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December 24th 2006 02:16:13 PM
NAME : Tony Smyth

Just a note to wish everyone every blessing this Christmas season and much prosperity in 2007.

December 6th 2006 03:10:12 AM
NAME : Mike Mearns

I can't help Robbie with his recall of the Craig Lockhart trip, but I do remember the Real/Eintracht Cup
Final of 1960. I watched it on the tv in the Fathers' Parlour - now there's a word you don't hear much
these days - at Blacklion. What a game! I rate it as one of the best two matches I have ever seen.
The other one was the 1966 World Cup semi final between England and Portugal.

Which brings me to memories of Eugene. He and I went to Wembley together on a number of occasions.
I recall two games we saw: England 2 : Portugal 1, in October 1961, and England 1 : Brazil 1, in May
1963. Alas, Pele did not play in the latter, but we did get to see his heir apparent - Eusebio - in the former.

I retired recently and I have been going through boxes of bits and pieces accumulated over the years;
I discovered the programme from the Portugal game in amongst the debris, O res mirabilis!

Much football up there, Eugene? Rest in peace.


December 3rd 2006 08:15:14 PM
NAME : Robbie Dempsey    

From Robbie Dempsey for Eugene . . .

This note is in connection with a day off and a trip to visit Edinburgh by the St Columba's students at the
start of summer in 1960. All I can remember is we were visiting Craig Lockhart. It was a boiling hot day.
Who, why, and what, I have forgotten the rest.I am hoping someone else can provide more details.
Yet I often recall the 1960 European Cup Final between Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt - a fantastic
game of football The funny thing is I dream about this on a green pitch, with Eintracht in dark shorts, and
grey shirts; Real wereall white. But this was black and white telly. No reds or yellows in those days.

Do some Pelicans remember this ?
Hampden Park, Glasgow, May 18, 1960
Real Madrid v. Eintracht Frankfurt…
For a 4 min video clip see here:

The footballing world heard of the death this November 17, 2006 of one of its greatest goalscorers -
Ferenc Puskás, He was a Hungarian football forward and coach.

That evening Real beat Eintracht Frankfurt 7-3 with Puskás scoring four goals and Di Stéfano scoring three.
How may youngsters did they thrill that day ?

Real Madirid
Domínguez, Marquitos, Santamaría, Pachin; Vidal, Zarraga; Canario, Del Sol, Di Stéfano, Puskás, Gento

Eintracht Frankfurt
Loy, Lutz, Eigenbrodt, Höfer, Wellbächer, Stinka; Kress, Lindner, Stein, Pfaff, Meier

December 3rd 2006 06:23:59 PM
NAME : Anon

Very saddened to learn of the death of Eugene MacBride. He was a remarkable man.

December 2nd 2006 10:58:03 AM
NAME : John Boos

Hello Pelicans!

This is coming to you from Canada, where I have been stationed since 2004, coming from Burkina.

I would be very obliged to you if you could send me the address of Peter Monaghan, a former student of the MAfrs.
I was with him in Blacklion for two years (1962-63), and in the Dorking Novitiate in '64. If therefore you have his
address or email address, please send it along to me Many thanks in advance for this service.

Blessings on you all, and do accept my sympathies on the recent death of Eugene McBride, whom I had also
known in '62.

Fr John Boos.

November 29th 2006 08:21:12 PM
NAME : Paul West

Zelda (MacBride) has been showered with cards and letters and has asked me to say thank you to all of you
for this wonderful support.

She is not able to thank people individually at present because pressing family matters are taking up all her time.
I have assured her that everyone will understand that this is a very difficult time for her—and that we hope to renew
our contact with her after the Christmas season has passed.

November 7th 2006 08:08:22 PM
NAME : Tommy Kelly

I visited Eugene on Tuesday last, and saw him for 'staggered' brief moments.Staggered because he was very 'sleepy',
and very jaundiced.Zelda was bearing up with family support.If poss, I will try to make another visit soon.

November 2nd 2006 09:46:07 AM
NAME : Michael Gallagher

Just a reminder that today 2nd November is 43rd anniversary of the fire at St Columbas when the students stood
at the edge of the football field watching the building and everything they owned going up in smoke. Hello to everyone
who might be reading this and who were there on that day

November 1st 2006 11:25:41 AM
NAME : Justin James  


thanks a lot for giving me these informations about the White Fathers. I am a seminarian doing my philosophy studies.
I am from India.

thank you,
god bless every one.

October 7th 2006 09:19:53 PM
NAME : Kees Neeft

A little remark about the lists: It is not "La grande séminaire" (Gap), but: Le grand séminaire.
This just for the moment.

