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Dec 25th 2001 at 11:37:53 PM
NAME : Peter Collyer, Adelaide Sth Australia
Happy Xmas 2001 to all Pelicans! Paul - my faulty memory has been corrected AGAIN by Charlie McC.
& Ken M - photos in 35 & 37 incl Dominic LAVEN (not Lavy). If you would be so kind please!
I know that you have more than enough to do.

God Bless - Peter.

Dec 22nd 2001 at 08:38:09 AM
NAME : Patrick Gibbons

Christmas Greetings to you all.
I have sent a further £400.00 to the Missions and am now collecting donations from all who
have "clocked " on. The amount for each is £7.00. Please send cheques made out to "The Pelicans"
to me at 84 Albert Rd West, Bolton, BL1 5ED.

My thanks to you all,
Yours Aye

Dec 9th 2001 at 04:45:52 PM
NAME : Jerome Rogauskas (surfing the net)
The United States
I attended St. Joseph's Seminary in Northern New York State from '63 to '67 before the White Fathers moved
the seminary to Dayton Ohio. The seminary was subsequently destroyed by fire and the area has reverted to
the Adirondack Park. I have since lost track of everyone connected with the White Fathers in the United States.
I was hoping to find some familiar names on your website, but no luck. It's a big order.

Nov 18th 2001 at 08:57:02 AM
NAME : Patrick Gibbons - Pelican Treasurer
Following Bro Vincent's appeal, I have sent him £200.00; this was all the money I had at the time. Since then
I have received £300 in donations and will forward this to him asap.We can always use more funds, so if you
have any to spare then please get in touch with me !!

For those of you who have "clicked on", I would ask you to let me have your contribution as soon as you can.

Nov 8th 2001 at 02:14:17 PM
NAME : Chris Benton
To All Pelicans,

Before he sadly died Jim Johnstone was exploring the possibility of a WF Students reunion at St Boswells.

As most of you will know, St Columba's is no longer a WF property but on all the annual visits I make I have
been made most welcome and free to walk around. Jim had suggested the Dryburgh Abbey Hotel. I was
somewhat sceptical since, having stayed there with my wife in 1992, the prices were in my view OTT.
However, I understand the current tariff is quite reasonable. Double/ Twin Rooms (for those bringing wives)
start at 80 pounds per room per night B & B. Single start at 40. Local B & Bs range from 30 to 35 pounds
per person per night. If we have sufficient numbers I believe we can get a good discount. Indeed we may
have to make use of the local B & Bs to cope with the excess of numbers going.

Initially, we are planning for somewhere between end March to end April 2002 but if a majority prefer a later
date we'll look further in to it. Please let me know if you are

1. interested
2. single or couple
3. you would prefer a later date.

Regards to all and Godbless,Chris

Ps. I visited St Columba's, Dryburgh, Melrose etc., in July this year and have passed some photos to Paul West
who will produce them on this site shortly. I am sure they will revive some very pleasant memories for many ex WF students.

Oct 16th 2001 at 06:10:14 PM
NAME :  Peter Collyer

Congrats again Paul - I have looked again today & the improvements are great - thanks for all your efforts, after
receiving the end results of our aged & struggling memories!

Regards PCC.

Oct 2nd 2001 at 03:59:45 AM
NAME :  Mike Ellis (contact via Pat McHale)
Aberdeen, Edinburgh, last 25 years Surrey
Excellent site, well done to all who conceived and built it!

I have a number of old photos from my time at St Boswells 1960 - 1963. I will dig them out and forward
them as requested. I would be delighted to hear from any of the choir members from Fr Tom Conway's
choir who visited Rome Christmas 1960 or 1961. Sorry I cannot recall which year it was! Also from any
other old friends who would like to renew contact.

Sep 27th 2001 at 01:18:08 AM
NAME :  Paul West
I think that we ought to have a Complaints Box, don't you?
Sorry about the recent upheavals/poor service. I've overcome the technical problem that I was having and we are now
operating on two sites - though I hope that the whole thing will be seamless. Some items have not 'uploaded' properly,
but I will be sorting these out over the next few days.The Gallery has been shifted to a new site so that it can expand
ad infinitum - though I won't be around quite that long. (Instructions are in the drawer by the side of my bed).

THANK YOU for not complaining. THANK YOU for the messages. THANK YOU to those that seem to have been ignored,
and for all bits and pieces you have sent me that are waiting patiently in my in-tray.

