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December 30th 2005 03:19:31 PM
NAME : Patrick Gibbons - Pelican Treasurer

 Festive greetings to one and all; the grandchildren have gone home and sanity now prevails !!

I thought it would be an opportune time to update you on our financial state.

During 2005 we sent a total of £2890.00 to Africa. £700.00 was specially donated for Pat
Shanahan's Street Children charity. The balance was allocated as follows :

Fr David Cullen - £1200.00
Br Trevor Robinson - £890.00

At the moment I have £1401.84 on deposit and a cheque for 400 euros is clearing through our accounts.When this is cleared I will send in exess of £1700 to Africa on behalf of the Pelicans.

Thanks to all who have donated so generously, but please remember that the coffers will be empty next week !!!!!

A guid new year tae one and all and God bless Africa.

Yours Aye


December 23rd 2005 12:37:39 AM
NAME : Eric Creaney

Happy Christmas (or Happy Holidays I have to say here) in freezing Farmville in the Heart of Virginia where I am spending Christmas with my Daughter and Grandson. Then it is back home to Scotland for the New Year,
then Gran Canaria for some holiday Sunshine in January, then Jersey (Channel Islands) for a week of fundraising
with Patrick Shanahan and my brother-in-law there, then off to Accra in February to learn more about the needs of
the street children at first hand.

Who would have thought that back in '61 when I received the habit it would take until now to set off for Africa?

Hi Big Mick! Yes I remeber there was something back then bit I can't recall the details so don't keep us in suspense
too long!

Awrabest to y'all, and a Guid New Year tae Yin an Aw!

Get well soonest, Eugene!

December 22nd 2005 11:06:08 PM
NAME : Mike Mearns 

Does anybody recall the "naughtiness" that took place at the Priory 50 years ago on Christmas Eve, when Fr. Burton
was the only staff member left around? If nobody can recall, I will elaborate in the New year.

Meanwhile, a peaceful and blessed Christmas to all.


December 22nd 2005 10:14:53 PM
NAME : Olivia O'Dolan

Hi all Just to wish you all happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

Michael O'Callaghan from Co Cork who attended St Augustine's in mid 1960s has been found. He is living in Canada
not sure where in Canada. He visits his parents every two years. We are hoping to have a reunion of
''The Blacklions''folk group ( of which he was a member) prehaps towards end of next year DV. I will let everyone know
if the reunion comes about, as there will be photos and news to be shared on the website.

God bless. Olivia in Belcoo.

December 22nd 2005 07:59:11 PM
NAME : Jim Connelly   

Wishing all visitors a very happy and holy Christmas and thanking Paul for his sterling efforts as Webmaster this year.
The "news" bits on St Augustines Blacklion circa 1959-1961 were most enlightening and evoked many happy

December 15th 2005 02:05:01 PM
NAME : Robbie Dempsey (in Dublin)

Visiting Blacklion area today ! Beware . . . Co Cavan road closed after accident.

The N55 between Ballinagh, Co Cavan, and Granard, Co Longford, is closed following an accident early this morning.

More than 5,000 chickens were spilled into the carriageway from a lorry, creating dangerous driving conditions. A crane is in place to remove the lorry, and a second truck is in place to remove the poultry.

Eggs had broken in the carriageway, and some of the chickens were laying there.

December 13th 2005 10:07:50 PM
NAME : Maurice Billingsley  

A mutual friend tells me that Dick Kinlen has been appointed to S Antony of Padua parish, Preston, Lancs.

Salvete Omnes!

December 4th 2005 10:55:54 PM
NAME : Martin Whillis   

Finding out about this site is an unexpected and welcome result of writing a letter to the Tablet - Maurice Billingsly
remembered my name after 37 years and emailed me about it. I was at Blacklion 66-68. Looking thru' the site, quite a
few names which had submerged in my memory suddenly lit up again!

So many thanks to those who created and run the site.

December 2nd 2005 09:41:45 AM
NAME : Olivia O'Dolan   

This a get well message to Eugene MacBride to wish him a good recovery and good luck with his treatment to follow. Regrads to Zelda and keep up the TLC. Only for Eugene and Zelda calling to see the old Railway Station here at Belcoo in 2004 I would not have known about the Pelican website. God bless you both. Olivia and Mairead O'Dolan in Belcoo, also their good friend Bud in Blacklion.

November 16th 2005 10:40:07 AM
NAME : Paul West

Message received from Eric Creaney today :

"It is with great sadness that I have to announce to you the death of our confrère Vincent Bailey, which occurred in Curitiba on Monday 14th November in the early evening Brazilian time. We all knew that for some time Vincent was very gravely ill. In the past few weeks he had undergone two heart operations, and though these were initially successful, other complications set in, such as pneumonia, kidney failure, breathing difficulties etc., which in the end led to his demise.

