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December 30th 2004 10:35:15 PM
NAME : Bernard M. Joiner

The following email was received today from Bernard. I will reply tomorrow but wonder if anyone
would also like to respond. (Paul West)

Subject : White Fathers' admirer

Dear Mr. West

After much research into retrieving information on 'White Fathers of Eastview' in Ontario Canada, I happen
to fall on the name Tony Smyth, who contributed many photos and information.

I am very impressed with the results of his contribution towards your manuscript; and I am very interested in purchasing the book if it ever
goes to print.

(source: Tony Smyth — what remains of Eastview — taken from Page 121 in the GALLERY section)

Although I have no photos and little information to contribute, I have fond memories of the White Fathers
of Eastview. My fondest memory is the making of maple sugar with the Fathers. The White Fathers were
a special inspiration to me.

My birth year is 1952; I would sometimes visit when I was 8 to10 years old.

I would be grateful if contact or photos could be available around that time period (1959-1963).

Please feel free to forward my Email address to Tony Smyth or any White Father who could have resided
in Eastview around that time period.

I wish you all the best and I thank you for your cooperation.


Bernard M. Joiner.

December 28th 2004 05:11:53 AM
NAME : Peter "Prof" McMurray

The compliments of the season to you all. Especially Paul for the unbelievable amount of work done on this site.

It's funny how memories come flooding back. As I battled through my private patch of triffids (hydroponic tomatoes
grow a foot a week) today I thought of Father Fitzgerald's garden and the battle against couch grass. He would
appreciate my picking a soilless method of growing. His garden is still fenced off however it is now a wonderland
of every form of wild flower, grass and bug that ever grew in that district.

The shock of Britain after 40 years was incredible. At times I felt like the bird man of Alcatraz on release.
When I left THE Motorway ran from St Alban's to just South of Coventry, a pint of beer was a couple of bob,
and Sutton Coldfield was a proud borough. On top of that my brother was 9 years old and here I am at his daughter's wedding.

The Priory - a housing estate, St Columba's - a business centre! Finding St Columba's was interesting what
with bypass and an Atom Bomb shelter in the middle of town. I backtracked from the sale yards through the valley.
I see the tourist committee has dug up some chap called St Cuthbert to walk the length & breadth of Scotland!

I am sure that we used to have proper headstones in the graveyard, now there are just 3 white crosses.
The same has happened at The Priory, surely that graveyard has been moved, can someone confirm my feelings?

Best Wishes to all
Peter "Prof" McMurray

December 25th 2004 12:22:20 PM
NAME : Olivia O'Dolan

Happy Christmas to all the Pelican family World Wide and in particular to those Missionares of Africa working
in Third World Countries who are far from family and friends at this time.

Thanks to Eugene, Paul and All those who are involved with this website.

God bless. Olivia O'Dolan in Belcoo.

December 24th 2004 01:43:03 PM
NAME : Tony Smyth

Christmas greetings to each and everyone of the Pelicans community. I hope you all have a terrific Christmas and
a wonderful 2005. In addition, a special 'end of year' thank you to Paul, Eugene and all who help keep this Pelicans family together.

December 15th 2004 01:33:35 PM
NAME : Tony Smyth
Currently: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Formerly: Newcastle-upon-Tyne

(source of the above photo : Patricia Hawkins de Medina)

This is the best I can do remembering the faces of the 'Little Singers of the Celtic Cross' (Gallery 196).
Back row l-r: David Walker, Ian Netton, Seamus o'Grady, ?, Dennis Smyth, Owen Gormley, ?, Brian Kearns.
Front Row l-r: Edmund Cushlow, David Ritson, Martyn Buckley, John Mattock, Paul Maggiore, Liam Lawlor,
Andy Murphy, Mike Ellis.

Any corrections or additions are very welcome.

December 14th 2004 04:52:28 PM
NAME : Patrick Gibbons - Pelican Treasurer

A happy and a peaceful Christmas to one and all.
Thanks to the generousity of some individuals I have been able to send a cheque for the magnificent sum of £2415.00 to Africa.

The monies are allocated as follows(following the requests of the donors);
David Cullen £1460
Trevor Robinson £900
Valentijn De Belie £55

I have had a letter of thanks from Trevor Robinson with photos of the tricycles he makes. This will be posted on the web asap.

Many thanks for your support and if you have any spare pennies left I will happily take them off you - for Africa!!
Yours Aye

December 12th 2004 04:34:43 PM
NAME : Eric Creaney

Thank you Paul for all your work inserting the latest appeal and for all your work on the web-site.