Paul West

Sep 26th 2001 at 12:20:14 PM
NAME : Bill Nimmo-Scott (Nimmo to you)
Have been member of the Pelicans for some time but have had computer problems at home recently, hence
my tardy visit to the website.
I was born in Ireland but lived near The Priory.
I have just had a marvelllous two hour visit. What memories! I joined St Columba's in 1952 and left The Priory
in 1957 with a rather undistinguished academic record, I have to say. I rootled about for a year or two then
joined the Royal Navy in 1959. After training as a Sick Berth Attendant I carried out Commando training.

As Commando served in North Africa, East Africa, Brunei, Borneo (4 times), Malaysia, Aden (twice) and any
other troublespot going. Trained as Health Physics Technician and transferred to the Submarine Service.

I served 28 years in the Submarine Service. My technician training was enhanced to degree level by courses
at RN College Greenwich. I spent a very happy year as one of the richest students at Aston University and was
awarded a Master of Science degree. I was awarded the honour of OBE in 1994 and left the RN the same year
in the rank of Commander. I now have my own consultancy providing nuclear and radiation safety services
mostly to the MOD (who else?).

I have visited St Columba's many times during my many enforced sojourns in Scotland and, although closer,
The Priory less often. I would love to hear from anybody around my vintage.

I live near Marlborough, Wilts and have plenty of space. If you feel like dropping by just get in touch.

Sep 26th 2001 at 12:51:59 AM
NAME :  Peter Collyer
Adelaide, South Australia
Paul- I finally surfed your Gallery today, taking a break from minding the grandsons & painting the laundry out the back!!!
You really have done a great job with No.s 35-38 & I wonder if any of the surviving people in the photos have reacted???

A couple of names came back as I was viewing - Joe Thatcher is at right front in the ice skaters in Holland.
John Kilgallon was at top left in 'Under the Verandah' & Dominic Lavy at bottom left.

With appreciative thanks Paul - warm regards - Peter C, Adelaide.

Sep 11th 2001 at 12:57:42 AM
NAME :  Peter Collyer (via the WF/WS's magazine)
Adelaide, South Australia
To Paul West - you are doing a great job Paul - helps us all no end to keep in touch - even if I am out in the middle of
the Simpson Desert with my laptop!!! God Bless & keep up the good work

- from your Aussie mate Peter Collyer, Adelaide, South Australia.

Aug 24th 2001 at 12:25:53 PM
NAME :    Paul West
We've used up all of the 20mb* of space allocated to us, so the 30+ items that I have just got ready won't be displayed
until I get some more space from another provider. This will not affect the way the site operates - but it will be a week
or so before the new material will be viewable. I'll get this sorted asap.

*20mb of space?! We now occupy more than 500mb . . .

Aug 22nd 2001 at 02:05:28 PM
NAME :  Patrick Joseph McDermott (via Robert Dempsey )
North London
Went to Blacklion Sept.1966 - July 1968 out of Osterley (see below) with Shamus Mc Shane ;John Halloran
and Paul Chow
,etc Got a few snaps somewhere. Kept a diary 67-68 (which now calls me to review in light of
this "excellent site"). So any contacts; enquires welcome. Excused myself from Broome Hall Dorking 68/9 Novt:
while others sailed on.

Stayed in touch with Joe McIntyre up to 74 & RobDempsey todate. High points: "Dry Rot" on various stages in
Fermanagh & Cavan with McIntyre; Singer & co before Xmas 66/67. Then post-Xmas 67/68 Foot & Mouth Quarantine
in Templeouqe ; Jan. 68 with UCD lectures by Hoffinger S.J.

More anon.

Luv y`all P.J.

Extract from : in 2002

Campion House at Osterley to close in 2004

London, 16 July 2002 -- In a letter to the British Province dated Monday 15th July Fr David Smolira, Provincial Superior, announced that Campion House, Osterley will close in two years’ time.

Osterley is best known as a college for late vocations and this is coming to an end. As this pre-seminary course lasts for two years, it will be accepting its last intake this year. But since September 2000 Campion House has also developed a part-time programme to train lay people for ministry in the Church. This lay-ministry course is going to continue, and hopefully expand, but on different premises, perhaps nearer central London, when the Osterley site closes.