We express our deepest feelings of sympathy and our heartfelt condolences to Vincent's relatives (two of his brothers and a sister have been in Curitiba for the past few weeks), and especially to the
Curitiba Community, who have lost a very committed member.

We also extend our sympathies to the British and SAP Provinces,
particularly to Mozambique, where Vincent has been working as a
missionary for many years.

We know in faith that the Good Lord has welcomed Vincent into His presence with the words, "well done,
good and faithful servant, enter into the joys of my Kingdom". May the same Lord also console all of us who
now grief at his passing and in particular give strength to Vincent's family and Curitiba community.

André Schaminée, M.Afr."

Vincent's funeral will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, at 09.00 local time, 11.00 GMT in Curitiba.
He will be buried there in the diocesan cemetery. RIP!!"

Note : Vincent, who hailed from the Glasgow area, was a contemporary of Eric and all those who were
at Blacklion during 1958 - 1960. Vincent then went on to Broome Hall (1960-1961) and Totteridge
and was ordained 1965.

November 8th 2005 05:13:43 PM
NAME : James Youdale   

Hi all!

I have only very recently found the Pelican site quite by
accident. Since then I have spent enjoyable time reliving
the past. Frightening how young we looked in those far-
off days!! I didn't realise Mike Goodstadt took so many

My history (allowing for memory lapse): St Columbas
51/54;The Priory 54/57;St Augustines 57/59;
Monteviot/Broome Hall 59/60; Eastview 60/62.

It was fascinating looking at all the old photos but
worrying at how many names and faces are forgotten.

I have a few photos that I could add to the site if anyone
can advise what I do please. I also have one or two copies
of the old Pelican Magazine, including the first publication,
if there is an archive.

I still live in Cumberland (now Cumbria)if anyone would
like to know more or has any questions please fire away.

James (now known as Jim) Youdale

November 7th 2005 07:45:34 AM
NAME : John Byrne

Hi all,

Margaret and I made a very nostalgic return to Blacklion / Belcoo on Saturday last. This was made possible through the kindness of Olivia and Mairead O'Dolan with whom I got in touch via the Pelicans' website. We had a wonderful time with Olivia, Mairead and their brother Charlie, as well as having the joy to spend several hours with them and BUD GREENE, who was in her usual great form. The reminiscences we shared were legion and we will certainly be going back before too long.

I took several pics which I will incorporate into a piece on the weekend, as soon as time permits. However, it would be totally remiss of me at this time to neglect to publicly record my heartfelt gratitude to them all for welcoming us back, and their boundless generosity. Watch this space!

John Byrne

November 6th 2005 08:06:02 PM
NAME : Kerry Bagshaw

Just to note that my email address has changed to Not sure who does the contracts

November 2nd 2005 10:20:34 AM
NAME : Michael Gallagher   

Just a reminder that today is the 42nd anniversary of the fire at St Columbas. Greetings to everyone who was there
with me on 2nd November 1963 - see Page 14 of the Gallery for photos + accounts of what happened

October 29th 2005 07:53:49 PM
NAME : John C Waring   

Another one who encountered the WF's website by accident. Congratulations to the webmaster for such a great website.

I was at Blacklion from 1960 to 62. I believe that it is now a place for male delinquents! What do the French say; "Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose." Seriously though, I spent two very happy years there for which I shall always be extremely grateful.

October 29th 2005 07:53:49 PM
NAME : Chris Venton

Regards to all. Please note new E mail Address

October 19th 2005 04:41:31 PM
NAME : Tom Canning  

Just a wee note to say I have changed my e-mail address to

During September I was on holiday around the
ladsend area and on my way bock to Scotland
I took a slight detour and went to vist Broomehall
(I was there in 1967)I took some photos of the
house and gardens and will post them on shortly.

I think anyone who has stayed there will see a
big differance in the place.


October 14th 2005 09:29:13 PM
 NAME : Paul Farrell

I'm off to Rome next week for a half-term break with the family. Is there anyone there I can haunt?

October 10th 2005 08:15:01 PM
NAME : Paul West    

received today from :
Fr. Peter D. Smith M.Afr.
Provincial, Missionaries of Africa
42 Stormont Road
N6 4NP   (United Kingdom)
Tel: (44) (0)20 8348 7799
Registered Charity: 233302

From: M.Afr. Treasurer, London []
Sent: 10 October 2005 18:09
To: (GB) Provincial

Subject: Rwanda: case of arrested missionary may be moved to Belgium (another source)
In case you have not already read about the move which is welcome but by no means the end of the affair.