December 11th 2004 11:38:13 PM
NAME : Robbie Dempsey

Dear Paul,

I wish to thank you here on behalf of all the Pelicans for the magnificent job you are doing in keeping this website
as brilliant as ever. I can only guess at the hours and days spent working it this way and that until it all fits together
seamlessly. As you are doing this all alone it must seem like a thankless task but rest assured, Paul, that your efforts
will not go unrewarded. Thanks especially for the new section about Pere Valentijn because it helps to highlight the
suffering and distress of that forgotten centre of Africa.

He wrote this in the summer: "Mingana, c'est la foret. Quelle belle nature exotique!
En se promenent tout juste a cote de la paroisse, c'est la foret. On ne pas besoin
d'un livre de priere; tout est un cri vers le createur; tout parle de lui; ici meme c'est
le royaume des peroquets (parrots). Mais derriere cette beaute de la nature il y a
les gens de la tribu des Wazimba - et c'est pour eux que nous sommes la.

Qu'est-ce qu'ils ont vecus comme attrocites durant ces annees de guerre ... etc ....

Nous vivons avec cette tranquille assurance que le Seigneur - fidele a sa promesse - est avec nous.

C'est avec vous aussi qui restes ouvert a son invitation de chaque jour: 'Suit moi'. (Follow me). "

December 3rd 2004 07:08:46 PM
NAME : Eric Creaney

Street Child Africa
Fr. Patrick Shanahan's charity

Patrick's charity, Street Child Africa, is being featured as the overseas charity
in The Times Christmas Appeal and his work, especially in Accra, will be illustrated by feature stories and photographs.

I appeal to all Pelicans to respond to this and make this a better Christmas for the Street Children of Africa.

How about making a 'place' for one at your Christmas Dinner Table.

If there are any of you who read the Daily Mail and still have the last couple of issues in your recycling bin maybe you could enter their
Christmas Charity feature for Street Child Africa.

Myself, Patrick or our office could supply you with the few words you need to enter.

December 3rd 2004 03:03:21 PM
NAME : Olivia O'Dolan
Belcoo, Co Fermanagh N.Ireland

Hi just to say that Fr Packy Harrity who is based in Preston England spent an enjoyable week of his two week break
in October with our family here in Belcoo Co Fermanagh. He visited his cousins in Blacklion ''the Black'' he and brid
had a nice chat about the old days at Loughan House. He hopes to return in summertime for another break.

God Bless and happy christmas and new year 2005.

Olivia O'Dolan in Belcoo.

November 22nd 2004 07:31:25 PM
NAME : Paul West

Do you know if a recording exists of the broadcast made by the The Priory choir on 11th July 1957 ? It was a Solemn High Mass
produced by Fr Agnellus Andrews, with Fr Hugh Monaghan as choirmaster and accompaniment by Mr 'Ted' Heath.

Please contact me if you have any lead that I can follow up. A request for this recording was made by Chris McGuire (originally from
Armadale and now living in Golspie, Sutherland).

November 2nd 2004 09:54:51 AM
NAME : Michael Gallagher
Donegal, Ireland

Just a quick reminder that today is the 41st Anniversary of the Fire at St Columbas.
Greetings to anyone else who was there with me on what was quite a traumatic
Saturday morning for a bunch of young lads on 2nd November 1963.

October 24th 2004 06:11:37 PM
NAME : David Walker
Near Munich, Germany

Please read this in conjunction with my posting from 6.4.2004.

I have lost the list of those who ordered a copy of the St.Columba's Choir recording made
in Rome in 1960 at the International Pueri Cantores Congress.
So please send your order again.

October 16th 2004 06:33:30 PM
NAME : Mary Mckay

Does anyone have any recollection of a Richard Watson McKay who possibly spent some time exploring
his vocation with the White Fathers sometime between 1930 - 1934. This would most likely have been in Scotland
. . . possibly at St Boswells?

October 12th 2004 09:51:29 AM
NAME : Paul West

Please check your details in the new-look CONTACTS section and let me know
if you require any changes to be made. If you are slightly confused by some of
the content, go to the UPDATE facility on the WELCOME page to find an explanation.
(see entry for 11th October 2004).

Contact me, also, if your details have not been included.

The music now playing is the Sanctus from the Missa Luba — for which we have Pat Gritton
and Chris Campbell to thank.

September 29th 2004 09:29:46 PM
NAME : Neville Dalton
Newbury, England. Originally Arundel, Sussex.