With kind regards,
Kees Neeft, Netherlands

September 12th 2006 09:35:29 PM
NAME : Lissie Shepherd

I would be pleased to receive a little more info' about the Rome trip, wheelchair access etc meanwhile all
good wishes to Chas and family for a peaceful time.

Having recently heard of this site have gatecrashed' and had a wonderful hour looking back at familiar faces
and places. I will pass this link on to my brothers, John was an altar boy in Heston for about a year, and see
what memories (photos) they can add. Left Heston in 1961. schooled at St Anselm's then St Anne's until 63.

September 9th 2006 02:14:59 AM
NAME : Bob Griffin

The second picture on page 79 in the Gallerywas used by Hugh Regan for his ordination card.His ordination was
16th May 1957 at Galashiels.

September 7th 2006 08:34:31 PM
NAME : Chris Benton

Hello All,

Many of you will be aware that Eugene has arranged a trip to Rome for 7 nights commencing on Sat 21st Oct 2006.

Whilst, through Archbishop Mike Fitzgerald, he has been able to secure good lodgings (all meals purchased separately)
for all of us pilgrims (22 in number I believe)at the relatively low cost of 64 euros per room per night, we all have made our
own arrangements for flights to Rome. On behalf of Chas Robinson (Priory 1949) and Frank Murphy and myself
(St Columbas 1955 - Priory 1960) PLUS wives I arranged return flights from Liverpool John Lennon airport (LJL) to Rome
Ciampino airport(CIA) as follows:

SAT 21/10/06 Depart LJL 0630hrs Arr CIA 1015hrs

Sat 28/10/06 Depart CIA 1040hrs Arr LJL 1230hrs

Unfortunately, Chas Robinson has today been told by his doctor that he must have surgery on his heart pretty soon.
He has been ordered not to fly. Ryannair, our carrier, (No Frills airline) does not allow refunds. It will, however, allow
changes to the named members of the party.

Would any body out there be interested in purchasing Chas and his wife Jean's tickets. They cost £198.45 each
(inclusive of tax) plus £5.00 per person baggage charge a total of £203.45 each. Chas like everybody else has already
paid a deposit for the lodgings and his room will of course be available to whoever wants to buy his flight tickets.

If anyone is interested can you please E mail me with your details and, as lead passenger, I will arrange for the transfer
of names.

Best wishes and Godbless,

Chris Benton

September 4th 2006 09:07:08 AM
NAME : Prof  


I have just looked at Page 79 photos. Big Mick is right those cupboards at the back of the study hall were the library.
I well remember Manus McGuire's horror and announcement to Father librarian that Westward Ho was on THE INDEX.
I finally read it last year an exciting yarn but not exactly an advert for Catholicism.

I personally spent most study periods of my first year reading the entire seto of SUDDEN cowboy books. I also remember
John Lydon reading The Cat Of Bubastes and thinking why read about a cat. Alas I now realise how fantastic Sumerian
history really is.

Where are you John? By the way I see a picture of "Hamlet" but who was Caliban, I well remember him getting the nickname.


September 1st 2006 07:09:56 AM
NAME : Prof  


The first tomato seeds have gone in and it is technically the first day of Spring (although I always feel that it should be
Equinox not 1 Sept that fixes it). Needless to say the excellent weather has vanished overnight.

A look at missing friends shows no AKA for Terence Pettit, it was Poppy (heavens knows why). He was a gardener of fame
at The Priory being the only person in memory to successfully drive the garden fork straight through his foot with a fearsome
strike at the iron ground - fork record as well a javelin one might say.

Best wishes to all

Peter Prof McMurray

August 2nd 2006 08:16:29 AM
NAME : Paul West

To avoid increasing the pressure on Eugene and Zelda, Peter Finn has been in touch with Andrew Smith,
Eugene's lifelong friend, and arranged that I am kept up-to-date with the progress being made. I will relay
any news to you via this Messageboard.

Eugene was allowed home yesterday (1st August) and is due to return for post-op checks in 2 months.
He is feeling groggy, of course, but the after-effects of the anaesthesia are gradually fading. The surgeon
has removed part of his liver and will wait (perhaps a year) for this to re-generate before proceeding with
any further work that may be necessary.

Our prayers and best wishes go to Eugene for a speedy recovery from the operation —and to Zelda and
Eugene's family, who have a suffered an anxious time this year.

July 20th 2006 12:01:48 AM
NAME : Robbie Dempsey

Dear Gerard,

concerning Fr. Fahy . . . . It took me ages to find this photo but I knew it was there somewhere because
my Mam and Dad are both buried in Bohernabrena cemetery not too far from Bro. Paddy. John Byrne
sent the photo in to Paul: it's at the bottom of Gallery 228 - and his own son is buried here, too.