KIGALI - 10 October 2005 - 220 words

Rwanda: case of arrested missionary may be moved to Belgium

The case in which a Belgian Catholic cleric faces genocide-related charges, could be moved from Rwanda's capital Kigali to Belgium.

Rwandan authorities are "in theory willing to transfer the case of Fr Guy Theunis MAfr to Belgium a Belgian magistrature where it will be subject to a judicial enquiry," a spokesman of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, François Dumont, told the Missionary News Service.

Fr Guy Theunis MAfr, 60, a Belgian member of the Missionaries of Africa, was arrested on 6 September at Kigali International Airport, as he travelled from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Belgium.

Kigali has therefore responded positively to the September 29 request of by Karel De Gucht, the Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs, to transfer the judicial file of the Belgian Missionary detained in the Rwandan capital.

Mr De Gucht was reportedly delighted by the response. According to Brussels, the Rwandan authorities specify that the transfer of Fr Theunis can be foreseen, and that detailed discussions will take place between the two countries on the modalities.

Fr Theunis worked in Rwanda from 1989 to 1994, during which time advocacy for human rights and non-violent communication were his main missionary preoccupation.

For details, visit the Missionaries of Africa website: http:/www.africamission-mafr

October 9th 2005 08:22:20 PM
NAME : Paul West  

forwarded from Eugene on Sunday, 9th October 2005 :

"Hi Eugene,
Vinnie Calaghan's just off the phone to tell me that Father Boyd has died and his Funeral Mass will be at 11.30 in St.Columkille's Church in Rutherglen on Friday.
I didn't know if you had heard and thought I should email you so that you could inform the Pelicans.
Mike Creechan."

October 9th 2005 12:44:32 PM
NAME : Jim Connelly

How refreshing to see photographs from some of the old WF mags where you can actually identify White Fathers by the habit they wore. Contrast that with the lay clothing that secular priests, priests ,Brothers and sisters of religious institutions wear today. The Church has nothing to hide and everything that is good to promote. So why do our chosen representatives for the most part hide themselves in the anonymity of lay clothing.

Show the world that they are representatives of Christ by wearing their Order or Society's habit in and around the confines of their religious houses and the black suit and clerical collar when out and about amongst the general public.

Maybe I am stuck in a time warp but even though there is a shortage of priests today it is a rarity today to see a man in a black suit and clerical collar.

October 5th 2005 07:24:02 PM
NAME : Robbie Dempsey


............39 it is ! [HISTORIES] and [GALLERY]. I think some of your WEB visitors would't know that the picture top of [GALLERY] page 39 actually shows the Chapel with builders included ! (I have'nt the faintest idea now who gave me this photo).

Underneath the Chapel we had our recreation hall - quite a sizeable room - very bright - given those extensive floor-to-ceiling windows that you can see.

Now here's a strang thing. I arrived at The Black in Sept 67 and the Chapel had just been built in 66. But the walls of the Rec Room were already in dire need of repainting so we duly got stuck into that job by the autumn, (using old cassocks for painter's smocks).

Master painter and 'artiste extraordinaire' was Pat McDermott. See top photo 'with Mondrian' [Gallery] page 167 thanks to Tony Smyth.

Best wishes,
Robbie Dempsey

October 3rd 2005 10:23:44 PM
NAME : Michael Cannon

I came across the Pelican website last night and spent about 4 hours scanning through all the galleries and it brought back some wonderful memories.

I was at Danby Hall 64-65 and at the Priory 65-66. The faces and the names all started to stream back. Charlie Savage, Pat Gritton and among the ones who jump out. I played in the Priory football team but never got to see the Pelican Magazine for the Year 65-66 so if anyone can oblige I would be eternally grateful.

I have travelled the world over the years on various business ventures and am now back in Glasgow. Would love to catch up with some of the lads and it would be great to see more photos of Danby Hall.

September 28th 2005 03:10:37 PM
NAME : Fr Peter D Smith  

Fr Peter D Smith: received 27th September 2005

Dear Confreres,
I would like to announce the death of Fr Patrick Boyd of heart failure, in the Victoria Hospital  27th September 2005.
Pray for the repose of his soul and for the comfort of his confreres, family and friends and all those who mourn him.
May he rest in peace.
Fr. Peter D. Smith M.Afr.
Provincial, Missionaries of Africa
42 Stormont Road
N6 4NP   (United Kingdom)
Tel: (44) (0)20 8348 7799

September 26th 2005 09:02:51 AM
NAME : Gerry Gordon  

Just to advise a new email address.Now

September 23rd 2005 10:36:10 AM
NAME : Paddy Byrne  

hello again my email address is not the one in my first message

September 23rd 2005 01:01:53 AM
 NAME : Paddy Byrne   

Hello All I can think to say at this at this moment is I am still the same the same Paddy Byrne out there.

