in 2008.


John Paul Dawson

p.s. saddened by the news of the death of Tony Carolan, who was very popular and 'looked up to' by all his fellow students and staff at the College.

To finish on a more cheering note - it was delightful to hear from Edwin Cherry - (who was affectionately known as 'Big Ted' due to his penchant for wearing thick rubber-soled shoes and the thinnest of ties in keeping with the famous Teddy-Boy tradition popular at the time.)

November 25th 2007 11:21:48 PM
NAME : Robbie Dempsey

Hi Paul, The Pelican's website strikes me as one giant jigsaw puzzle with bits'n'pieces being filled in as time goes by ! But some mysteries may still remain unanswered.

I have just reread Eugene's New Year Letter for 2004 where he says one Harold Johnson (??) gave him a copy of Bernie D'Arcy's film. So that was the origin of the Blacklion Video that Bernard Melling put together ! I didn't know Fr. D'Arcy, but he rests in Boharnabrena since '95 - R.I.P

November 25th 2007 11:01:22 PM
NAME : Paul West

Are you aware that TWO reunions are being organised for next year ?

The first will be held at Bishop's Waltham during Pentecost 'weekend' (May 9th-12th, 2008)—hopefully to coincide with the 10th Anniversary celebrations at the parish church (Our Lady, Queen of Apostles). Details of this event will shortly be announced by John Morton. These annual trips down to Bishop's Waltham are well supported and it is hoped that this next reunion will be of interest to many 'new faces'.

The second reunion, organised by Chris Benton, will be at St Boswell's in October (Fri 10th – Sun 12th). Many people have already shown an interest in this event and Chris is urging people to book early to avoid problems with accommodation.

If you wish to see up-to-date information regarding arrangements for these two events, please go to the REUNIONS Appendix (see left panel).

November 18th 2007 07:37:48 PM
NAME : Robbie Dempsey

Pere Claude Rault was one of the 3 WF staff at L'Annee Spirituelle in GAP during my stay there (along with Maurice, John, and Peter, and Hugh - 1969/70 (see also GALLERY page 130). You can also watch video of Mgr. Claude's recent interview at:

November 16th 2007 08:59:07 PM
NAME : Chris Benton

Pat Tierney rang (Thurs Nov 15th) to let me know that our friend and Pelican Vinny Callaghan underwent heart surgery this week. Pat tells me the operation went well and Vinny is in recovery but please remember him in your prayers.

Chris Benton

November 16th 2007 08:09:26 PM
NAME : Paul West

As I was researching the WF's involvement in Vals pres-le Puy, I came across an item about Bishop P. Claude Rault. Looking at his cv I think that he might have been known to many of you from time at Totteridge, Gap and Fribourg.

" At the end of my military service, I did a few months of assumption at the White Fathers in Vals Nearly Puy (March-June 1963)

De septembre 1963 jusqu'en août 1964, j'ai fait mon noviciat chez les Pères Blancs à Gap (France). From September 1963 until August 1964, I made my novitiate at the White Fathers in Gap (France). En septembre 1964, je suis nommé pour mes études de Théologie à Ottawa (Canada) au Scolasticat des Pères Blancs. In September 1964, I called for my studies of Theology in Ottawa (Canada) in Scolasticat of White Fathers. C'est là que je fais mon Serment Missionnaire et que je reçois le Diaconat le 29 juin 1966. That's where I make my oath Missionary and that I get the Diaconate on June 29, 1966. J'accomplis ma dernière année de Théologie à Lille (Grand Séminaire) en 1967-68. J'accomplis my last year of Theology in Lille (Major Seminary) in 1967-68. Au terme de mes études de théologie, je suis ordonné prêtre le 29 juin 1968 à Coutances (Manche) France. On completing my studies in theology, I am ordained a priest on June 29, 1968 at Coutances France (Manche).

You therefore might want to read the whole article for yourself by going to

(A translation from the French is available)

I'd love to receive feedback from anyone who might have known Bishop Rault.

November 13th 2007 08:07:27 PM
NAME : Paul West

Keith Lawson and Robbie Dempsey have identified the date and venue for the 1963 production of 'Arsenic and Old Lace' at St Edward's. (see Page 257 in the GALLERY).

Are YOU able to identify a) members of the cast and b) the name of the children's home from which the audience came ?

To jog your memory, there is a list of everyone who attended St Edward's in the 'St Edward's, Totteridge' Appendix (see left).

Please note: I make no apolgies for using this Messageboard quite frequently, but I wish that many more of you took advantage of this facility—then it wouldn't be so noticeable.

November 12th 2007 04:12:53 PM
NAME : Peter Vale-Humphreys

Broome Hall Locomotive 4908 is not based on the House of Philosophy that is in the WF and Oliver Reed history; but is a property in South Warwickshire, I believe. Sorry to still be an anorak but those halcyon days at Eastleigh Loco Works 59-62 still linger in the memory.

November 11th 2007 12:34:25 PM Paul West
NAME : Paul West

There's a rather special new entry in the REMINISCENCES Appendix by Wim Hofman, who was at Broome Hall 1961-62. He has an excellent memory for those days, and I am hoping that contemporaries such as David Airley, Fr Pat Shanahan and Paul Tait will be moved to contact us.

I am grateful to Nees Keeft for encouraging Wim to send us this substantial contribution and for the photos that I have used to illustrate the narrative.

November 9th 2007 12:33:55 PM

NAME : Wim Hofman

Gallery photo 207: to the right is standing the brother novice (P?)Hammond, he had red hair.


November 8th 2007 11:54:35 AM
NAME : Kees Neeft

On Gallery Page 207 (Larry Shine's) 1st photo: I just received a message from Wim Hofman (nowadays in Holland known among others as a writer of books for children (p.e. "Wim"). He recognized himself as the one utmost left (a part of his head and hand); next to him (so second left) is Jan Bruins; on the background left is a drawing of Wim Hofman: angel with banjo. So far a little "help with identification".

Cordially yours, Kees Neeft

November 6th 2007 07:26:26 PM
NAME : Peter Vale-Humphreys

Above is my new e-mail address. I'm leaving chocolate 30/11/07. It is good bye to sweet teeth! Land line is 01789 731527 if that is preferred option to contact.

