White Fathers' Houses of Study in the British Province 1912 – 2006

Compiled by Peter Finn, March 2008

The Priory, Bishop’s Waltham, Hampshire

              1912-40 Junior seminary (1940: Pupils evacuated to St Columba’s)

              1920-21 Philosophy (1921: Philosophers move to Hennebont, France)

              1940-44 Military barracks

              1942-67 Junior seminary (1942: Pupils of top two classes return from St Columba’s)

Woodford House, St John’s College, Southsea, Hampshire

1967-70 In-college boarding house for students attending St John’s College

St Columba’s, Newtown St Boswells, Roxburghshire

1936-45 Junior seminary (1945: All pupils move to Priory)
1940      Philosophy (In Farm House)
1941-43 Philosophy (1943: Second year moves to Rossington Hall)
1943-45 Theology (Students returning from occupied North Africa to finish course)
1945-46 Novitiate (1946: Novitiate moves to Broome Hall)
1946-48 Philosophy (1948: Philosophy moves to Broome Hall)
1948-63 Junior seminary

Danby Hall, Yorkshire

              1963-66 Junior seminary 

Ratho, near Edinburgh

               1966-78 Hostel for junior seminarians attending:
                             1. Scotus Academy, Edinburgh, 1966-69
                             2. St David’s School, Dalkeith, 1969-78

               1976-82 Promotions and Vocations Centre

St Mary’s, Autreppe, Hainault, Belgium (British Province)

              1924-39 Philosophy (1939: move to Rossington Hall is thwarted)

Rossington Hall, Doncaster, Yorkshire

1939-43 Military barracks
(1939: Philosophers move to France & internment at St Denis)
1943-44 Novitiate (1944: Novitiate moves to Sutton Coldfield)
1943-48 Theology (Students from Oscott & graduated philosophy students from St Columba’s) 
(1948: Theology moves to Monteviot until 1958 and to ’sHeerenberg, Holland, until 1955) 

1943-46 Philosophy (1946: Philosophy returns to St Columba’s) 

Oscott, Birmingham Diocesan Seminary

              1942-43 First year Theology (1943: Theology moves to Rossington Hall)

121 Lichfield Road, Sutton Coldfield

              1943 (From Jan: accommodation for theologians at Oscott. Sept: move to Rossington Hall)

              1944-45 Novitiate (1945: Novitiate moves to St Columba’s)

Broome Hall, Coldharbour, Dorking, Surrey

              1946-48 Novitiate (1948-55 Novitiate at ’sHeerenberg, Holland)

              1948-55 Philosophy

              1955-71 Novitiate

Birkdale, Southport

            1971-74 Spiritual Year (Novitiate)

St Augustine’s, Blacklion, Co Cavan (British Province)

              1955-71 Philosophy (1971: move to Oak Lodge, Totteridge)


              1948-58 Theology

St Edward’s, Totteridge, North London

              1958-1968 Theology
              1968-2006 Residence for Missionary Institute students

               (1968-2006) : Theology taught at Missionary Institute, London)
               (2006 : Theology moves to Tangaza College, Nairobi, Kenya)

Oak Lodge, Totteridge, North London

               1958-1968 Philosophy 
                (1968-2006) : Philosophy taught at Missionary Institute, London)