September 22nd 2005 05:25:07 PM
NAME : Paul West    

You may recall that Peter McMurray recently expressed his concern about the arrest of Fr Guy Theunis, the Belgian White Father. This morning, Fr Peter Smith, the UK Provincial, sent me the "DOCUMENT PREPARED BY THE GENERAL EXECUTIVE OF THE MISSIONARIES OF AFRICA CONCERNING FATHER GUY THEUNIS", with permission to re-publish it on the Pelicans' website.

To read communique, go to the NEWS section ("Other News").

September 20th 2005 03:59:31 PM
NAME : Paul West    

Received today from Fr Peter Smith M.Afr. , Provincial, Missionaries of Africa

" Dear Confreres,

I was able to go up to visit Fr Pat Boyd in the Victoria Hospital,
Glasgow over the week end of 16th-19th Sept.

The community in Rutherglen have been visiting him regularly
over the past few weeks. Now, his health situation is deteriorating rapidly. When I spoke to him Pat simply asked for prayers that he
may go back to his Maker.

I do not know how much longer his weakening heart will continue
to beat so let us remember him and his family and friends in ourprayers.

Let us pray especially for the community at Rutherglen who have
been so caring in the way they have accompanied the dying
and offered solace and comfort to relatives, friends and confreres.

May God continue to grant us his strength and comfort,

Fr. Peter D. Smith M.Afr.
42 Stormont Road
N6 4NP (United Kingdom)

September 18th 2005 06:06:52 PM
NAME : Peter Collyer    

To all cricket loving Poms!

Hearty congratulations on winning back the Ashes!

The English Test team's efforts over the five matches really matched the World Champions & fully deserved their Series Win! Both teams had us enthralled in front of our sets - right down to the wire! Truly a great cricket series, one of the best ever.

The gauntlet is down for 2007!

Peter Collyer, Adelaide.

September 15th 2005 09:14:10 AM
NAME : Paul West   

Have you had a look at the Friends Reunited website recently ? There are some new entries in both The Priory and St Columba's listings.

I have sent emails to those that I have identified as 'new' and have already had a response from one of them: Philip May, who was at St Columba's for a short time before being rushed to Danby Hall after the fire.

The website address is — and Philip's details are in the CONTACTS section.

Are YOU still hoping for a particular person to turn up ? If so, email the details to me and I'll add them to the MISSING FRIENDS Appendix.

Maurice Billingsley has found some pre-Millenniumm White Father/White Sister magazines for me. These are very useful sources of information and material. Have you got any that you might lend me, please ?

September 10th 2005 08:34:02 AM
NAME : Pete Prof McMurray    

What on earth is going on? I have just read that Father Guy Theunis Has been arrested for supporting the Rwandan genocide through the magazine published by the White Fathers.

Please let me know the truth.

Best wishes to all


September 4th 2005 10:37:44 PM
NAME : Pat Menzies  

Re.Fr. James Wallace R.I.P.

Pelicans will have read in the Obituaries about the passing of Fr. James Wallace who was Parish priest of Tullibody in Clacks, Scotland.

Jimmy died on Friday 26th.August and
was buried on Thursday, 1st. September.
Two of us who were his buddies at the Priory, myself and Robert Clyde,
attended the funeral along with my wife Pauline and Robert's wife Jessie. Two
requiem masses were said in his Parish
of St. Bernadette's,Tullibody. The church
was packed on both occasions with
family members, friends and parishioners
as well as members of the clergy. I had
the opportunity to meet with his family
again after a break of many years.

I conveyed to them our condolences and that of the Pelicans who knew him. There were many tributes
paid to him all of which were well deserved and it was obvious from the crowds who turned up for his
funeral that he was a very popular priest.

I visited him a week before he died and spent a few hours with him reminiscing about our days at the
Priory. I was very impressed with his detailed memories of those days which must have been some of his
happiest. The announcement of his death shortly after my visit came as a great shock. I was grateful that
we had those few hours together. A great man, a great parish priest and a great buddy.

May he rest in peace.

Pat Menzies

September 3rd 2005 08:09:59 AM
NAME : Margaret Baker      

I had a phone call from Father Jim Wallace's sister about his sudden death. Her phone number is 01375674553, as yet I haven't been able to get through but have sent a Mass card.

John, my husband and Jim were great buddies in the seminary and lovedto recall the G&S productions.

Jim lived with us for several months when times were hard for him. In the end things worked out and I think he was happy in Tullibody.

The family remember him with affection.

