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  1. "Round and About" in August-September 1966 (Issue No. 149)
  2. "Round and About" in October-November 1967 (Issue No. 156)

Round and About

(Taken from the White Fathers magazine August-September 1966)

Fr. B. Gaffney (Bradford) from Oyo, Nigeria.
Fr. K. Haskew (Birmingham) from Tamale, Ghana.
Bro. John Kempston (London) from Kipalapala, Tanzania.

Fr. J. Sandom (London) to Mlbarara, Uganda.
Fr. P. F. Moody (London) to Mwanza, Tanzan~a.

Appointments to the Missions
Fr. K. O'Mahoney (Manchester) from Blacklion and Fr. G. Stones (Bonnybridge) from Rome to Ethiopia.

Fr. M. Coffey (Tipperary) from Blacklion, Fr. J McNulty (Motherwell) from Manchester and Fr. T. Tryers (Liverpool) from Rutherglen to West Africa — Ghana/Nigeria.

Fr. V. Bailey (Glasgow) from London, Fr. S. Collins (Glasgow) from Ruthergen, Fr. M. Moloney (London) from Danby Hall, and Bro. C. Conisbee (London) from St. Columba's to Uganda.

Fr. F. Nolan (Burton) from Danby Hall, Fr. E. Brady (Castletara), newly ordained, and Bro. J. Mennie (Whifflet) from Provincial House to Tanzania.

Fr. B. Garvey (London) from Bishop's Waltham and Fr. K. Lawson (London), newly ordained, to Zambia.

In the Province
Bro. James Brown (Hamilton) from Luxembourg to the Provincial House.

Fr. J. Fowles (Maidenhead) from Bishop's Waltham, Fr. J. Henze (Leicester) from Sutton Coldfield, Fr. P. Martin (Coatbridge) from Bishop's Waltham, Bro. Owen O'Reilly (Barmouth) from Luxembourg, and Bro. James Clarke from Dublin, to the study house in London.

Fr. M. Singleton (Preston) and Fr. R. Hollywood (Newry) from Rome to Oxford.

Fr. J. Mullen (Knockmore) and Fr. M. Cunningham (Ballinasloe). both newly ordained, to Blacklion.

Fr. S. Lea (Cork) from Sutton Coldfield, and Bro. Michael Kelly (Leeds) from London to Bishop's Waltham.

Fr. B. Gaffney (Bradford) from Nigeria, and Fr. P. Shanahan (London), newly ordained, to Sutton Coldfield.

Fr. A. Harrison (Salford), newly ordained, to Rutherglen.

Fr. Joseph Mullen — Knockmore
Fr. Joseph Mullen was born at Ballina, Co. Mayo, in 1942. From Ballina Boys' National School he went to Blackrock. The White Fathers first came to his attention through a newspaper advertisement but it was a visit to Blacklion that finally decided him to try his vocation. Much of this training was done in France, where he developed a special interest in youth clubs and youth camps. Always interested in sports — at home he played for the local Gaelic Football Club — France gave him further opportunities for athletics. This, together with a keen interest in Islamic religious thought, will stand him in good stead in his first appointment to Blacklion.

Fr. Edward Brady — Castletara
A visit to Cavan Town Hall by Fr. Bernard D'Arcy many years ago to book the hall for a film show started the ball rolling for Fr. Brady. He was born in Corratober, Cavan, in 1929, and educated first in Staghall National School and then in St. Patrick's College. He has always had an interest in social work and it was the spirit of friendship and family that he found with the White Fathers that helped him more than anything towards the priesthood. He is now preparing to take up a mission appointment in Tanzania.

Fr. Maurice Cunningham — Ballinasioe
A curate in his home parish atBallinasloe put Fr. Maurice Cunningham in touch with Fr.D'Arcy at Blacklion. His interests in golf, tennis, swimming, gardening, fishing and magic; his work with the Legion of Mary at Blacklion and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in London, and the encouragement he found through his fellow students have all gone into his making as a missionary. St. Grellan's National School and St. Joseph's College, at Ballinasloe, will be justly proud to honour him as an old boy. He has been appointed to promotion work at Blacklion.

Fr. Keith Lawson - London
Fr. Keith Lawson was born in Blackburn in 1941. He was educated at Stonyhurst and it was there that he first came in contact with the White Fathers through a visit to the college. His association with the scouts and the Legion of Mary, his special interest in catechetics and mechanics, and his work in parishes in different parts of the country will serve him well in his appointment to the missions in Zambia.

Fr. Patrick Shanahan — London
Fr. Shanahan has always been interested in people. A friend put him in contact with the White Fathers; and it was a chance meeting with one White Father which finally decided him to try his vocation. Educated at St. Vincent's, Mill Hill, and Finchley Grammar School, he has found a wide range of interests in London— numerous f ootball clubs, including the London French Rugby Team, the Newman Association, the Committee for Race Relations, Overseas Students and parish work in London's East End. People he is going to meet in plenty for he has been appointed to Sutton Coldfield on promotion work.

Fr. Alfred Harrison
— Salford
Fr. Alfred Harrison was born in Manchester in 1940, and went to St. Stephen's school, Droylsden. A film show at school set him thinking about the African missions. After studying at a secretarial college, he went to The Priory, and finally completed his studies in Canada. He particularly likes working with his hands — he made his own chalice — and is keenly interested in sports and work among youth. He should find scope for both in his first appointment to Rutherglen.