November 5th 2007 02:47:05 PM
NAME : Pierre Aucoin , M.Afr.

No. 294 in the Gallery, picture No. 6 on the right hand side: there are three students of St Columba's and immediately I thought I recognised from left to right: 1: Michael DeLacy (St Columba's 1956-1958) (but I am not too sure about him!) 2: Stephen Shevlin (St Columba's 1954-1957) 3: Stephen Duggan (st Columba's 1955-1957)

Any one can confirm this?

Greetings to all my former students (and special thanks to Edwin Cherry and his nice message about Tony Carolan).

Pierre Aucoin, M.Afr. (teacher at St Columba's 1956 - 1958)

November 4th 2007 04:35:24 PM
NAME : Edwin Cherrey

I was very sad to read about the death of Tony Carolan who was a contemporary of mine at both St Columbas and The Priory, he was a kind lad and a good friend who always had a pleasant word for everyone. I also remember Eammon who was a year or two behind and I send him and his family my condolences.

With reference to the enquiry dated 12.9.07. about whether Fr O'Donnell had any siblings, I think he must have had a sister because I recall that one of the students at St Columbas Tom Dooley,was Fr O,Donnells nephew. Tom Dooley does feature somewhere in the photo gallery, I cannot say where offhand but I will have a look when I have some free time and see if I can be more specific.

I was interested in the queries about "Arsenic and Old Lace" because we actually did a production of it at The Priory in 1958 or 1959, I played the lunatic nephew who thought he was Teddy Roosevelt ( it probably takes one to play one). I think it went down quite well with the local villagers who bought tickets.

November 4th 2007 11:14:35 AM
NAME : Paul West

Please go to the REUNIONS Appendix (left) to see Chris Benton's latest arrangements for next year's reunion at St Boswell's.

In future, all developments regarding this event will be recorded there, for your convenience.

October 20th 2007 08:14:26 PM
NAME : Eamonn Carolan

Just to say my brother Tony died 19/10/2007 some will remember him from St Columba's 1954-58 also at the priory 1958-60 . RIP

October 14th 2007 10:09:55 PM
NAME : Maurice Billingsley

Dick Kinlen sent this link: - it leads to photos of St C's and the borders; how romantic can you get?

October 9th 2007 08:42:09 PM
NAME : Zelda Daws

Alex Halpin | Bib # 2630 | Croydon, Surrey - GBR | Age 35 | M START 5K 10K 15K 20K HALF 25K 30K 35K 40K FINISH 0:01:36 0:24:49 0:49:12 1:13:23 1:36:38 1:41:42 1:59:49 2:23:41 2:48:47 3:15:37 3:26:39

TIME Chip Time: 3:26:39 Clock: 3:28:15 Pace: 7:52

Placement Overall: 919 Gender: 786 Division: 156

Hi Paul, I thought I'd let you know the good news! It would appear that my brother has done really well. Could you possibly display the results on the website? Also it might be nice to let people know that he can still be sponsored until December 7th.

The website address is

> Thank you so much again,

> Zelda

October 9th 2007 08:11:31 PM
NAME : Tom Canning

It is a while sice I last logged on and it was just by chance tonight. I think this is still a great web site and long may you continue. I was just thinking that it was this week 40 years ago I had my clothing day at Broomhall and I still have some photos that come out sometimes to remind me of that day. Two years ago while in haloiday in Cornwall I made a detour on the way back to Scotland to the old house and found it much changed. The owner of the land where the Stations of the Cross were thought they were grave stones. I took a number of photos of the house and gardens and will send them on to you shortly. Lastly if there is any one out there who remembers me I would love to hear from you. I would also like to get in tuch with any of the Scotish Pelicans.

God Bless and keep up the good work.

Regards Tom

October 5th 2007 09:31:23 PM
NAME : Vincent O'Neill

I have been enjoying your excellent website for some time. I was at Blacklion 1966 to 1968 and Broomhall 1968 to 1969. I refer to Gallary no. 249: 1) Betwen Fr.John Gould and Stephen McMonagle is Richard Moran (English). 2) Between Fr. Donald McLeod and Lawrence McFadden is Vincent Humphries (Dublin).

I have some photos which I will send to you in the near future.

Best regards to all who know me.


October 5th 2007 07:51:33 PM
NAME : Keith Lawson

In reply to Robbie Dempsey's email about Arsenic and Old Lace: The play was staged at St.Edwards, Totteridge - not Blacklion around 1963. The audience was from a home for children and they were attending the show in the photo above Arsenic and Old Lace - this was a variety show with Pat Shanahan and myself singing the Bus Drivers Song by Flanders and Swan of happy memory.

Any other help I can provide? Keith Lawson

October 3rd 2007 11:41:22 AM Paul West
NAME : Paul West

I am taking the liberty of reproducing this email from ROBBIE DEMPSEY because I think that it might lead to information emanting from those who might have been present at the time :

". . . . while looking over the GALLERY and making up the index for the most recent block of images I was intrigued by Keith Lawson's collection - in particular page 257. This is the ONLY mention of a play staged by WF students called 'Arsenic and Old Lace'.

I cannot make out if the stage is the one we had at Blacklion.

I note from the records that Keith Lawson - well not actually a Keith - but a Francis was at Blacklion. IS this the same person ? I have emailed Keith but got no reply since last week.

. . . . the point I wish to make is that THAT PHOTO of THE AUDIENCE must be of great interest to them today.

Is that the Blacklion Hall ? So, I'm not sure if it's a BLACKLION audience or a BROOME HALL lot, or Totteridge locals ?

I jumped to conclusions in thinking the STAGE shot showed 2 Irish Gardai - but now I realize that Joseph Kesselring's 1939 comedy is set in Brooklyn, New York, so that would rather explain the uniforms.

Who would know ?"

Do YOU have any thought on this ?

September 26th 2007 01:44:22 PM
NAME : Robbie Dempsey

For further info about the scholastics appearing in the film "Seven Steps to the Altar", see photos in [GALLERY] page 159.

September 24th 2007 01:07:38 PM
NAME : Robbie Dempsey

Dear Paul, In case people get a bit confused over this video (7 Steps)- about where it takes place - the opening shots show the Tweed at Jedburgh.