Margaret Baker

August 30th 2005 01:32:27 PM
NAME : John Byrne

GREAT NEWS! Joe McIntyre has been found!

His address (etc) is now in the CONTACTS section

Thanks to Robbie Dempsey for showing the way!

Regards, John Byrne

August 30th 2005 08:15:09 AM
NAME : John Byrne    

I have just read of the death if Fr Jimmy Wallace. Fr Jimmy studied at Blacklion with me in 1965-66. I actually inherited his bike! He was a great character and as with most of my confreres I never knew what happened to him after leaving the 'Black.' May God grant him the eternal rest he so richly deserves.

Olivia O'Dolan with whom I'm very happily in regular contact, has kindly sent me Fr Peter Reilly's e-mail address- (Peter was in Blacklion 1964 - 1966, and was ordained in Cavan Cathedral in 1971) which may be of interest to other Pelicans:

Re Joe McIntyre, Robbie Dempsey has kindly done some research and has come up with a possible (in my opinion porbable) e-mail address. I've tried it out and will let you know if I strike gold. He was best man at my wedding in February 1970 (when I entrusted him with a ring of gold - and a few bob in silver).

My appreciation to all for the kind responses I'm getting as a result of Paul West's creative and dedicated genius in transforming very tattered photos into 'works of art.' Thanks also for the kind comments re my 'bits' on Fr Chris O'Doherty & The Black.

Regards to all. John (Byrne)

August 24th 2005 02:28:35 PM
NAME : Robbie Dempsey      

I was delighted to see the latest crop of pics of Blacklion sent in recently by John Byrne. I knew all the lads in the photo with John Madden holding up the signpost at the top of GALLERY p231.

What's interesting is the IRISH name of Blacklion: Learga. All that seems to mean is a 'plain' or a 'slope'. Now I know the full meaning of "An Briogaid Toiteain Learga"...Blacklion Fire Brigade ! (see astonishing photo in Gallery 83a).

Blacklion got its name from an Inn called the Black Lion that stood on the old coach road through the area. There was also a 'Red Lion' inn some miles along the road where a village developed but it didn't survive the Great Famine.
(I got this info thanks to: North West Regional Tourism Authority)

The Church in Blacklion is not far from the once College and if memory serves I think it is St. Killian's. Five minutes walk from where I live in Greystones, Co. Wicklow is a bend in the road with a dozen houses, no pub, no shop, nothing but St. Killian's church built in 1866. The place is called: Blacklion ! (No one knows why). Incidentally, in the summer of '69 thanks to Fr Hans Maier, Paul Glover and I found ourselves at the Killianifest at Wurzburg - a 3 day spectacular celebration in honour of an Irish missionary.

August 22nd 2005 07:54:45 PM
NAME : Jim Connelly

John Byrne's recollections of his days at Blacklion were very interesting especially when he mentions the ordinations of Frs Maurice Cunningham, Joe Mullen and Eddie Brady all of whom together with Fr Pat Shanahan

Myself, Mick Mearns, Larry Shine, Charlie Bingham, Danny O'Hagan and others whose names escape
me were students at Blacklion 1959 - 1961.

Photos of Frs Cunningham and Mullen as novices are shown on pages 206 and 207 of the gallery. Fr Eddie Brady was dean of students 1960-1961.

August 17th 2005 04:27:54 PM
NAME : Tim Pascall   

I've now programmed computers for 28 nyears, but what I do is nothing to
what you've done with this site - congratulations!

I was at Blacklion autumn 1963 to summer 1965, Dorking September 1965
to summer 1966, and then Totteridge which I left in April 1967. I have now
lived in Amsterdam for 23 years, program computers to earn a living, and
am so passionately concerned about the tragedy of Aids in Africa, that I've
written a book about it (offering realistic 'solutions' by the way) with the title "Aids in Africa - how did it ever happen?" written under my author's name
Frank Ham.

Anyone interested should contact me on, but only people
directly associated with the White Fathers, now or in the past, please.

Congratulations again!

Best wishes to all


August 14th 2005 07:27:57 PM
NAME : Gerard Hamilton    

Pat Menzies and I were in the sick bay at BW in 1950/51 under the care of Fr Sullivan whose remedy was "feed a cold and starve a fever" . He told me that the proper pronunciation of his name was' Mingus' . There aren't too many things I remember from those days but that one always sticks in my mind.

Keep up the good work ; it makes a lot of old men happy.

Regards, Gerry Hamilton

August 5th 2005 12:44:13 AM
NAME : Arthur McGuigan

Nice to see this web site. It brought back a lot of memories, especially the pictures of St Columbas. I was there from 1957 to 1959 then left for other roads to follow. It was one of the best times in my life and gave me an excellent education.

