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Newspapers, Journals, Radio  
The Catholic Herald :

The Universe
Catholic Life
Catholic Times
The Tablet :
Catholic World News :
The Scottish Catholic Observer :
The Pastoral Review (formerly Priests & People)
The Independent Catholic News :
Most Scottish Newspapers
* * * * UK National Newspapers Online :
The Evening Times
The Herald
The Sunday Herald
Local Newspapers Around the UK
The New Scientist
UK Magazine Websites
Radio Times

The Missionaries of Africa and their websites
The U.S.A. website of
the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers)
The Canadian website of
the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers)
The U.K. website of
the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers)
A centre for 'young Pelicans' in West Africa

Register to the photographic collection of the WFs :
Catalogue of the Catholic Central Library :
The UK Church Directory :
The Catholic Directory :
The Catholic Encyclopaedia :
An extensive database of UK Churches etc :

For keeping up-to-date with African affairs :
Street Child Africa
Free computers for developing countries :

The Catholic Church  
The Vatican
The Catholic Church In Scotland :

The Hierarchy of the Catholic Church
The Church in Ireland :
St Brigid's Church, Kilbirnie, Ayrshire
Find a church, wherever you are :
Catholic Missionary Union of England & Wales
The Catholic Community site :

Ecumenical Issues  
Ecumenism and Inter-faith Dialogue
- links to over 60 websites on this subject :

Personal / Spiritual Development  
Disappointed, disaffected, drifting, disoriented, disinclined, distressed, disenchanted, disingenous ?
Support group for people who have left religious ministry.
Support group for people suffering the anguish of marriage breakdown :
Reading and researching scripture online :
Bible Study, and at-home learning

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The Association of the Old Boys of St John's College
Taken from the Old Boys page, for your convenience

"The Association of the Old Boys of St John's College was founded in 1919. The purpose was to foster union among past students, to keep them in close and loyal contact with their Alma Mater, and to bring them into contact with present students of the college."

Today that statement is not quite accurate. For the past several years women have been joining the association as welcome members after the school went co-educational towards the end of the 1980s.

The OJA has its headquarters in the Castle, that nostalgic and historic building which housed the school after its move from South Parade in 1912. Meetings are held in the comfortable surroundings of the Club Room, also the focus of annual events that include an Annual Reunion, an autumn ' Get-together ' , a Golf Tournament and other social functions. Regular newsletters keep members in touch with the activities of former students as well as profiling the endless success stories and achievements of former students: an Oscar for film director Anthony Minghella, a new appointment for BBC journalist George Alagiah, or tracing the career of Black Rod, Sir Michael Willcocks.

Old Johannians support their School in a number of ways. Donations are regularly given to assist students with Lasallian Projects Overseas. Individual donations are given to help students undertake field trips. Each year the Association holds a remembrance service at School to honour those who died while in the service of their country. If you would like to know more about the OJA please contact the Membership Secretary, Peter Bryant, on 01305 263920, or e-mail at peterjbryant@btinternet. The annual subscription is a modest £10.00 Ð the result is the satisfaction of remaining a member of a very fine school.

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