Here is an email I got from Eugene: --

Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006

Dear Robbie: The ordinations took place at Jedburgh (Archbishop MacDonald) on 3 June 1949.
You can see John D. Conway and Pierce J. English being ordained to the diaconate.
I was at St Mary's Galashiels on 1 June 1950, a year later. when Bp Scanlan made them priests. Conway sang a magnificent Veni Creator.

Ask me another. Eugene

LATER, Robbie writes :

NOW I have only confused myself, sorry about that - the Tweed doesn't flow through Jedburgh !

And what's more that bridge isn't in a town. Because the film shows a WF out-and-about then I am guessing the opening scenes are shot at Monteviot.
The Scholastics had moved there in 1947, right beside Jedburgh.

See the article 'History of The White Fathers in Scotland' -- [Histories] page 11. and search for 'Monteviot'.


September 17th 2007 07:14:01 PM
NAME : Chris Benton


St Columba's Re Union 2008.

1. Just returned from holiday. As you know (see previous Message board) Dryburgh Abbey Hotel is fully booked for ALL weekends July Aug Sept 2008., Before I went away I E Mailed the hotel re availability in October 2008., and a response was here on my return. Dryburgh Abbey Hotel can accomodate us for the Friday and Saturday nights 10th & 11th Oct 2008., (or Sat night only for those not arriving Friday. So Oct 10/11th it is.

I strongly advise any one wanting to stay at the Dryburgh to book NOW.

Dryburgh Abbey Hotel:

Tel; 01835 822 261

E Mail;

For those not staying at Dryburgh, I have a list of local B & Bs somewhere on my PC and will post it here when I can locate it.

I hope to be able to negotiate a discount for block booking. This will depend, of course, on the uptake by our group. If you are booking the Dryburgh let them know you are with Mr Benton's party for Oct 2008.

Further info to follow as and when.

Regards & Godbless,

Chris Benton

September 12th 2007 10:09:39 AM
NAME : Paul West

Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 05:26:54 +0200

I wonder if you might have a bit more biographical information about Fr Thomas O'Donnell? I am currently researching my family tree and I see that he was related to Br Kevin Corbishley. Would you happen to know if Thomas' mother was a Corbishley? Did he have any siblings?

I appreciate any information you can provide.


Janet Corbishley


September 7th 2007 01:31:08 PM
NAME : Michael Ashe

Can anybody help fill in the names of the photo from Danby Hall (Gallery 268)
I think the boy on the right may have been Mark Freeman?

Love to hear from anyone who was at Danby Hall with me all those years ago.

Mike Ashe

August 19th 2007 08:56:09 PM chris benton
NAME : Chris Benton


Josie and I were at St Columba's this weekend (17th-19th Aug 07). I called on Brian McGowan about using the College Chapel (now an Audio Visual Centre) for our reunion mass. He says as it's a weekend we want, it will not be any problem at all. He will even arrange for a cuppa afterwards and also for us to look inside the 'College' although it has now been converted to small units.

As there have been no counter suggestions,it seems everyone is happy with Sept 2008., for the 'bash'. However,for the benefit of those proposing overnight stays, I have to report that with the exception of Sat & Sun Aug 16th & 17th., the Dryburgh Abbey Hotel is booked solid for each weekend (All of them weddings)Aug to Oct 2008.,

I am told by the Dryburgh Abbey Hotel staff that Late Sept is a relatively quiet period in the Borders (ie Shooting & Fishing events- none scheduled)so local B & Bs should not be too busy for Fri & Sat nights 26th& 27th.Sept.

Once we are all happy with date of the bash I can start to look at arranging a Saturday evening dinner and a weekend programme if sufficient support for same. So let me know ASAP if any other date is preferable.

We visited Mrs Christine Hughes who will be 100 years old in December 2008., Many of you will remember her as the wife of John who along with his father was involved in the building of St Columbas. Christine herself as a local councillor for Newtown St Bs, was significantly involved in securing committments from the new owners of St Columba's in the 60s to maintain the character of the building, keep the cemetery tidy and improve the landscape. The whole scene is now a tribute to her persistence. Some of you will remember her son Bernard who was, himself, a student at both St Cs and the Priory. I am hoping that both will be able to attend.

Christine showed me a letter she received from Vinny Callaghan telling her and other Pelicans of the proposed reunion at St Cs so I think a good few old friends from North of the Border will be joining us. I will ring Vinny shortly to get an update and will report back as soon as.

Regards & Godbless,

Chris Benton

August 17th 2007 11:44:51 AM
NAME : Paul West Paul West

Patricia Hawkins de Medina sent me the following link—which will be of particular interest to those of you who attended St Augustine's (Blacklion) :

I'd be interested to hear your memories of this area.

August 17th 2007 11:43:43 AM
NAME : igie

How can one join the pelicans and the white fathers? I am a student in Uganda.

August 3rd 2007 08:24:51 AM
NAME : Paul West

You may have met Alex Halpin at Eugene's funeral. Alex is Zelda's son. He is entering the Chicago marathon to raise money for MacMillan Nurses (who look after cancer victims) because he is so grateful for the help that they gave to both Eugene and Zelda during their ordeal last Autumn.

". . . . I not sure whether mere words can convey quite how valuable the support - practical, medical, emotional and financial - provided by the Macmillan nurses is at such an enormously difficult time.

Though my Stepfather lost his battle against the disease last autumn, the care provided through Macmillan at least helped him maintain his dignity throughout such a sad process. And the assistance given to my mother was beyond belief."

Zelda has asked me to let you know that you can sponsor Alex (Al) by going to the following website address :

Thank you for your support.

July 21st 2007 05:42:32 PM
NAME : Edwin Cherrey

My wife came across this site when she searched my name. As a student at both St Columbas and The Priory between 1954 and 1959 I was both fascinated and pleased to peruse the contents, it certainly brought back some memories. Although I am now living in Spain on the Atlantic coast of Cadiz province I would be very interested in joining the reunion in September 2008.

Three years after leaving the Priory I joined the Metropolitan Police and had a interesting and varied career retiring in 1992 with the rank of Detective Inspector. I will always be grateful for the deep moral perspective which my education by the White Fathers gave me, it certainly helped me through some difficult times and , I think, made me a very good police officer, because I never forgot I was there to work for the good of the public and had no problem on occasions subordinating my own good to that of those who I served, so many thanks to my old teachers and spiritual mentors.