I am now living in the USA near Chicago and loving it. I have found some friends in the past, one of them being Frank O'Brien who was at Blacklion. He and his wife visited us from Australia where he now lives.

I have read about one of my best friends in your gallery of pictures. Peter McKenzie. Peter and I went to Primary school in Shettleston Glasgow,and then both of us went to St Columbas. He was a great friend.

I do have some pictures and I will try to get them and email them on.

I am still going through this site and I am sure I will find more information.

This is excellent. Keep up the great work.


Arthur McGuigan, Bolingbrook, Illinois USA

July 30th 2005 10:29:02 PM
NAME : Chris Benton

My wife Josie & I will be visiting St Columba's and area next Sat, Sun & Mon Aug 6th 7th & 8th.
If any Pelicans also visiting give me a call on 07751 507 757 or ring Dryburgh Abbey Hotel 01835 822 261.

Regards & Godbless,

Chris Benton

July 20th 2005 08:52:54 AM
NAME : John Byrne

I cannot say how delighted I am to have found, by good fortune, The Pelicans' website.

I was in Blacklion from 1965-67 and in Broome Hall in the Autumn of '67, when I 'moved on.'
I've had irregular contact with White Fathers over the years and this site has rekindled the
most treasured and profound memories of those formative years and people who in every
way practised "Caritas." I'd really appreciate hearing from any of my former confreres, and
must 'dig out' my slides and photos of those times.

Living here in Dublin, I go regularly to Bohernabreena Cemetery,(where my son lies at rest), and not many yards (or should I say metres) away is the plot where several White Fathers who have gone before us have found their final resting place. Among them are Frs. Con O'Sullivan, Mick Coffey, Fiacra Fahy, Jack Jones and that beloved character Bro John (Paddy) Leonard.

Now that I have found The Pelicans I hope I will
be permitted to join all our prayers when next
I stand by this graveside.

Congratulations on a superb site and my sincere appreciation to all who have contributed
in any way.

I must try to do something myself, drawing on those pics from the 60s.

God Bless you all.

July 18th 2005 05:08:21 PM
NAME : Donald MacLeod   

Here is some information about the photograph on P214 - the Fribourg novitiate that year.

Left to right , Fr.Andreas Goepfert, André Yumugabi(deceased) Fr. Yves Masquelier,
(Staff) Guillaume Nock(ex) Fr Patience Tshombo (Cgk) Br. Jerome Kodjo (BF)
Fr. Joseph Buholzer (Staff) J-B Boucu (ex) Fr. J-M Cantal (Alg) Cajetan Inwachuku (Nig.)(ex)
Element Taktu (ex) Angelo Stoicu(ex), Gustavo Bertelli (ex) Fr Willi Ngumbi, Fr. Paul Hannon.
In the middle is Fr Richard Dandenault, Sup. and Brother Simon Gornah who provided the information.

Thanks for the memory of the Priory photos, Donald

July 11th 2005 07:52:08 PM
NAME : Les Croughan

We have been watching the news here in shock and disgust at yet more obscene acts by savages.

Please convey our sympathy to all Pelicans. We know that heaven was stormed with prayers for those
who died in the Twin Towers on 9/11. Now it is time for the civilized world to storm heaven again on
behalf of the people of Great Britain, and particularly those who lost their lives today, the injured and their families.

Personally, Joyce and I will be praying hard.
God Bless and Keep you all.

APRIL, MAY & JUNE 2005 entries have been deleted by the providers of the Messageboard.

March 27th 2005 11:31:24 AM
NAME : Jim Connelly
Swanscombe Kent

Perhaps Mike Mearns might confirm or correct that in the photo of novices on page 206 of the Gallery
the surname of novice "Mike" to the right of Mike Kelly was possibly "Mead".

Rumour had it when he commenced his postulancy that he was either a director or owner of a tool company.

Whilst at Blacklion he spent most of his free time working with Brother Paddy on the farm
and clearly relished this pursuit. I think he was woken in the early hours one morning by
Bro Paddy to assist the farm sow in giving birth to piglets.

Townies such as myself went up to the farm after breakfast to see the new born piglets.

March 23rd 2005 09:04:20 PM
NAME : Olivia O'Dolan
Belcoo Co Fermanagh

Hi all Pelican family.

Can anyone see a picture in the Pelican logo which has the mother pelican feeding her young
on the Welcome page?

I can see an image of the Virgn Mary with hands joined in prayer.

My sister Mairead sees The Holy Spirit in the image.


March 21st 2005 08:39:13 PM
NAME ; Jim Connelly
Swanscombe Kent

Reference first photo on page 207 of the gallery section taken at Broome Hall 1961/62.
I believe the first three from the left were dutch "cleric" novices and the fourth(holding the knife)
is Maurice Cunningham, the fifth (eating the cake) was a "Brother" novice.