Retreats and conferences will continue be hosted until the end of 2003 and possibly the early part of 2004. The Jesuit Refugee Service which moved its UK offices to Osterley three years ago, will soon be looking new office space. In the course of the next year, thanksgiving celebrations are planned for all that has been accomplished at Campion House over the last ninety years.

Extract from : in 2004

Cardinal to celebrate Mass to mark closure of Osterley

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor will be the principal celebrant on Wednesday, 12 May, at a Mass to celebrate the work of Campion House, Osterley, and to mark its closure after almost 100 years.  Bishops and priests from all over England and Wales will be concelebrating - many of them former students of Osterley.

In 1912 Thornbury House in the quiet village of Osterley was taken by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and renamed Campion House.  It was to be a retreat-house and whilst it has remained such throughout its history, it is better known as a 'college for late vocations'.

Since then more than 1,500 men who otherwise would never have started at a seminary have studied at Osterley and gone on to be ordained.  In addition many thousands of laymen, the backbone of the Church in Britain, have also benefitted from studies at the college, while hundreds of others have been spiritually enriched by undergoing retreats there.  As Cardinal Hume once wrote, 'I really do believe, and have often said, that Campion House Osterley is one of the truly great institutions of the Church in this country.'

The Mass at Westminster Cathedral starts at 11 am on Wednesday, 12 May, and all will be very welcome.

Aug 1st 2001 at 12:27:00 PM
NAME :  Paul West
Message for Bob Sinclair.
Your address doesn't work - have you got a new one? If so, would you please Eugene so that he can
send you a Newsletter.

Thanks Bob.

Jul 25th 2001 at 02:27:27 PM
NAME :  Pat McHale (through Paul Glover)
St.Columba's 1959 to 62
The Priory 1962 to67
Blacklion '67/68.

Jun 21st 2001 at 09:00:01 AM
NAME :  Anthony Hegarty
Isle of Wight (originally London)
I spent one year at St. Boswells 1943-44, and then at The Priory until February 1946.
Apologies for failing to attend the recent reunion at Bishop's Waltham - owing to foreign holiday.

When I met up with Eugene on a previous visit to B.W., he showed me a photograph of the Priory football team
for 1945 (I think) when I had the dubious honour of filling the role of goal keeper. He promised to send me a
blown up copy of the said picture - at least that's what I think he said! I'm still waiting - not I hasten to add with
bated breath.

Is there anyone out there who recalls those wonderful matches with the local lads, and in particular with members
of H.M. forces including some great bruisers of commandos. I can still feel the pain in my rib cage from the force
of their cannon like shots!

I would love to hear from any of the old brigade who might remember 'Xagios. John Rogan lives in Northern
Ireland and is much the same as ever, but I have no news of anybody else, although I often think of my
contempories and wonder what became of them.

By the way, is the Paul West who features so frequently on the web page, the same 'forward' with the big left boot!

Greeting to 'Jacko' and 'Horse', both stout mid fielders who well supported that very able player Andy Murphy
of happy memory- not to forget Jack (pot) Robinson who I believe has also passed to the other side.

A bientot
Tony Hegarty.

Jun 10th 2001 at 07:22:46 AM
NAME :  Eugene MacBride
I am terribly grateful to all who turned out at Bishops Waltham at the start of June and to Fr Buckley for making
us so welcome. It was a great reunion so much so that I want to make The Priory a regular feature of Pentecost.

Is Mike Ryan above the captain of the school 1949-50?

Jun 7th 2001 at 05:36:45 AM
NAME :  Robbie (Jack) Dempsey
Searched on for + Billingsley +beard
Ex Aston Villa, Birmingham. Now Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Ireland
Ready, aim, fire......
1). I attribute my long and healthy life to the fact that I had to give up cigarettes, drink, and girls when I entered
St. Columba's, aged 11, in 1959.

2) The legacy of The Priory:
Does anyone remember coloured sawdust !
Page 664 of the Liber Usualis: last antiphon for Maundy Thursday, "Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est."
I still have a "Memoranda Latina" up in the loft.

3) The Black 1967.
Fr. Lewis brought in CIA operative masquerading as Belgian WF. He gave us 6 months on "Dialectical &
Historical Materialism" from Gustav Wetter SJ. 1962 classic. This ploy, which put paid to the Bolshevik menace
once and for all, was taken up by the Vatican years afterwards in the late USSR.