I would be pleased to hear from any old friends and intend to fire off a few emails myself. Should anyone be visiting the lovely Costa de la Luz region of Spain I would be pleased to help them with information on the best places to visit, and indeed to meet with them when they arrive

July 13th 2007 12:30:33 PM
NAME : Paul West  

I am taking a few days off to get the MESSAGE BANK up-to-date. You may have noticed that we seem to have lost many pages of Messages from the tail-end of our Messageboard. Fortunately, I had a back-up of this period and am now transcribing them (into the MESSAGE BANK) so that you can view them at any time.

My thanks to Robbie Dempsey for spotting this problem.

They are much safer in 'the bank' and access is considerably faster. It also enables me to add a few photos, where appropriate.

July 11th 2007 08:24:18 AM
 NAME : Gerard Byram    

Thomas Richard Byram (at The Priory 1935-1940) passed away peacefully on Saturday 7th July 2007.

July 11th 2007 04:06:29 AM
 NAME : Nick Kendellen

Martin Leonard, Peter Smith (UK Provincial until 2007) and Nick Kendellen in 1957

I see that the proposed reunion is Sept 2008 so please ignore my inquiry about specific dates.Thought it was 2007.
I would definitely be interested.Hope it all comes together.

July 11th 2007 02:32:54 AM
NAME : Nick Kendellen

Gallery 289 -- Second from left,seated,is it perhaps Michael Donovan?
Are there any specific dates for the proposed reunion in September?

Paul, many thanks to you for all you are doing with this great site.

July 3rd 2007 02:37:53 PM
NAME : Michael Gallagher  

I saw the comment below from Paul about someone stopping using the website because they could not find
anything in the Gallery – in my opinion, and I am sure I echo the feelings of all the frequent users of and
contributors to the website.

The Pelicans website is well constructed, logical, an absolute mine of information, it has good search funtions
and it is a credit to Paul. It has been due to the Pelicans Website that several former classmates have either
made contact with me or I with them for which I am very grateful.

I have the Website set as my Homepage on my computer at home and also at work and I check every day for new additions.

Paul, thanks again for all the work you have put into this.

July 1st 2007 09:10:26 PM
NAME : Chris Benton   


I am sure everyone will agree that Paul has achieved nigh on the impossible in bringing us all together again
via the website. You will know from the 'minutes' of the meeting we had at our recent reunion in BW that well
deserved praise was accorded to Paul. You will also understand that to help alleviate Paul's burden individuals
have taken on some of the jobs Paul had to do (see minutes).

I have volunteered for the role of Message Board Responder and will be happy to answer general queries
( or 'know a man who can') from anyone fresh to the site and refer them on to Chris Cooper who will record
their details if they wish.

Responses in connection with the St Columba's weekend in Sept 08) are coming in now. Among names I have
not heard of for some time are Danny O'Hagan, Jim Youdale, Gerry Gordon, Derek Biewer.

Obviously, anyone who wants to 'do their own thing' can but many have expressed an interest in having an
organised programme for the weekend. I 'climbed the 3rd Eildon Hill (aged 59) in 45 mins ( up the well trodden
footpath that is) stopping 3 or 4 times for oxygen intake. For the less energetic, a walk along the river, Dryburgh,
Wallace or a drive to Scott's View/ Lauder Arches. All suggestions for a weekend programme are most welcome.

Many of you will know I have been a very frequent visitor to St Cs over the past 40 years and I shall be going for
my 'annual pilgrimage' sometime in the next couple of weeks. I intend to explore the possibility of having the reunion
Mass in the chapel in St C's. Although it is now an audio/visual conference centre I'm sure the acoustics will
still serve us proud. Or, if the weather permits, at the little cemetery.

Please pass on this invitation to any you know who not on the internet.

Regards, Chris

July 1st 2007 06:18:17 PM
NAME : Paul West    

The other day I was shocked to hear that someone had given up on using the GALLERY because they could
'never find anything'. The website now contains about 3,500 photos—and about 3,000 of these are held in

It is not feasible to store these images in even a rough chronological order—and this is why we have an excellent
QUICK SEARCH facility (see the Appendices). The person who was having these problems hadn't ever tried to do
a 'Quick Search' and was very impressed with its speed when they used it.

Obviously, the search facility cannot find items that are not labelled, so it is important that you help me to identify
faces, places and dates.

I hope that you will always contact me if you are having problems finding things—or have any other problem with the site.

(30 new photos of the recent reunion at Bishop's Waltham have been added today.
Go to the REUNIONS Appendix to view them).

June 26th 2007 08:51:50 PM
NAME : Paul West    

I have been asked by Peter Jennings to let you know of the following generous offer:

" . . . . . my wife Stella and I will be on holiday in Scotland - Sunday 28 July to Saturday 4 August. We stay at
a wonderful place called Clint Lodge situated about a mile from the Dryburgh Abbey Hotel across the River
Tweed from what was St Columba's College.

. . . . If any former pupils of my time at St Columba's College - September 1959 to Summer 1961 - or indeed
any time, are free I should be delighted to arrange a tour of the buildings and grounds and entertain them
to lunch at the Dryburgh Abbey Hotel - suggested dates are Monday 30 July or Tuesday 31 July. "

PLEASE NOTE : an article by Peter is the latest entry in the NEWS section.

June 23rd 2007 05:04:47 PM
NAME : Chris Benton  


Following the weekend at BW in May, suggestions were made about another re-union at St Columba's (Sept 2008
seems to be the popular date but open to change). I realise it's 15 months off but it would be helpful to know how
many are interested as soon as possible.

Judging by the success of the last one at St C's, this will be a golden opportunity to meet up with long lost friends
particularly those from North of the Border.

Please let me know via the site Message Board or my E Mail if you are interested.

Chris Benton

June 23rd 2007 04:35:33 PM
NAME : Paddy Byrne     

Re gallery page 288 sport's day at the Priory. Could # 1 be me?# 4 is Michael Griffin.