With regard to the photo of novices at Broome Hall page 206 where Maurice, Joe and Michael
have been identified the remaining faces were all "Brother" novices.

March 19th 2005 07:13:24 PM
NAME : Olivia O'Dolan
Belcoo Co Fermanagh near Blacklion

Hi all Pelican family.

I think prehaps Photo 206 in gallery has second from left at back Fr Brenndan Shannon and third left at front
is Fr Packy Harrity. They would have been in Blacklion in 1960? They were both ordained in early 1960s.

Olivia in Belcoo.

March 18th 2005 08:06:33 PM
NAME : Jim Connelly
Swanscombe Kent

On page 206 of the Gallery section I believe the first photo featuring students dressed in the White Fathers habit was taken in 1961 at the Novitiate Broome Hall and not Blacklion. From left to right I think the first three
are Maurice Cunningham, Joe Mullen, Michael Kelly. Although I recognise some of the other faces I can't put names to them.

March 12th 2005 07:53:42 PM
NAME ; Cyril Byrne

I was advised by Father Smith in London that your group might be of assistance in tracking down an old friend
of mine from many years ago, Mike Singleton who was at that time a White Father.

I was a student at Oxford in those days and Mike and I were great pals but I have not heard from him in many years
and am attempting to make contact with him.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

February 25th 2005 06:48:57 PM
NAME : Olivia O'Dolan
Belcoo Co Fermanagh

To all at the Pelicans.

My e-mail is not conecting as I would like so I wish to say that Richard Fitzgearld is living in Bundoran as is Noel Meehan also Sean Gallagher.I am not sure where the other members are.

R.Fitzgerald lives at Main Street Bundoran Co Donegal, where he has a gift shop. I hope this is help to all who have happy memories of the band while in Blacklion.

God bless. Olivia in Belcoo.

February 24th 2005 12:00:43 PM
NAME : Olivia O'Dolan

Paul yes the scroll bar is back as it was on left of screen. The background is black, does this make a difference?

My dial up conection is not right yet I tryed to email you when I received your message this morning but could
not get it to you.

Thanks again, Olivia in Belcoo.

February 23rd 2005 10:10:46 PM
NAME : Prof McMurray

Hi Paul
Scroll bar back in place, everything splendid again.
Thank You.

February 23rd 2005 06:19:27 AM
NAME : Prof McMurray

Hi Paul

Please pop scroll bar back. I think that it is easier than switching resolutions although I agree it does look prettier
without it.

I have just read the excellent History of The Priory. Unfortunately it is now out of print. However a search of Amazon
UK turned up an excellent pristine second hand copy.

One minor complaint : I understand from the book that caning finished in 1954 and there were kitchen
staff to do the washing up. Obviously that flogging I copped on the tail for switching cups with Mr Fahey, after the
prefects table failed to ensure that the Fathers had crack free cups and he took mine, didn't happen!

Best wishes to all. When in Tasmania - the centre of the universe - give us a visit.

February 22nd 2005 07:50:47 PM
NAME : Patrick Odhiambo

Dear friends and confreres,

Greetings to each one of you.

While I know that some of you will soon be having it all printed in the flashes or in Arc-en-Sahel,
I take this precious occasion to inform you of the news I have received of my appointement to the
Province of Burkina-Côte d'Ivoire-Niger.

I have sent a few lines to my new Provincial trusting that soon or later he will be announcing to me
the exact post (and therefore country) of my appointement.

Pray for me that I may be able assume this mission with faith and confidence.

Patrick Odhiambo.

February 22nd 2005 02:44:18 PM
NAME : Paul West
WREXHAM, North Wales

Thank you for your help, Robbie and Tony. Recently I removed the menu's scroll bar because
I thought it would look less clumsy. Shall I replace it it therefore? I'd hate to think that people
have to change their screen resolution every time they access this site!

I'm grateful, also, to Peter for raising the issue. Please let me know if/when you spot other anomalies.

February 22nd 2005 01:37:13 PM
NAME : Tony Smyth

somewhere out there. :-)

Like Robbie, my screen is set up at 1024x768 but, although there are no visible scroll bars on that left column,
it scrolls quite well me using a scroll mouse.

February 22nd 2005 09:55:27 AM
NAME : Robbie Dempsey

To see the ENTIRE page of the Pelicans Website you may need to adjust the SETTINGS of your display,
e.g on my monitor the display is set to 1024 x 768 pixels and the lower section of the MENUs is cut off below
'Maps & Accomodation'. I cant reach there without adjusting the display.