July 10th 2006 08:09:00 PM
NAME : Gerard Hamilton   

I may have asked this question before, why is there no obituary to Fiacra Fahy. He is not on any list I can
find and looking at the headstones in the W.F cemetary he is not there either, it's a mystery to me, he was
one of my closest friends in my brief
time with the W.F's

July 3rd 2006 03:38:15 PM
NAME : Olivia O'Dolan

Do any of the former students of the 1970s in St Augustine's Blacklion remember that around the time
St Augustine's was soldThe White Fathers moved to just outside Longford Town?

One of the reasons for St Augustine's having to close was that Blacklion was too far from Dublin and the
Universities. Another reason was the decline in vocations in 1970s/1980s. Does anyone remember being
at WFs Longford as a student?

I remember seeing a fingerpost/road sign pointing to 'The White Fathers College' outside Longford Thanks.
Augustine's is fondly rememberd by people around Blacklion/Belcoo.

Sincerly Olivia O'Dolan in Belcoo.

June 26th 2006 01:33:48 PM
NAME : Robbie Dempsey  

Hello Pelicans !

Did you know that there is a centre for young PELICANS ? It is in west Africa at Ouagadougu and
run by Père Édouard Duclos.

Please take a minute - and have a look at the website

June 21st 2006 09:00:52 PM
NAME : Paul West

Please note that I have changed my email address — which can be found by clicking below.

My previous address has been giving me problems : it would appear that a few emails have been
deleted by mistake. If you are awaiting a reply to an email and do not receive one by July 1st,
please re-send your message to my new address.

Unfortunately, this email glitch has coincided with a particularly busy phase of re-decorating "the office".
During the past 3 weeks or so the computer system has been disconnected at times and left to sulk in
another room.

Thank you for your patience. I will do my best to return to normal service asap.

June 13th 2006 04:58:50 PM
NAME : Paul West  

The following email was received today :

Dear Paul,

I wonder whether you would be interested in putting up on the website the following email message
I received this morning from Dave Cullen. Pelicans may be interested to know how he is getting on after
his recuperation from a bought of TB earlier this year. More to the point, some may be inclined to send him
a couple or three books to add to his meagre collection.

Chipata is located in the south of the eastern area of Zambia.

With all best wishes,
from Robbie.

PLEASE NOTE : the letter to which Robbie refers is now displayed in the APPEALS section.

June 6th 2006 05:39:54 PM
NAME : Eugene MacBride   

Copy of email sent to Peter Finn and others who attended the recent reunion at Bishop's Waltham :

" I thought everything went so well what with the A-1 weather, the singing on Sunday morning
(thanks to John Morton) and the steam train journey on Saturday (thanks to Peter Vale-Humphreys)
plus the bonus trip to Jane Austen's house.

And what an excellent job John and Margaret (Morton) made of the story of their Holy Land trip at Easter.

Terry Butler phoned Fr Buckley on his sickbed in Ireland and he sent us all his best regards.
Dryborough (?) Abbey Hotel is fully booked for Hogmanay and has a long waiting list.
What if we tried for 2007?

My deepest thanks to you, John Morton and Margaret, John J. Deeney and Maureen, Tommy Kelly and
Margaret, Peter Vale-Humphreys and Edith, Mike Byrne and Andrew Cotton (my missing chorister), and
Verna Burdett Clark (with son Steve).

Who else? I'm sorry if I've missed anyone. "

June 5th 2006 08:28:53 PM
NAME : Jim Connelly

Reading the short history of St Edwards Totteridge and the various changes to the student structure
that took place 1967
to 1972 can anyone tell me whether the excellent rule of the minimum of three White Fathers to form
any one community still exists? From what I have read in recent times I get the feeling that the rule of
three has sadly along with the wearing of the habit and rosary,clerical collar and black suit fallen into disuse.

May 17th 2006 07:15:06 AM
NAME : Paul West  

The following email was sent to me today :

"This information is being sent to you at Fr. Peter Smith's suggestion:

The first fruit of the Society's History Project is a book called Cross and Flag in Africa - The White Fathers
during the Colonial Scramble 1892-1914 (by Aylward Shorter). The book is published by Orbis Books, 2006,
published price US $25. ISBN-13:978-1-57075-655-9 (pbk).

In the UK it will be distributed by Alban Books and should be in the shops by the end of June.

Pelicans may like to place their orders at their nearest bookshop or on now.