My email is

Best wishes to all from my St.Columba's and Priory days

June 23rd 2007 12:35:17 PM
NAME : Paul West     

Thank you, John and Peter. It's great to have such a fast response. Any more suggestions ?

June 22nd 2007 09:51:47 PM
NAME : John Deeney (JJ)     

Photo ID 288 #1 Tommy Power ? #7 Jimmy Murray —I think, anyway if I'm wrong we can debate it!!

Hope you are all well. Kind regards to all who knew me

June 22nd 2007 04:00:40 PM
NAME : Peter Vale-Humphreys

Id of gallery 288.

Pueri Cantores:#5 Paul Maggiore;#6 Ian Netton;#8 David Ritson; #9 Owen Gormley.

Sports Day at Priory:#3 Bro Menie?; #4 Griffin;#5 Tommy Russell; #6 Peter Mckenzie;#8 Seamus Waters;#9 MacDonald.

Sorry for fogetting some Christian names! Old age.

June 13th 2007 01:02:25 PM
NAME : Tommy Price   

Hi Everyone,

Just for your attention I have changed my e-mail address to

Would love to hear from you all

Keep in touch

Regards Tommy

June 4th 2007 09:03:12 PM
NAME : Peter Finn     

Dear Martin and all.

The website for details of Des's funeral are at

June 4th 2007 01:58:42 AM
NAME : Martin Hickey     

To Chris Benson and ALL

I would love to go to St Columba's in year 2008-- for me it would be fantastic and to see St Boswells and
the old grounds of St Columba's.

I'm trying to locate the church where Desi Fitzmaurice will be buried from. I live close to Canada on the
New York side of Lake Ontario and I hope I can attend his funeral. May Desi [wild Irishman] rest in peace.

___* Dear Martin

Here is a link to the website of the church where Desi's funeral will take place:

Kind regards, Paul West

May 31st 2007 08:42:41 PM
NAME : Peter Finn

Dear All,

I had a message form Geraldine today to say that Des Fitzmaurice died last night, 29 May, at 11.15.
He died at home in Consecon, Ontario, Canada.

He was a very likeable tough character with a soft centre, whom I have known for nearly 60 years.
We always kept intermittently in touch with each other, but now my old friend and our Pelican brother
has gone to his eternal reward. May God grant him eternal happiness.

He attended many Pelicans' reunions in England, Scotland and Ireland, including the consecration,
nine years ago, of the the church of Our Lady Queen of Apostles at Bishop's Waltham.

Let us all pray for him, as I'm sure he will for us.


May 31st 2007 05:40:59 PM
NAME : Chris Benton  

I had some difficulty in accessing Mike Mearns' link to old favourites. Many if not most of the programmes can
also be accessed on the BBC website. BBC 7 has a wide range of those old favourites and you can

'' LISTEN AGAIN'' and E Mail them to a friend.

After such a successful weekend at Bishop's W, quite a few Pelicans have asked if we can have a reunion at
St Columba's. September seems to be the favourite month. So who would be interested in Sept 2008.,
(or other suggestions will be welcome)

May 30th 2007 10:31:33 AM
NAME : Paul West  

Tommy Price rang today with the sad news that Desi Fitzmaurice passed away this morning (at 6.00am, our time).
He had been ill since early this year.

Tommy asks for your prayers for Desi and also for Tommy's sister-in-law, Jean Waterworth, who died last week
of a similar illness.

Tommy is making sure that Desi's friends and contemporaries receive the news and hopes that individuals will
get in touch with fellow Pelicans who are not 'on-line'.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Desi's wife, Geraldine, and her family.

-----*Desi's funeral will be on June 6, 2007, at St. Gregory the Great in Picton, Ontario.

May 29th 2007 08:58:24 PM
NAME : Paul West


>Subject: reunion
>Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 15:55:27 +0100 (BST)
Hello there.

My name is James Glynn and my father studied to be a white father at St. Edward's many years ago before returning to
scotland where he met a school friend, Marie Kelly, whom he married and had the five of us.

We have all been life long firends of Fr Bill Turnbull and theWhite Father's magazine where my Mother read about the
reunion that has just taken place in Bishop's Waltham.

Regrettably my Father passed away a year past April after a short illness and my mum felt I should drop you a line
in case you or anyon else remembered him as we are sure he would have responded to the invitation.

Unfortunatley Fr Bill was in Malawi at the time and has since returned, although we have seen him since and
he concelebrated at my wedding shortly after my Father's death, helping us through a difficult period.

Anyone who knew my father and who might wish to get in touch can do so via this e-mail address or can call me
on 07828 967 477.

Kindest regards

James Glynn


Dear James

Thank you for your email. I will copy it on to our website's Messageboard and hope that it is seen by some of your
father's contemporaries. I think that he must be the 'D.Glynn' listed in my (unofficial) records, who studied at St Edward's,
Totteridge in the early 70s. I am pretty sure that some of our regular visitors to the site will have known him.

If you have any photos of your father that were taken during his time with the White Fathers I would be very pleased
to display them in our website's GALLERY section.

May 29th 2007 11:28:44 AM
NAME : Peter Vale-Humphreys  

Peter Vale-Humphreys

BW weekend came and went so quickly! Weather was outstanding
at the start then the rain came Sat night and remained
with us, easing a little for the cemetery visit and blessing of
Eugene's plaque. Good turnout, too, by many Pelicans.

Many thanks to the organisers, in particular, Paul. Also a quiet
thanks to Tom Wilkie whose business will now close
so we have to look elsewhere for the coming years'

Winchester Cathedral as majestic as ever, along with King Alfred's
Statue. Many happy memories, not least the
riverside walk and then the conducted tour by Gerald, a Blue
Badge Guide.

Eugene's wish to have the BW weekends continue is upheld.

Thanks everyone.

May 20th 2007 11:29:14 PM
NAME : Martin Hickey   

I hope you all have a very pleasent reunion in Bishops Waltham, some day I will have to go and make a visit around
the area. If all goes well I will see you at the next renuion.

Thanks tp Paul West for getting the Web back on track.

May 19th 2007 09:24:25 PM
NAME : Richard Congdon   

Hello, I can't see anybody from my time in Oak Lodge and Spiritual Formation in Kasama Zambia (1986 - 89).

