Return to Eastview (Vanier) June 2019


Yesterday (June 12th 2019)  I paid a visit to my original Canadian home, 300, Ave des Pères Blancs, in the former city of Vanier (which evolved from the village of Eastview in 1965 and since 2000 has been amalgamated into the city of Ottawa). When the White Fathers build their scholasticate there in 1931 it was still Eastview.
The original building was demolished in the late 1970s.
The photo to the right is of what was the Sisters house, built in 1951, in the same design of the original building.  This building is now a branch of the Ottawa public library and has been designated a 'Heritage site' (see below).
In the late 60s The White Fathers built an extension (pictured below) to the main house to house a conference hall, classrooms and meeting rooms. This was attached to the main house by a third level walkway (so as not to interfere with the main driveway which went all the way to the back of the house.
This extension now serves as a community centre and museum of the history of Vanier.
The photo below is taken from the side of the library (the former Sisters' house) looking at the community centre (the old scholasticate extension). The original White Fathers' house stood from where the photo was taken and stretched to the curb on the other side of the car park (or 'parking lot' in this country. :-) )  The road on the other side of that curb is part of the original driveway.
The statue of Notre Dame D'Afrique remains where it always has been.  Formerly this stood right in front of the old house and remains the first thing one sees at the top of the driveway.

For more on the house in Eastview/Vanier see the section "Vanier (Eastview)" in the main menu of the web site.

(all photos & text by Tony Smyth)
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