Yours Sincerely,

Aylward Shorter M.Afr. "

May 1st 2006 07:55:28 PM
NAME : Keith Lawson

Came across the Pelicans website whilst "silversurfing". Does anyone remember me? Retired from the
Prison Service 5 years ago (now 64 yrs old).

Fond memories of Pat Shanahan. My youngest daughter is currently appearing in Miss Saigon in Aberdeen
and will be in Bristol in July.

Best wishes to all. Keith Lawson

April 30th 2006 11:42:30 PM
NAME : Ciaran McGuinness  

I came across this site by accident.Presently I am taking time out from Sudan in Deepest Dorset. Some months
ago I visited the Priory after 40 years.Very emotional but remembered you all and the wonderful times there and
in Blacklion (I am from Cavan).

You are all welcome in Shaftebury.

April 24th 2006 07:48:16 PM
NAME : Paul West

The following email was received this weekend :


" I read with interest the very informative site for pupils by Peter Finn.

I am interested in making contact with those 42 boys who had some education at Scotus Academy between 1966
and 1969. I am setting up a web page for all FPs of Scotus, and trying to obtain e-mail addresses for contact.
I would draw attention to web page

Any help you could provide would be most appreciated.

I have so far managed to trace 400 out of the full school population of 1200. The school closed in 1978."

Lindsay Wilson

21 Cammo Grove
Edinburgh EH4 8EX
0131 339 3792
0131 339 3792


Please let me know asap (MAY 31st at the latest) if you have any objections to the release of a names-only
list to this enquirer. (Strictly no contact information to be included at this stage).

April 16th 2006 10:02:05 AM
NAME : Olivia O'Dolan

Happy Easter to all Pelicans out there.

Hi to 'The Blacklions'musical group of the mid 1960s, Michael O'Callaghan,John Byrne,Joe McIntyre,
Tony Ryne and Pat McDermott. To all the 'old boys' of St Augustine's of Blacklion who were the background
voices on the recording of 'Evening in Mountmellery with Kathleen Fitzgearld in 1960s.Hi to Danny O'Hagan,
Larry Shine,Nicky Kendellen and Charlie Bingham.(hope I have left no one out). To you all a happy Easter 2006.

Hi Fr Pat Shannaghan, Fr Packy Harrity,Fr Kevin O'Mahoney and Fr David Cullen. Hi to Eugene and Zelda,
Pual West, Janet and family and Pat Gibbons,(the man who looks after the money) and Norma.

To all have a peacfull Easter.The sun is dancing over lower Lough McNean this Easter morning.

God bless from Olivia and Mairead O'Dolan also Bud Greene Blacklion.

April 7th 2006 05:03:54 PM
NAME : Olivia O'Dolan   

Hi everyone.

I have been asked by a lady who now lives at Belcoo to say hello to all the students who remember her
from the 1950s. Her late father a Mr Stuart owned the Erne cinima at The West port area of Ballyshanon
Co Donegal. The students from St Augustine's often brought religious films to show at the cinima and the
local secondary schools. The lady's name now is Delores Daggett. She and her late huband lived a few
years in Africa. The White Fathers often visited at her home in Africa.

Best wishes to all. O.O'Dolan.

April 3rd 2006 11:19:24 PM
NAME : Maurice Billingsley

Here's a book that bears reading: "Green Oranges on Lion Mountain" by Emily Joy, pub. Eye Books,
London 2004.

Dr Joy was a VSO volunteer at a Catholic Hospital in Sierra Leone in the months leading to Charles
Taylor's disastrous invasion from Liberia. "Dr Em" tells of the contrasts between life in the bush and
Freetown, but mostly of the life she shared with the local people, volunteers and missionaries.
She tells of learning surgery on the hoof, of keeping TB patients in hospital to ensure they complete
the essential 3 month course of treatment, of making the best of the resources available (just ask a
hospital in the UK to reuse latex gloves). Dr Joy's sheer humanity and humour draw you into her
world and its tragedy.

Royalties from the book go to help run clinics in Sierra Leone.

If you haven't started a Lenten book, or even if you have, this one is the antidote to pious tomes but
will still set you thinking and praying.

April 2nd 2006 09:56:26 AM
NAME : Paul West  

Following my previous message, Olivia suggested Stabat Mater. This is now available for listening in the
Appendix. (Thank you, Olivia)

Thanks, also, to all of you who have written to me about the BBC broadcast made by the Priory Choir on
11th July 1957*. You have given me plenty of corroborating facts for writing a definitive account of that day (!)
— and the result will appear in the HISTORIES section soon.