I've been back in the UK for 4 years now after spending 12 years in Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Decided to make contact after I read about Martin Addai's death in March. I've got some photos of him as a student at St Edwards, how do I upload these and others to the gallery.


May 17th 2007 08:26:55 PM
NAME : Danny O'Hagan   

Glad to see the site is up and runnning again. Well done to you Paul!!

Just back from Glasgow visiting Chris McGuire, Andy Mooney and Martin Leonard on the way.
All doing fine and Celtic won too!! Hail Hail!!

May 15th 2007 09:00:09 AM
NAME : Paul West

Our friend Desi Fitzmaurice has recently gone through a very rough patch since being treated for the cancer in his liver.
Geraldine, his wife, is keeping us up-to-date with his condition and asks his friends and acquaintances to remember
Desi and his family in our prayers.

Desi is back at home, having spent some time in hospital, and is being visited by members of his family and his
many friends.

Geraldine is bearing up remarkably well but needs all our support at this difficult time.

(Our thanks to Pat Menzies for relaying this news).

May 11th 2007 09:30:25 AM
NAME : Michael Gallagher    

Just a word of thanks to Paul for getting the The Pelicans Website up and running again.
It is good to see the Website "back on the air" again. Well done Paul!!

April 24th 2007 07:57:47 PM
NAME : Paul West

I am hoping that some of you have managed to find this Page and that you will pass the message on to friends
that the Pelicans's website has been taken over by a company called 123-Reg. Temporarily, I hope.

This internet provider leases us some webspace and hosts our website name—for a fee, of course.Let me assure
you, though: this take-over has nothing to do with not having paid the bill (!).

I am completely mystified. Michael Byrne rang me earlier to confirm that he is barred from the site as well, thereby
reassuring me that it is not just a corruption on my own machine.

123-reg have got into the two browser programs that I use (Firefox and Safari) and altered my 'Preferences' so
that the Pelicans' website is no longer my home (starting) page AND switches immediately to its own rogue page
if I attempt to access our website by typing its name. So I can't enter the site 'through the front door'—where I could
get access to the various sections and Appendices.

I have had some small, though very limited success by using Google to find me a page on which, say, something
very Pelican-specific is mentioned. Invariably the page fails to materialise. ('Not known on this server' etc)
Don't expect this approach to be at all smooth, therefore.

The waiting time to speak to 123-Reg on the phone has increased during the day to 25 minutes! (An O845 number)
and I no longer have a machine by which I can access the FAX number they quote on the rogue page that comes
up every time I switch on my browser software.

I will do my best to restore the site. In the meantime, I'd be grateful if you would help to forestall a huge number
of phone calls by emailing fellow users of the site.

'When you're chewing on life's gristle, dahn't forget ter whistle . . .etc'

April 21st 2007 11:39:56 PM
NAME : Chris Benton


Re Jan's photos- Page 275. I'm not certain but it looks like Cardinal Godfrey to me, NOT Cardinal Heenan.


April 18th 2007 08:23:19 PM
NAME : Paul Dix   

Hi Paul

I have been trawling around on the net and found the Pelican site. I'm a real blast from the past. Priory 1945 - 50,
then Broome Hall for a year. Began to wonder if any of the guys of my time are around; Adrian Lance (Poy)
Mike Ryan,John Slevin, Maurice McSherry, and Tom Ryan (Toma) I found out that Hugh Regan (Bincker)
has left the building for far better digs, as has my old mate Alec Easton (Spike).

Also I discovered that practically the first WF I met, Andy Murphy is deceased, and in fact died here in Oz.
I'd like to discover where he's buried, to pay a visit.

Any news would be appreciated. I'm still working, in commercial radio, would you believe, hence my address - I have been fascinated by what I've seen on the site, and some of th faces I've
know, i.e, cheerful Chas Robinson, the boy from Bootle, Robbie Clyde, and Pat Menzies (Big Jack Robinson
always insisted in calling him Ming-iz)

Anything you have to impart in the way of goss would be great.

Cheers, and God Bless,


April 16th 2007 10:45:27 AM
NAME : Patrick Gibbons (Pelicans' Treasurer)

Easter greetings to one and all from the Pelican treasurer.

Over the past year we donated a total of £7150.00 to the Missions. The monies have gone to Frs David Cullen, Terry Madden, Pat Shannahan and Bro Trevor Robinson.

£5000.00 was a special gift for David Cullen;the donor accessed our web-site and was so impressed with David's
letters and his description of how he used our donations, that he decided to make a gift to David.

The balance of the monies came from our usual sources.£1000.00 was donated by a Pelican in Eugene's memory
as were many smaller gifts.

I currently have a balance of £95.42 and,of course, am always willing to accept more donations !!!

I look forwrd to seeing many of you at BW.

yours Aye

April 11th 2007 04:06:49 PM
NAME : Michael Butterworth  

It's wonderful to go back in time and indulge in some very happy memories of my time at St Columbas, between 1959
and '60! I remember 'camping' by the Tweed on many a Wednesday afternoon creating 'cigarettes' from dried tea
and bracken; catching pool-trapped salmon and despatching poor diseased rabbits.

Lots and lots of great memories. . . if anyone remembers me, I'd love to hear from you! I'd be delighted to attend a
reunion and have already been in toouch with Bernard Melling.

Wishing everyone reading this health, happiness and peace!

April 6th 2007 09:43:26 AM
NAME : Paul West   

Easter Greetings to all our visitors—especially those who have had to wait so patiently for a reply to their emails!

Jan Spierings has sent me a large collection of photos from his days at s'Heerenberg and Totteridge, which I hope
will start to appear in the GALLERY this weekend. (Page 271) Many group photos are included, along with pictures
of the buildings which I have never seen before.

Also, the ever-faithful Olivia O'Dolan is about to send me some recordings for the SOUNDS FAMILIAR Appendix.

So far, 23 people have said that they will be attending the reunion at Bishop's Waltham on the weekend starting
Friday 25th May. Have YOU decided yet ? Please let me know asap if the answer is YES—people such as
Peter Finn and John Morton are currently making arrangements and need to know the numbers involved.

April 3rd 2007 02:07:44 PM
NAME : Terry Butler

Sent : 22 March 2007 19:14:41
To :
Subject : The White Fathers Cemetery at Bishops Waltham.

