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Year 2000

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2000-05-18 03:28:36
NAME :  Pat Burns
St.Columbas - 1953 - 55 Priory - 1955-57 Priory - 1959-60

2000-05-17 03:00:09   
NAME :  Derek Biewer
Congratulations on your production. Has anyone identified the person praying in the Chapel at Broome Hall?
It certainly resembles my late brother, Br. Peter Biewer Formerly Br. Aelred.

Best wishes Derek

2000-05-17 12:32:55  
NAME : Brian Lynch
Just got The Pelican 32 so had to look at the site. Congratulations

2000-05-21 11:33:19
NAME : Patrick Menzies
Congrats! I am impressed with the website. It looks great and has lots of potential.

Best wishes, Pat Menzies

NAME : Dr Andrew Coyle
Congratulations on an excellent site. It brought back many happy memories. I have a number of
photographs going back to my time at the Priory between 1958 and 1962 and Blacklion between
1962 and 1964 and will happily send some of them to you.

Best wishes. Andrew Coyle

NAME :  Paul Glover
St Columba's, Priory, Blacklion,Templeogue1961-1971

NAME :  Susanne Lamb (nee Scott)
This visit brought back many happy memories of Broome Hall 1963 -65 where my family lived
in the converted stable block. My mother cooked and my grandmother did the laundry.

Best wishes to you all.

NAME : Eric (Pat) Creaney
Same year as Pat Shannahan - get in touch 'Albert'! and all you others from those years!!!!
Yes, 'Tota' is still live and kicking and has the pics to prove it - will be sending them to Paul soon.

NAME :  Michael Adkins
I was at the Priory at the same time as Pat Shanahan. I was there from September 1956- December 1958.
I was at St Columba's from September 1954-July 1956.

NAME :  David Walker
I was at St.Boswells & The Priory from 1959 to 1964. During that time we were one on the best choirs
in the UK under the leadership of Fr.Conlan(?) and represented the UK at the Pueri Cantores Congress
in Rome New Year 1960/1, singing in Westminster Cathedral and Notre Dame on the way
(travelling by train!!) to Rome.

An LP was made of the various Masses & Concerts (including the Papal Mass in St.Peters celebrated
by John XXIII); however my copy of the LP was destroyed in the St.Boswells fire.

If anyone has contacts to the members of the 1960/1 choir (pre 'Ted Heath'), I would be very greatful.


AT ST.COLUMBAS 1959-1961 THEN THE PRIORY 1961-1963.



NAME : Peter J. Hurrell
Really good website.Well done and thanks to all concerned. Blacklion 1967-69, Gap 1969-70 then......
I have spotted the familiar names of John Halloran and Maurice Billingsley so get in touch if you want.

NAME :  Paul West
Dear Margaret Stapley
Thank you for your message in the Guestbook. We were hoping that you would leave a contact address
- any chance of sending an email ?

Also : Don't be alarmed by the messages in German that you might find on subsequent pages.
The Guestbook provider is sorting this out for us! Many thanks to Chris Benton for spotting it.

A Happy New Year to all our 'visitors' (+ aliens).

December 2000
NAME : Chris Benton

Best wishes to all pelicans and families for Xmas and New Year

NAME : Paul West
Thank you to everyone at Oak Lodge who made me so welcome during my recent visit - on the occasion
of Fr Pat Fitzgerald's 50th Anniversary. (Congratulations!)

NAME : John M Pike
Well done. Very interesting.,Will come back again and explore in more depth.

Hello to all my fellow students of the 50:s.

NAME : Margaret Stapley
I'd like to say what a wonderful website you have here Paul, it's a great way to keep in touch and
reminisce about people we once knew and still know.

Hope to see you all again soon! Well done!

NAME : Sean Murphy
1961-2 St.Columba's 1962-67 The Priory 1967-68 St.John's College, Southsea 1968-69
St.Augustine's, Blacklion At the end of the academic year of 1969 I took a year off to evaluate
my future but this is the first time that I've got back to the "Firm".

I am still in contact with some people from that era, together with some of the students from St.John's.

NAME : Michael Gallagher

I am an ex WF student from Ireland.St Columbas Sep63/02Nov63(date of fire), Danby Hall63/65,
Priory65/67, St Johns Southsea 67/70, Cypress Grove Dublin 70/72, Fribourg 72/73,
St Edwards London 73/74 after which I discontinued my studies.

I have some photos following the fire at St Columbas, at Danby Hall, Fribourg and St Edwards
- if any of you at the Pelicans wish to borrow them please contact me. I enjoyed the website
- well done to all concerned Michael Gallagher

NAME : Bernard Melling

Re first photo on Page 7 of the Gallery, those shown are, from front to back: Derek ?
(his surname escapes me), Bernard Melling, without his glasses on!!! Bob Johnson (ex butcher),
John (J.J.) Deeney and Tom Russell on the Lough at Blacklion, Lough McNeah(?).
As time allows I will identify others from the Photos I submitted.

Regards to all, Bernard Melling

NAME : Mike Byrne

I found the Pelicans website.......well is excellent. I was at St Columbas September 1960
until July 1962 then The Priory September 1962 until July 1966. I have Pelicans from 1961 through to 66.

If you would like to borrow them you are more than welcome.

I will be in Budapest from 22/10/00 until the 29th. You can e mail me or ring 0118 966 6249 when I return.

Best wishes, Mike Byrne

NAME : Pat Gibbons (Treasurer)

We received a letter of thanks from Fr Erasto Shayo, an African WF: we have now sent him a total of £250.00

NAME : Bob Sinclair

Hi Paul, you probably don't remember me. I was friends with your brother. Well done with the site.

Looking good. Keep up the good work.

NAME : Derek Biewer

Havent visited the sitre for a while. You really have done the Pelicans proud!!! Hope we see a lot of
"old" faces in Preston in October!! see you all on 21st Oct. Wear your badge or buy one from Eugene!!

Love to all, Derek

NAME : Pat Gibbons (Treasurer)

We received a letter of thanks from Fr Alex Easton for a donation of £100 we sent to him.
He says he visits a prison 3 miles from him. The prisoners are fed just enough to keep them alive.
The local villagers help, but there is a lot of hunger around.There are 247 prisoners at the moment.
A few have a decent shirt they were wearing on arrival. The rest have rags "your gift will get t-shirts
for most of them" from the prisoners and Alex "sincere thanks"

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