Unfortunately, the search for a recording of the event has come to nothing. I am told that it was broadcast about
10 days later on the BBC's Overseas Service. Have YOU any suggestions ?

March 29th 2006 08:30:06 AM
NAME : Paul West

Nobody has yet complained about my choice of music. Perhaps this is because you thought that it was provided by
Bravenet, who host this Messageboard. If you have any (seasonal) favourites please let me know and I will try to oblige.

March 9th 2006 11:03:34 AM
NAME : Robbie Dempsey (in Dublin)

Please spare a minute to read the excellent newsletter from the M.Afr. in the Irish Province. You can see it at:

February 26th 2006 04:35:53 PM
NAME : Das Gupta Gonzalez

Hello . . .

I am trying to contact Anthony Visocchi who was a White Father in Uganda in the early 1970's, who was at
Manchester University in 1977 and who stayed at Allen Hall that year.

February 20th 2006 10:34:57 PM
NAME : Michael Lenaghan  

Greetings to anyone from the early 60's at St. Columba's and Danby Hall. I just saw Jim Gunning's message
and read some older one's from Michael Gallagher and was inspired to post this message and get back in
touch with folks.

I left the UK in 1976 on what I thought was a temporary assignment in the US (planned on 3 years) but I ended
up getting married here and raised my family here also. I am currently living in NH about 60 miles north of Boston.
I work in the computer business for a company called EMC.

Would love to hear from anyone out there that remembers me (good or bad -:) )>


February 13th 2006 04:23:48 PM
NAME : Tony Smyth   

I would just like to take this opportunity to wish our illustrious and hard working Webmaster a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Paul, thank you for all the work you do on the site. I hope you have a wonderful day.


February 10th 2006 09:25:59 PM
NAME : Peter Finn  


I have deposited at the Hampshire Record Office, Winchester, photocopies of the the title deeds and sale particulars
(1877-1968) relating to The Priory, Bishops Waltham.

They are available to the public for the purposes of research free of
charge. The accession number is 144A05D1.

You may wish to post his on the website, so that others who want to pursue research are aware of it.

Kindest regards,
Peter Finn

February 6th 2006 08:11:23 PM
NAME : Jim Gunning  

I was at St Columba's St Boswells,1962-3, and lost all my stuff during the fire. Later at Danby Hall and
The Priory until 1966. Subsequently became a social worker for Gateshead and am now living by the sea
in Whitley Bay.

It would be great to hear from anyone from those days.

February 1st 2006 11:52:29 AM
NAME : Paul West   

I am wondering whether anyone would/could lend me a copy
of "Destined for a Mission, an Autobiography of Kevin Wiseman
WF" please ? (It includes an account of his harrowing experience as a prisoner of war). I would like to transcribe it for
our website and thereby make it accessible to everyone.

Eugene tells me that he has lent out a couple of copies of the
book but they haven't been returned to him yet. If you are one of those who borrowed it from him and would be willing to send it to me, I would be happy to pass it on to him, once I have done the necessary work.

I spoke to Eugene only this morning, by the way, and it would appear that his chemotherapy treatment is progressing well — and his consultant hopes that a scan will reveal that further surgery may be unnecessary.

Eugene also assures me that he has kept his youthful good looks and golden locks throughout . . .

January 27th 2006 01:24:40 PM
NAME : Robbie Dempsey

Re: Fr. Gerard Rathe, the author of 'Mud & Mosaics'. There is a photo of him in Chapter 18 with the giant ciborium
mentioned in the opening paragraph of Chapt. 20 about Rwanda. Otherwise, not much mention of him in this website.
His brother Tom features in the [GALLERY] page 159. Both were at the PRIORY in the late 1930s.

January 26th 2006 10:31:15 PM
NAME : Michael Goodstadt     

Hi everyone

Just a note to let you know that I saw Father Bill Lynch last week. He continues to be very frail, and not very responsive
to what is going on around him.

However, I did want you to know that he responded with a smile when I read your e-mail messages to him. He seemed
to particularly appreciate one of your descriptions of him as "small man with a big cheery heart and so friendly to the
students." He is being looked after extremely well in the Providence Centre here in Toronto.

I will continue to check in on him, and let you know how he is doing. In the meantime, I know he needs and appreciates
your prayerful thoughts.

Take good care.


January 4th 2006 03:33:09 PM
NAME : Bill Hart 

A message to anyone that the university has changed its email address and that I am now,
NOT as it says in the Contacts section.

Also New Year best wishes to John Waring who was Dean (not the lightest or loveliest of positions)when I was at Blacklion
in the early 60s. I can't get your email address, John, when I click on the little envelope, but I remember you very fondly.

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