Google search for Wopsy the Guardian Angel

I was looking for information on Wopsy the Guardian Angel
after a friend reminded me that, as altar boys in the 1950's,
we used to call our broad sleeved surplices "Wopsies".

I notice that the books sold for 4/- then (less than a dollar I guess)
and a second-hand copy now goes for $211.

Wish I'd kept my copies - but I probably wouldn't part with them for mere money!

September 29th 2004 10:15:52 AM
NAME : Arthur McBryan

The McBryan Family Pages
A Description of your Web Site: Testimony, books and photos to do with the McBryan family in New Cross.

Connections : New Cross, London

I am the son (1 of 7 children) of Arthur McBryan who was at the St. Colombo WF seminary in 1937.

Looking at the records, he was at the Seminary the same time as Manny Shinwell's nephew.

My dad went into the merchant navy soon after leaving St. Colombos, he met my mum, an Austrian, during the war,
then they went on to have 7 children.

September 26th 2004 10:32:44 AM
NAME : Paul West

The funeral of Sister Mary of Walsingham WS (Mary Potts) will take place next Friday (1st October 2004)
at the parish church of St Mawgan near Newquay, Cornwall.

Sister Mary was a well-respected missionary who made many loyal friends throughout her life —
as John and Margaret Morton will tell you. They will be attending on Friday, along with what is
likely to be a full congregation of people travelling from all corners to celebrate her life.

September 25th 2004 11:36:28 AM
NAME : Paul West

A tribute to Lady Jean Maxwell-Scott who died 5 May, 2004, at
Abbotsford, aged 80, can be read at :

She features in a photo on Page 81 of the GALLERY, you may recall.

Left : The date and venue are not yet identified. Within the group
(with Fr Tolmie at centre) are:

Dame Jean Maxwell-Scott, Lady Patricia Maxwell-Scott, Mrs May Cuerden & Mr Jim Cuerden, sitting together

"Mr Cuerden drove a priest from St Columba's to Abbotsford to say
Mass when required
". (taken from back of photo)

September 25th 2004 12:17:04 AM
NAME : Les Croughan

I came across this web site indirectly as a result of Peter Finn's book "History of the Priory Bishop's Waltham"
I found that on Google. I then found Alex McGarry ( now Canon) who married my wife ( Joyce) and me in 1960.
Then I decided to see if I could find Paul Farrell. This led me to the Pelican website.

Joyce and I now live in Albuquerque, NM, USA. I would love to hear from any of the "old boys' from 1947 -1951.

September 21st 2004 04:04:14 PM
NAME : Patrick Gibbons - Pelican Treasurer

Please accept my apologies for the error I made in my last mail. We sent Bro trevor £190.00, not £150.00 !!

I have received a letter from Trevor thanking us for our continued support. As ever he is very busy and making
many more tricycles.

We are now penniless and Christmas will soon be upon us.Can anyone spare a penny or two so we can send
a Christmas present to Africa ?

Please help ,

Yours Aye

September 12th 2004 06:15:48 PM
NAME : Anne-Therese Scott

On Thursday night I turned on to the end of a programme on Channel 5 showing the best 50 'soap' moments.
It was presented by Mike Reid. I don't know if you saw it, but I am sure it was presented from Broome Hall!!

Mike Reid was in a very 'posh' lounge, and it was the view out of the window that first made me think
it was Broome Hall. At the end of the programme the camera panned around the back of the house,
and I am convinced that it was B.H.

On Monday night Sept. 13th there is another programme being shown on channel 5 at 9pm, —
(the most embarrassing moments) and a preview clip showed it being presented again from the same place.
If you have time, and remember, tune in and see what you think!

September 5th 2004 10:06:49 AM
NAME : Desmond Fitzmaurice

To Peter D. Smith et al:
Sorry to hear of the passing of my dear and special confrere, TOD. He's
the last of the our time old brigade - Darcy, Duffy, Murphy (A), Titch
Moran, O'Sullivan, Taylor, Tolmie, Bro. Paddy
, etc.

May he rest in peace. Sorry I can't be with you all, but I'm there in spirit.

Regards to all.

Des Fitzmaurice

September 4th 2004 11:25:17 PM
NAME : Maurice Billingsley

This August my son Harry and I visited the old noviciate at Gap in
France,where the pioneers of the international Spiritual Year arrived
from Blacklion and other Philosophy Houses in 1969.

No-one had told the British contingent - Robbie Dempsey, Pete Hurrel, John Harland, Hugh Mc Cafferty and myself - to attend the
initial language training in Briancon, even higher and more remote
than Gap.Still, we survived.