Hi Paul

Trust all is well with you and all Pelicans - very much looking forward to seeing you all again at Pentecost.

We have almost completed the renovation of the cemetery and on the back wall/fence that has been erected
we intend mounting a memorial plaque to Eugene MacBride. I know that Peter Finn was very close to him and
knew his wife well and I am asking Peter to come up with suitable words to go on the plaque.

Will keep you in the picture.

Kind regards
Terry Butler

April 2nd 2007 07:39:46 AM
NAME : Patricia Hawkins de Medina   

Subject: Blacklion
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 21:34:09 +0100

Good evening.

I have just spent a good hour looking at all those old photos (and some new) of Blacklion. I can identify the house
with the sandbags in front, which is Letterbreen Barracks (on the road between Belcoo and Enniskillen. (above)

My father, Dr. William Hawkins, was medical officer for St. Augustine's in Blacklion, all those years ago. I have fond
memories of attending some of the Christmas pantomimes as a child way back then, and I can remember many of
the Fathers. And the students carol-singing at Christmas in the village, and all coming into the hall of our house in
Blacklion. So many memories.

Fr. John D. Conway was a good friend of my parents, and indeed I do remember his great interest in music.
I wonder where is his grave. I believe he died in Uganda in 1972. Both my parents are now dead.

It is good to see a site like yours, where memories are cherished.

Kindest regards,

Patricia Hawkins de Medina


April 1st 2007 09:11:20 PM
NAME : Jan Spierings   

Although I had heard and seen a bit of the site before,today I scrambled through it :absolutely amazing and wonderful,
especially from 1957(noviciate 's He erenberg) till 1962 (final ordinations Tott./Whetstone).

After 13 years Africa(Tanzania)and 30 years Holland (good contacts w ith White Fathers and Tanzania),since 5 years
active again in Tanzania;education (Waldorf-schools) for short periods,came actually back again two weeks ago.

My most sincere greetings to eveyone,especially
"period"- mates.Jan Spierings.

April 1st 2007 03:42:04 PM
NAME : Maurice Billingsley  

The Tablet published an article by Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald that can be found at the address below.

Dangers, toils and snares
Michael Fitzgerald

Two hundred years ago, William Wilberforce introduced the parliamentary bill that eventually led to the abolition
of the slave trade. But the fight is not over. If the scourge of people-trafficking is to be eradicated across the globe,
anti-slavery campaigners will need patience, tenacity and faith

March 26th 2007 10:03:44 PM
NAME : Eamonn Carolan   


I sent an email to Pierre and got a bounce back , would fr pierre have another email address

March 16th 2007 11:29:50 AM
NAME : Mike Creechan

Please vote !!!

March 12th 2007 09:55:07 AM
NAME : John Docherty 

I only heard about this website yesterday from Mike Cannon.

I attended St. Boswells, Danby Hall and Bishops Waltham with, I have to say, mixed feelings.

Could someone contact me to let me know what this site is all about?

Thanks and regards to anyonw who remembers me.


March 8th 2007 10:35:28 PM
NAME : Mike Creechan   

Please circulate if you feel likewise.


Subj: Your petition to the Prime Minister has been approved
Date: 08/03/2007 16:06:45 GMT Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Your petition has been approved by the Number 10 web team, and
is now available on the Number 10 website at the following

Your petition reads:
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Introduce Democracy to Parliament

The use of the Party Whip system in matters of conscience is undemocratic and fails to respect the beliefs of the
religious majority as portrayed in the last Census and is also probably a breach of an MP's rights under Article 9
of the Human Rights

Thanks for submitting your petition-- the ePetitions team

February 27th 2007 03:20:27 PM
NAME : Patrick Gibbons   

Look forward to seeing many of you at Bishops Waltham.Ihave just sent a cheque for £1480 to Africa - more details at BW.
Norma and me are booked in at Wilkie's.

February 18th 2007 10:00:08 PM
NAME : Pat Menzies

We will be attending the Pentecost meeting of the Pelicans at Bishop's Waltham and hope to see there at least some
of the members who went on the Rome trip last October. Phoned Tom Wilkie and he booked us for the Friday and
Saturday 25th and 26th. May.

Hope to see you there.

February 13th 2007 01:53:41 PM
NAME : Tony Smyth

Happy Birthday, most honourable Webmaster.

February 11th 2007 10:12:15 PM
NAME : Robbie Dempsey  (in Dublin)

The Missionaries of Africa buried Fr. Frank Ball last Thursday 8th Feb. I attended the funeral mass at St. Pius X church
in Templeogue and Fr.Frank was laid to rest in Bohernabreena cemetary in the WF plot. It was that one day in the winter
when 2 cm of snow brings a large part of Dublin to a crawl and a stop. I represented the Pelicans and let it be known
that many Pelicans would remember Frank Ball in their prayers.

May he rest in peace.

February 11th 2007 12:57:31 PM
NAME : Olivia O'Dolan  

This is to let all priests,staff and former students who attended St Augustine's at Blacklion in 1960s that Richard Fittzgearld
of Bundoran passed away two weeks ago
. We have been told that Richard suffered from a brain tumor He had been
entertaining at a local hotel a few weeks before his death. All the former students who travaled to Dublin in 1960s to
record ''Evening in Mount Mellary '' with Richard and his sister Kathleen will be saddened to learn of Richard's death.

May he rest in Peace.
Olivia O'Dolan Belcoo.

Donegal News, 9th February 2007 :

"The recent death of Richard Fitzgerald of Bundoran evoked nostalgic memories of his ceili band, a famous musical
group of the fifties and sixties that often provided music in the halls in the Rosses and Gweedore areas. An older
generation will remember their mid-day slot on the then Radio Eireann where they performed in the sponsored
Mitchelstown Creameries programme."

February 5th 2007 12:22:58 AM
NAME : Pierre Aucoin, M.Afr.  

Thanks to the Petit Echo, I have found your web site and was thrilled to see the names of my former students
while I was teaching at St Columba's, Newton St Boswells, between 1956 and 1958. I have just seen Eamonn
's message (he was an excellent soccer player); I have seen Chris Benton's message (and also his
photograph in Rome). I didn't know that Kerry Bagshaw was such a good criket player.