4) Novitiate at Gap (1969). These places all seemed to close down as I went through, but I'm certain it wasn't
all down to me. We were constantly on the move ! This place and that. We even went AWAY for a retreat.

6) I spent a year in Galilee. Going back to the roots.....searched for the eejit who sowed corn amongst the briers
and pigeons !

7) Have worked for years in Electronics Dept at Trinity College, Dublin. Two sons and a daughter are all grown up.
As an Irish citizen I never take a bath unless it has a head on it !

Jun 3rd 2001 at 05:25:59 PM
NAME :  Tony Visocchi (Mike Goodstadt called me from Toronto)
Originally, Leven, Fife, Scotland, now living with my wife and foster children in New Jersey
St Columba's 52- 54, Priory 54-56,Blacklion 56-58 Novitiate (Monteviot/Dorking)58-59, Carthage 59-63, 63-64 year off,
ordained Feb.5th 65. Uganda 65-73, Manchester U.74-76, Ghana 77-79 resigned 81, retired 99, work for Renew
International and have visit southern Sudan, Nigeria and Rwanda x2 this year alone.

May 31st 2001 at 01:20:20 PM
NAME :  Michael Goodstadt (through Paul's letter to me)
Toronto, Canada
It was a very pleasant surprise to receive Paul (West's) letter today, and to find that the internet world can put us
in touch with us again, after so many years. I was at St. Columba's (1951-54), the Priory (1954-57),
St. Augustine's (1957-59), Broome Hall (1959-60) . . . .then . . . . a lifetime.

I look forward to hearing how your lives have been for you during the past 40 years! I have a large nuymber of
photogrpahs that you might be interested in. I also have an original pelican cap badge! My brother Paul was also
at St. Columba's (1953-55?)--he is doing very well.

We have both retired, but find ourselves more busy than ever.
I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, best wishes and take good care.


May 28th 2001 at 01:15:37 AM
NAME :  Paul West
On May 31st Fr Patrick Fitzgerald will be celebrating his 50th year of Ordination. He will be the main
celebrant at Mass at St Margaret's at Twickenham at 6.30 pm Saturday 2nd June.

You can contact Pat at Oak Lodge or by :

Unfortunately, the Mass coincides with the Pelicans' reunion at Bishop's Waltham
- but we all send him our best wishes and sincere congratulations.

May 20th 2001 at 03:18:09 AM
NAME :  Mike Ryan (My daughter found this website)
The photo gallery is very confusing as you are unable to see what years you are looking at.
On Gallery no 14 1949/50 the names of some of the missing people are 'pud' Robinson, and
Mcsherry (back row)front row John Slevin.

I am Mike not Mick Ryan.

May 16th 2001 at 04:29:20 PM
NAME :  Liam McCarthy (From my brother - Charlie McCarthy )
Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland
An excellent web site.

May 10th 2001 at 12:21:05 AM
NAME :  Peter Collyer (Via the WF/WS magazine)
Adelaide, South Australia
G'day Pelicans from Downunder! I was at The Priory 1947/8, at Broome Hall 1948/50 & s'Heerenberg 1950/51.

Since logging on to this incredible website - Hearty Congrats Paul West etc - I have made contact again with
Charlie McCarthy, Frs Joe Brankin & Adrian Smith as well as Ken Mortimer in Beirut, Lebanon. The fogs of
half a century have cleared away!

I married Rosemarie in 1954, we raised 6 offspring and the Lord has blessed us with 9 grandchildren - busy, busy!
I joined ICI in 1957 and worked with them for 32 years, retiring in 1989 as Credit Manager for SA/NT. I served my
professional body, The Aust Inst of Credit Management as Councillor for Sth Australia for about 15 years, as a
Vice President for 4 & State President from 1986/88.

Rose went to Teachers College for 3 years when our youngest started school in 1972 & on qualifying taught primary
for 21 years. Our Offspring are now all married, 3 in Sydney & 3 in Adelaide. Two hold Ph.D's & are lecturers/researchers
at the University of Sydney, one is a Nursing Academic in Aged Care & has published in the BMJ (UK), two are
primary teachers & part of their school's management teams. The youngest is currently a full time mother & will return to
teaching junior primary when her two sons are of school age.