After our year the noviciate moved to Fribourg for access to the
university. Gap had been the back of beyond, hill billy country, but is
now a prosperous place - the Departement of Hautes Alpes is
apparently the happiest in the land today, no doubt much EC money has helped.

Our building is now a hospital - geriatrics, renal dialysis and school of nursing. The fourth side of the cloister has
gone, allowing ambulances to reach the main doors. The fountain is dry, the big (parish) chapel empty, but the
building looked in better condition than when we left it!

Pix with Paul W so watch the Gallery!

September 1st 2004 01:33:30 PM

NAME : Paul West

A further message was forwarded to me today :

Dear Confreres,
Fr Tom O’Donnell R.I.P.
Funeral Mass – Monday 6th September at Sacred Heart Church, Preston, 10.30 a.m.
Followed by burial at Preston New Cemetery.
Refreshments at the old Knights of St Columba Hall next to the Sacred Heart Church.

Welcome, Peter D Smith.

September 1st 2004 11:57:06 AM
NAME : Patrick Gibbbons - Pelican Treasurer

I have just sent a cheque for £850.00 to Africa; £700 for David Cullen and £150.00 for
Trevor Robinson.I have had a mail of thanks from David and hope to get this posted on our website.
The Pelican coffers are now empty !!!

Yours Aye

August 31st 2004 08:01:04 PM
NAME : Paul West

Today, the following message was forwarded to me from Eugene.
( I think that it had been circularised by Fr Peter Smith WF, Provincial).

"Dear Confreres, Sunday 29th Aug. c 21.00 hrs, Fr. Tom O’Donnell died peacefully at the Little Sisters. R.I.P.
Fr Tom McIlveney’s condition is deteriorating. Let us pray for him.

Good night and God Bless,
Peter. "

August 25th 2004 02:39:11 AM

NAME : Mike Mearns

Further to Paul's reminiscence on Fitzy's mnemonics on page 39 of the histories; who can supply the next two lines?

"The genders of declension three
From each word's ending we can see."

Note the use of the apostrophe! Thanks to "Oliphant" and Johnny Fowles

Bless 'em all.

August 8th 2004 01:16:03 AM
NAME : Robbie Dempsey

Maurice, I've tried this on several scanners. It doesn't work. You just get a miserable image as per size of slide.

You could try projecting the slide and capturing a new image with a digital camera.

August 7th 2004 10:56:44 PM
NAME : Maurice Billingsley

Does any Pelican have a scanner that will convert colour slide film to display pix in Paul's Gallery?

August 1st 2004 10:48:16 PM
NAME : Tony Smyth
Originally Newcastle, currently Ottawa, Canada

It is with great sadness that we learn of the passing of Gerry Wynne.

I, like many that I see here at The Pelicans, was part of that celebration
at St.Columba's in February 1961 that featured Gerry's ordination.

For me it was the first of many 'celebrations' I would enjoy while with the White Fathers and although I only met Gerry one time after that, his
ordination will always hold a high place in my memories of those times.

My condolences and best wishes go out to all members of Gerry's family, his confrères and friends.

July 27th 2004 11:05:21 PM
NAME : Frances Murphy, Sister of Gerry Wynne

I Have photographs of the Silver Jubilee of St Boswells and Gerry's Ordination.

July 19th 2004 07:56:25 PM
NAME : Pat Southall

Attended St.Columba's 1954-56, The Priory 56-58. Originally from Coventry.
Just retired after 41 years teaching in Catholic secondary schools in London and Dudley.
Living in Wolvehampton. Married - 2 sons. In touch with Dick McKenna of my year group
and with Paddy Byrne (cousin) who was several years after me at St.Columba's.

June 23rd 2004 01:59:25 AM
NAME : Robert Griffin (Bob) formerly known as Robin.
Formerly the UK now Ottawa, Canada.

I was briefly skimming through the messages on the site when I saw a message from Mike Mearns in Calgary
concerning that neophyte but very entertaining 'skiffle group' at The Priory in '57/'58. I gave a few suggestions
of who we were and who strove to play which instruments,however, time dims the memory.

Tony McCaffreyplayed the tea chest bass, I played percussion(an old car headlight with cow hide stretched
over it and a wooden head chopping block from backstage in the gym) and I think that Finbarre Fitzpatrick and
Paul Ashby
played guitars. Terry Petit came in one day and said we needed more volume, so he sang and
played 'the sticks'. If there are any former students who remember me I will be pleased to hear from them,
and I will write again to let you know what I have been doing since 1958.