I could go on like that for ever.

If any of my former students care to write to me, I shall be delighted to answer your message.

Fr Pierre Aucoin

February 2nd 2007 10:01:20 PM
NAME : Derek Biewer   

Has any Pelican or friend got a copy of Fr. Scriven's "Ghost Shop" they would like to sell on?
I did have one but it must have been 'borrowed' at some time.

Best wishes

February 2nd 2007 09:57:26 PM
NAME : Derek Biewer  

Hoped to have got to Bishop's W for Pentecost but am fully committed for the Sunday unfortunately.

This year of all years We didn't want to miss it!

Regards to everyone ,especially Zelda

Derek & May

February 1st 2007 09:47:12 PM
NAME : Chris Benton   

Just booked a room for Josie & myself at Tom Wilkie's. Unfortunately can't travel till Sat but hope to see you all early
to mid PM Sat.

Regards to all, Chris Benton

February 1st 2007 08:51:55 PM
NAME : Paul West   

I received an email today from Fr Peter Welsh (Editor of the WF-WS magazine, amongst other roles) and wonder if
anyone can help :

"A correspondent from South Hampshire, an amateur archeologist, wrote saying he has unearthed (literally) the brooch
of someone who must be Patick Twomey. He was at the Priory 1932-7 and from Berehaven, Cork. Would you know if
he is still alive? Is he in contact? "

Patrick was at Carthage 1939-40, and would be 80+ years of age, if he is still with us. Please let me know if you can
throw some light on this.

Tom Wilkie, who runs our favourite B+B in Bishop's Waltham, tells me that he has a further 10 vacancies for
25/26th May. (Tel : 01489 890188)—for the annual 'gadarene', this time especially in honour of Eugene,
our late co-founder. It would be a wonderful tribute to him if we could muster a couple of dozen people
for this reunion. Will we see you there ?

February 1st 2007 12:06:57 PM
NAME : John Morton

Just booked overnight stay with Tom Wilkie for the Bishops Waltham "Gathering" 25/26th May.

Hope we have a good response this year!!

January 30th 2007 10:12:11 AM
NAME : Paul West   

Did you hear Prof Andrew Coyle on the News at One yesterday ?
I had hoped to record it on my return from Epsom but forgot.

When I searched for it today I found many references to Andrew on the BBC website but no 'listen again' service for the daily news.

January 27th 2007 10:42:00 PM
NAME : Zelda MacBride   

Dear Paul,

This is Zelda writing from my son-in-law's e-mail address. I have booked a single room for myself and a double room
for Peter and Bernie (Eugene's sister and brother-in-law) at Tom Wilkie's for the nights of 25th and 26th May.

Could you please display this information on the Messageboard.

Many thanks, Zelda x

January 27th 2007 08:41:09 PM
NAME : Eamonn Carolan

just found website while surfing today' was at st columbas 1956/58.Amazing to see faces and names from that era.

I cannot recall any pictures being taken.

January 27th 2007 12:30:38 AM
NAME : Peter Prof McMurray  

Hi Paul

Thank you very much all is working fine now.

Do you have any information about England's plans for a cricket team in the near future. Unfortunately the old boys
club currently touring Australia were out so quickly I did not get to watch. At this time of year I am pretty tied up feeding
and tending my triffid patch that I fondly hope will turn out several tonnes of tomatoes. I picked 300kg on Monday
and the old bones tend to get a bit tired.

Peter Prof McMurray

January 26th 2007 08:12:10 PM
NAME : Paul West

Two people made contact today : firstly Michael Finn, one-time pupil at St John's, hoping to get back in touch with
Pat McHale—one of several Priory boys who took their A Levels at his old school; secondly, Robbie Dempsey,
who gave me the address of a website that will show you what any website looked like at various times in its history.

So, if you'd like to view the first edition of the Pelicans' website (or whatever) go to and choose
the 'wayback machine' option.

And I don't want to hear any s******s. (s n i g g e r s)

PS I will add this to our LINKS Appendix

January 25th 2007 02:23:56 PM
 NAME : P.A.A.C. van Berkel  

Dear mister Paul West.

I was visiting the Website of “The Pelicans”. A long time ago (1956 – 1963) I was a White Father student in Holland.

May 16th 1957 : Novices vs Philosphers at Boxtel (St Charles)

(L-R) :
Back : Piet Horsten, Pat Martin, Hermann Helbig, Packy Harrity, Eugene MacBride, Gerry v. Erp
Front : Martien v.d. Ven, Fr v.d. Hurk, Wim v. Berkel, Juup Tibo, Bro Maurice

Walking through the Gallery I recognised several persons from Holland, students and Fathers.

On page 241: the first picture A musical evening 'upstairs' in Blacklion: the second person from right is Piet de Bekker.

The second picture The Blacklion 1963/4 group Photo: standing on the second line, the seventh person from right is
Onno Bruggeman.

Onno is also the first person from left on the last picture of page 241.

Page 255: picture "Deacons, 1961-62" :Onno is the first standing person from right.

On the same picture: the first sitting person from left is probably Father Ben Mettrop.

Many greetings, Peter van Berkel.

Kind Regards, Paul west

January 12th 2007 02:31:14 PM
NAME : Michael Ashe    

I was at Danby Hall in the mid sixties and one of our teachers was a Fr. Ball.
If this is the same Fr. Ball who is ill I send my best wishes.

Would like to hear from anybody who was at Danby Hall

January 8th 2007 12:58:17 PM
NAME : Robbie Dempsey (in Dublin)

Many of the Pelicans will know Fr. Frank Ball . . . But I'm sad to hear from Fr. Ian Buckmaster that Frank is now suffering
with Alzheimer's disease and has been admitted to a nursing home in south Dublin (St. Joseph's, Crinkin Lane, Shankhill).

Your prayers and thoughts would give Fr. Frank some support at this time.

January 7th 2007 07:58:45 PM
NAME : Paul West   

Do you remember Peter Deane, originally from Liverpool, who was at St Columba's 1959/60 ?
He has recently got in touch and I have added his email address to the CONTACTS section.

I'll be back at work tomorrow, following an extended Christmas break— so new items will start appearing soon.

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