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source : WF magazine August/Sept 1966 No 149

source : WF magazine October/November 1967 No 156

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Round and About

(Taken from the White Fathers magazine October-November 1967)

Fr. F. Fahy (Ruoc Craughwell) from Kasama, Zambia.
Fr. H. Cronin (Rathmore) from Fort Rosebery, Zambia.
Fr. S. Browne (Rockchapel) from Navrongo, Ghana.

Fr. L. Jones (Liverpool) for Mbarara, Uganda.
Fr. K. O'Mahoney (Manchester) for Adigrat, Ethiopia.
Bro. R. Haigh (Chatham) for Mbarara, Uganda.
Miss Celia Stephenson of Liverpool to teach in Kabale, Uganda.

Appointments to the Missions

Fr. S. Lea (Cork) from Bishop's Waltham to Blacklion as Superior.
Fr. J. Maguire (Southsea) from Blacklion to Mbarara, Uganda.
Fr. B. Gaffney (Yorks.) from Sutton Coldfield to Malta.
Fr. G. Rathe (Searborough) from Sutton Coldfield to London as Secretary to the Mission Institute
Fr. J. Conlon (Armagh) from Dorking to Sutton Coldfield.
Fr. van den Bosch (Holland) from Dorking to Rutherglen.

Father Paul Hasgrew WF

The death occured on 23rd August of Father Paul Haskew at Damongo mission, Ghana.

Born at Bilston, Staffordshire in 1907, he went to St. Philip's Oratory School and the Salesian College at Farnborough before entering for studies with the White Fathers at Bishop's Waltham, and was ordained priest in 1932.

He spent all his missionary life in Ghana apart from periods on leave and his term as an army chaplain, and was particularly active in the field of education. At the time of his death he was superior of the mission at Salaga. He returned to Ghana after his last leave in 1965.

May he rest in peace.


Fr. T. O'Donnell (Preston) tells us that the problem at Koudougu has been a shortage of water. They had two very lean years and the people were beginning to despair. What is the use of six wells if they run dry and remain dry? The rains were late this year but "now it is sheeting down and the fields are like one vast lake. Long may it continue!"

He has sent us a picture of his new bishop consecrated in April this year. Bishop Bayala has succeeded to Bishop Bretault who resigned his See a short while ago to make way for his successor.


Fr. J. Doherty (Derry) writes from Chilubula:
"I am on tour just now at Chief Mukonge's Court and thanks to the good relations built up by Fr. Sherry & Co. I'm having a rare time.

On Friday a young man came forward to serve my Mass: Michael Savage, a former White Father Student. He had hitch-hiked all the way from Pretoria and had arrived the night before.

Fr. Brian Garvey turned up on the same day, so we had a get-together.

Let me not forget the sad news about Brother Cuthbert. He came here on 29th June for a Silver Jubilee celebration and left after lunch looking extremely well. Next day we heard that on arriving back poor Brother suffered a heart attack.

Fr. Frank Carey is now teaching in the seminary at Abercorn."

Since Fr. Doherty wrote we have heard that Brother has had several more attacks. He has eaten very little since being taken ill but he remains very cheerful. When he leaves hospital, which will not be for some time, he will be flown back home. Your prayers are requested for his recovery.


The Priory, Bishop's Waltham, ended its function as a junior seminary on 7th July.

Nine of the 32 students have started their studies at Blacklion, Co. Cavan, and ten have made arrangements to continue their studies at schools near their homes. They will eventually apply for entry to Blacklion.

The remaining thirteen are now boarding at St. John's College, Southsea, and are under the I care of Fr. W. Smith (London) who, until recently, was the superior at Danby Hall in Yorksbire. This will effect no break in the r boys' studies since The Priory has been regularly sending them to St. John's for the past few years.

Did nobody regret its passing ? Not much of an obituary, it it ?



Fr. J. Donohue (Manchester) has been headmaster of the Senior Secondary School at Mutolere for the last two and a half years. The school has now been taken over by the Brothers of Christian Instruction from Kisubi. At the moment Fr. Donohue is studying the language at Nandere mission.

Next year he and Fr. M. Maloney (London) and Fr. V. Bailey (Glasgow) will be teaching at Katigondo Major Seminary where students study for the Advanced Cambridge and Philosophy. Fr. J. Sandom (Woking) has moved from Kagamba mission to teach in the seminary at Kitabi. Fr. A. Maguire (Southsea) has been appointed to Kagamba. Fr. J. Smith (Liverpool)


On the 15th August Brother Vincent Davies (Uverpool) took his Final Oath in the White Fathers' Society. Born in 1939 he went to school at St. Cecilia's after which he started work.

While at work he was active with the Catholic Enquiry Centre and the Legion of Mary. He entered the novitiate in 1959 and completed his course in Luxembourg at the Training Centre. He spent just over a year at St. Columba's in Scotland and is now the bursar at the Provncial House in London where he attends the Hammersmith College of Art and Building to study carpentry and joinery.


The White Fathers currently hold 150,000 Embassy Coupons, and need another 40,000 to reach the required number for a Mini-Moke for the Missions.

Please send any spare coupons to The White Fathers, 129 Lichfield Road, Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire.

How times have changed . . . though 18 years later I still don't trust myself to handle a packet like this. What a dreadful addiction it was.


Unless you are a former student of one of the
White Fathers' colleges or houses of study

If you are, then send your name and address to
Peter Finn, 34 The Pastures, Kings Worthy, nr. Winchester

You will not be invited to buy anything, sell anything, or commit your self to anything, but you will find out about the social activities of other former students—many of them friends of yours—who would like to meet you again

Plus ça change

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