February 21st 2005 10:01:46 AM
NAME : Paul West

Peter McMurray is having trouble accessing the Appendices. He writes "The Appendices heading is at the bottom
of the page in white lettering — not boxed like the other selections. The menu does not scroll like the main area."

Are YOU experiencing similar difficulties ? If so, please let me know — or, if you think that you know of a solution
for Peter, I'd be grateful if you would put out a Message for al to see.

PS Thanks to Mike 'The Kid' Byrne and Tony 'Smiley' Smyth for the birthday greetings . . .

February 16th 2005 06:40:08 PM
NAME : Mike Byrne

Well Paul......."Happy Birthday to you.......etc". 28 again......just like the rest of us :O) Thank you you Andy for the trade secret.
I'll be at the BW reunion........looking forward to seeing some new/old (delete as appropriate) faces.

Mike Byrne

February 13th 2005 12:38:11 AM
NAME : Tony Smyth
Currently: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Formerly: Newcastle-upon-Tyne

I understand today (Feb 13) is our illustrious webmaster's birthday. Happy birthday, Paul! I (and,I trust, all Pelicans)
Hope you have many, many more.

February 12th 2005 12:35:50 PM
NAME : Paul West

Dear Prof

What has happened to your email address ? I keep getting a 'User Unknown" notification. Please email me !

PS Any idea where Corky is now ?

February 12th 2005 04:28:26 AM
NAME : Prof McMurray

I was just reading some of the reminiscences about school plays.

Does anyone remember the magnificent public performance that we put on for the people of St. Boswells?
it was in the now vanished hall at the end of Pasha Peakes road - now there is a chap how many knew that
he was a hero of the Palestinian campaign, up there with Lawrence of Arabia?

Father Proulx produced a melodrama of significance adorned by Tony McCafferyas my wife- apparently
though a head shorter than him I had a voice that carried - very useful later on when driving Tourist coaches
in pre-microphone days. The piece-de-resistance however was undoubtedly Corky Corcoran - hairdresser
to the stars and Elvis fan. He managed to combine the most brilliant entrance and exit ever. As Caffo and I
intoned at centre stage he entered stage right and promptly trod on a piece of stage that wasn't there exiting
dramatically through the curtain with a significant thud.

As for The Priory light dimmer - the entire 240 volt system led through two bare wires on six inch nails dipped
into a jug of water and raised or lowered appropriately. Occ health and Safety would love that.

Best wishes to all

February 10th 2005 01:29:24 PM
NAME : Peter Vale-Humphreys

Great site and today I learned of Fr. Lynch not being well, in Canada.
I remember him for teaching me Maths at the Priory in early 60's and he kindly gave me fob watch which I treasured for years although
have not worn for some time. Then I moved house and it is gone in box I know not where. One day I will find it?

I will certainly say a prayer for Fr. Lynch. Hope he reads this and says . . . "I remember Peter"

February 6th 2005 06:50:08 PM
NAME : Olivia O'Dolan
Belcoo near Blacklion

Hi I am interested to know if the LP of the Richard Fitzgerald band has been found? as my sister can loan an LP for copying if that is possable.

Can a CD be made from a LP? If so I can arrange to have a LP sent to whoever can transfer all music from LP to a CD.

I am enjoying reading all the memoris of the Students and Priests.

God bless Olivia O'Dolan.




February 3rd 2005 08:41:11 PM
NAME : Prosper Mbusa

I am happy to know this website thanks to Patrick Odhiambo. I am at Fraternité Lavigerie/Toulouse, a formation house our
the White Fathers.I am doing my last year of Theologie. I am from Bukavu/Congo-Kinshasa. I did the Spiritual year in Tanzania
and the apostolic training in Zambia.


January 27th 2005 04:34:57 AM
NAME : Patrick Odhiambo

It is the first site I am visiting the website and I am pleased about it.

I am a Missionary of Africa (White Father) from Kenya studying in Toulouse, France.

January 23rd 2005 11:17:41 PM
NAME : Robbie Dempsey


"After years partitioned by war, the Congo - country and river - is navigable again.
The banks of the Congo are dotted with monuments to its often painful past. The Belgian-style red brick settlements
recall the brutal era of the rubber trade; a grand, derelict pavilion was a summer house for the late dictator
Mobutu Sese Seko.

Meanwhile, the UN presence in the Democratic Republic of Congo is the most complex in the organisation's history;
it's a new resolving measure to support a fragile peace process, ahead of the first free elections since 1965.
In this three-part series Mark Ashurst travels by barge downriver, from Kisangani to the capital Kinshasa.
He asks whether the Congo is at last ready to change the course of its troubled history."


You will need REALPLAYER to hear these 20 min programmes.

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