I spent 10 years 1990/2000 on the management of Meals on Wheels SA Inc. completing 5 years as a branch chairman
last Aug 2000. Weekly distribution to aged clients still keeps me busy. Rose & I intend to fly to Sydney on 8/7/01 to make
the acquantance of our latest grandson Bryn, born to our son Charles & wife Roslyn on 2/1/01.

Rose was very ill last year 2000 but Deo Gratias is much recovered now. Any loggers-on who remember me can please

- I'll be delighted to hear from you - God Bless -

Peter Collyer.

Apr 24th 2001 at 05:51:22 AM
NAME :  Paul West
Have you noticed the two new facilities in the WELCOME section?
UPDATE tells you what has been added since your last visit and PASSITON is a bulletin board for all visitors.
Soon, the Pelicans' Fund for Africa will also earn money every time that you quit the site . . .

Apr 11th 2001 at 10:56:34 PM
NAME :  Paul West
On Pages 31 & 32 of the GALLERY you will find some interesting photos of Broome Hall sent in by
Anne Therese Scott-Abbott - she and Susanne lived on the estate as children, in the early 60's.

Have YOU anything like this that might be of interest?
See you all soon at Bishop's Waltham.

Apr 5th 2001 at 02:33:44 PM (via my sister Susanne Lamb)
NAME :  Anne-Therese Scott-Abbott
Southport, Merseyside.
I too had many happy childhood memories of my time spent at Broome Hall. When I have some spare time,
I will hunt out photos I have of Broome Hall. Now the mother of three children, (Clare 10, William 8, and Michael 7)
- and having a household full of animals - (11 dogs, several Guinea Pigs, Budgies, and chickens!!??)and working
five days a week part-time in the Pharmacy at the local hospital 'spare-time' is rare!!

Incidentally, does anyone remember the 'homing' budgies that my grandmother had at Broome Hall? - at one time
she had approx. 300 homing budgies, all being allowed to fly freely in the grounds at Broome Hall, returning to their
aviaries at night . . . quite a sight to behold!

The memories are beginning to flood back. I will start the hunt for the photo's as soon as I can!!

Mar 29th 2001 at 01:51:21 AM
NAME :  Bernard Melling
I've surfaced again, folks and enjoying access to the site, which has improved beyond recognition from the early days.
Well done Paul! A great achievement. Anyway, the reason for calling was to put a few more names to the photo's on,
for example, page 7 of the Gallery:

Photo No. 3 (waiting for train to Sicily) L-R Seamus Watters (Eire) and Ian (or John) Petit in Enniskillen 1962/63.
Page 9: photo no.5:"On the bars outside the gym": the year was 1960/61 and L-R: Joe McIntyre, between J J Deeny's legs (!),
Mike Griffin, Chris Cooper-sitting on Dermot Clancy's shoulders, Gerald Cummins and not sure about the lad far right,
could be Peter Vale-Humphreys (PVH) or a lad with the surname of Campbell.

Looking forward to Bishops Waltham in June. See you all there!

Regards to all,
Bernard Melling

Mar 12th 2001 at 01:19:37 PM
NAME :  Maurice Biliingsley
I can probably add a few Christian names to some pictures. I see Joe MacIntyre's sister from time to time.

My 12 year old was bemused to see her Dad with no beard in pic 19. The Artist who drew pics of St C's was,
I'm told, employed there p/t late 50s as art teacher. She may have had Craiglockhart connexions.

Mar 11th 2001 at 01:44:32 AM
NAME :  John Smith

Hi - I was in Derek Biewer and Frank Dillon's class back in ye ancient days of yore. I have looked forward to Eugene`s letters with much interest and great anticipation. Now that I am on line he can rest from his wearisome task of writing to me. I am indeed indebted to him.

Should anyone like to contact me I am johnsmith

It is superb to be back in the fold!

Regards to all the brotherhood .


(Left) : A group of lads at St Columba's (in 1949 / 1950?).
Jim McGrath, James Winters, John Smith, Joe Convey, Mo, Tommy Hennessy et al.

Mar 8th 2001 at 11:53:16 AM
NAME :  Paul West
Sorry about the last few weeks - there have been several problems with the website which are gradually disappearing.
Thank you for your patience.

NAME :  Pelicans in Scotland
Open meeting for all who wish to come at Milrig Rd. April 1st. 2001. Mass at 2pm. short meeting afterwards.
No obligation - no commitment - see 'old' friends - exchange memories etc.

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