Adieu from the Colonies, Bob.

June 18th 2004 11:29:46 PM
NAME : Ian Buckmaster

Anniversary Mass for Bro. Paddy

Greetings from Dublin

As you know the anniversary of Bro Paddy's death was on the 28th May.
We did not forget but as Gerry and Diarmuid were in Rome for the Chapter
we decided to postpone the Anniversary Mass.

We have now fixed the Anniversary Mass for Wednesday 30th June 2004
at 7.30pm at our house in Cypress Grove.

May I ask you to post this on the Pelican website. Anybody who wishes to come
will be very welcome. Please let us know, so that we will know how many tea bags to put in the pot! If anybody want to stay the night, that can be arranged.

Many thanks
Ian Buckmaster, M.Afr

May 26th 2004 11:36:20 AM
Iain Martin
Kelowna, B.C., Canada

We young pups, who were at the Vocations Centre at Ratho in the late 60's and early 70's,
had our own fire too, in keeping with the traditon begun at St. Boswell's. Our fire just consumed the new gym though,
recently constructed by volunteer parents, and the friends and family of Fr. George Smith.

I recall fondly the carol singing in Kirkcaldy Hospital, followed by munchies at Bro. Mike's sister's house, singing
Bro. Mike's composition in the Albert Hall, at Folkfest '74, playing the harmonica atop Ben Nevis, and , of course,
the annual camping trips to Canna.

.........Ah, those were the days !

NAME : Patrick Gibbons - Pelican Treasurer

So far this year - 2004 - we have sent £730.00 to Africa, principally to Fr David Cullen and Bro Trevor Robinson.
David has sent an E Mail expressing his thanks and telling us how the monies have been spent
(Eugene has sent this out on his mailing list). The last £200 we sent arrived when he was desperate for money!!
He and the others are doing a wonderful job.

We need more money to send to Africa!!!!! You can send any money to me or pay it directly into our Account
which is with the Nationwide Building Society. Details of the account are:

Name of Account - Pelicans
Sort Code - 070093
Bank Account - 33333334
Account number - 0772/702703557

Some Pelicans have asked if they can make regular monthly contributions.
This can be done through a Standing Order from your own bank, or a Direct Debit Mandate
from the Nationwide BS or from me. I have a supply of DDMs.
Our money goes a long way in Africa. Can you spare a little?

May 26th 2004 11:36:20 AM
NAME : Iain Martin
Kelowna, B.C.

Any ex-VOCE there ? I was at Ratho from 1969 'til 1973. Wonder what happened to them all ?
I always remember Bro., now Fr. Mike Kelly's spoonerism in front of the Church of Scotland minister,
about " Fok and Pope music" !!

NAME : Pat Mc Hale

Greetings to all !
There have been no postings in weeks - just checking !! I hope the Bishop's Waltham reuion goes well !

April 16th 2004 09:04:49 PM
NAME : John Deeney (JJ)
Glasgow now living in Dorset

Hi all out there who may know me! Just found the site about 2 weeks ago. Just missed being visitor no 10,000.
I bet it was Eugene to save himself the fiver! Thanks to Paul et al for a great trip down memory lane.
I have some pics I shall attempt to e-mail them to Paul.

NAME : David Walker
Currently living near Munich, Geremany

I studied at St.Boswells from 1959-61 and at The Priory,
Bishops Waltham 1961-64. I was a member of the St.C's Choir
that represented the UK in Rome 1960, including singing the Mass
in St.Peter's Basilica with Pope John XXIII.

Our Choir Director was the legendary Father JD Conway, who I am
sure is no longer among us.

On 30.12 1960, we took part in a concert at the Palazzo dello Sport with 4.500 singers.
The concert was transmitted via Eurovision and also recorded by RCA Italia.
The WF Choir is on the CD with several solo tracks.

W e all ordered copies of the LP recording, but before they we received them,
they were all destroyed in the St.Boswells fire of Summer 1960 (??). The record
was produced in a one- off run and couldn't be reordered.

For 40 years I have wanted to hear the record - now after more than 1 year of research
via Internet I have found someone in Germany with a copy of the record who has made
me a CD copy and photocopies of the record sleeve, including a photo of the choir taken
in the Chapel of St.Columbas. It arrived today and I am over the moon with joy at hearing the voices of 44 years ago.

If anyone out there is interested in a copy of the record, please get in touch via Paul West.

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