(source: Fr Aylward Shorter)

White Fathers and White Sisters You May Have Known

We start with the parish priests:

Parish Priest
Fr Joseph Laane
January 1929
January 1931
Fr Alfred Howell
January 1931
September 1935
Fr Owen McCoy
September 1935
August 1937
Fr Thomas Tye
August 1937
March 1945
Fr John Maguire
March 1945
Fr Francis Walsh
June 1951
Fr Antony Hames
June 1951
November 1957
Fr Lawrence Jones
November 1957
February 1960

Fr Joseph Laane
The first Parish Priest at Heston (1929 - 1931)

(source: White Fathers & White Sisters magazine)

This photo was sent to the WF/WS magazine by Mrs Barbara Sexton of Taunton, Somerset.
She wrote: "We have always been very close to the White Fathers, as we were, with our parents,
the first parishioners at the house where the first Mass was said at Heston, Middlesex."

Fr Joseph Laane, from Holland, was no stranger to new ventures. Following his first arrival in
Uganda in 1895, he started many parishes. He returned to Europe and founded the
White Fathers' community and parish at Heston in 1928. he remained there for two years
before returning to Uganda, where he died 9th September 1941.

(source: Fr Aylward Shorter)

The Chapel at Heston, during Fr Laane's time as Parish Priest (first left).

(source: Fr Aylward Shorter)

The 1930 community of White Fathers at Heston

(L-R) : Back : ——, Fr. Relftenmaier , ——, Fr. Ludwig Haag, ——, Fr. Otto Mors, ——, Br Frederic (Hoogland)
Front: Fr Arthur Hughes (later Archbishop), Fr Joseph Laane (Superior), Fr Peter.Striefenhofer

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Fr A E Howell WF
Parish priest from 1931 - 1935

(Source : "Leaves from a White father's Diary",

c/o Tony Smyth and John & Margaret Morton)

(See Page 37 of the HISTORIES section for an account of his travels in Africa)

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Bishop Owen McCoy MAfr
(Bishop Emeritus of Oyo)

Parish priest at Heston 1935 - 37

The following is taken from a newspaper cutting, dated some time in July 1988
— kindly supplied by Andrew Rampling, a parishioner at Heston:

Bishop Owen McCoy WF, the first Bishop of Oyo, Nigeria, died suddenly in London last week, aged 81. He was about to celebrate his Silver Jubilee as Bishop.

Born at West Derby, Liverpool, he entered the White Fathers in 1926 and was ordained in 1933.

His first appointment was to the White Fathers' parish at Heston, west London. In 1937 he was sent to the missions in northern Gold Coast (now Ghana). Six years later he was posted to Western Nigeria where, in 1949, a new mission territory was carved out by the Vatican department for missions (Propaganda Fide), and was entrusted to the White Fathers. It comprised two-thirds of the Oyo Province of Nigeria and was designated by Rome asa Prefecture, the first stage in the development of a new mission territory. Fr McCoy was appointed by Rome as its ecclesiastical superior.

At that time the new Prefecture, one-and-a-quarter times the size of Wales, had only four mission stations and a total of 14,000 Catholics in a population of upwards of four million. By 1963 things had developed so well that the Prefecture was made into a diocese, with Bishop McCoy as its first bishop.

Under Bishop McCoy, new mission stations were founded, hospitals and rural clinics, mothercrafts and women's social training centres were opened as well as a wide range of boys' and girls' schools, vocational training units, agricultural settlements and self-help projects.

He opened a junior seminary with 125 places for Nigerian students for the priesthood. Aware that the Church would only take permanent roots if there was eventually an African bishop, in 1971 he obtained from Rome the nomination of an auxiliary bishop, who, however, was taken from him to be Bishop of Lagos two years later. But a second Nigerian auxiliary succeeded Bishop McCoy in 1973.

Returning to England that year, Bishop McCoy offered his services in several dioceses until his retirement to White Fathers' communities in 1982, first at Rutherglen, Glasgow, and latterly at Ealing, West London. He was buried at the White Fathers' corner, Kensal Rise Cemetery, London. (see the OBITUARIES section)

Information gleaned from the Catholic Hierarchy website

Date Age Event Title
27 Sep 1907 Born Westderby, Great Britain
29 Jun 1933 25.8 Ordained Priest Priest of Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers)
Sep 1935 27 Appointed Parish Priest at Heston, Middlesex
August 1937 30 not known  
1 Apr 1949 41.5 Appointed Prefect of Oyo, Nigeria
18 Jan 1963 55.3 Appointed Bishop of Oyo, Nigeria
28 Apr 1963 55.6 Ordained Bishop Bishop of Oyo, Nigeria
13 Apr 1973 65.5 Resigned Bishop of Oyo, Nigeria
28 Jun 1988 80.8 Died Bishop Emeritus of Oyo, Nigeria

Bishop McCoy was parish priest at Heston from September 1935 to August 1937.
He was a priest for 55 years and a bishop for 25 years.

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Fr Thomas Tye,
Parish Priest at Heston (1937 - 1945)

(Source: White Fathers & White Sisters magazine — lent by Mike Byrne)

Father Tye spent his first 8 years as a priest at Heston parish for about 8 years,
covering the whole of the war period, in fact. When I saw this photo of him and
read the accompanying article, it dawned on me that I was probably looking
at the man who baptized me in 1942. A quick check in my 'archives' showed it to be true.

Click here to read "Meet Fr. Thomas Tye, WF "

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Fr John Maguire
Parish Priest at Heston 1945 - 48

There are not many photos of Fr Maguire on this website
but if you do a 'Quick Search' (see left) you will find
many references to him. This photo was taken at a particularly
bad time in his life : along with 17 seminarians, he was
interned at the St Denis POW camp (Paris). His health never
recovered from the rigours he endured during that period..

Clict here to read Fr Kevin Wiseman's
personal account of this imprisonment.

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Bishop Francis Walsh
Parish Priest at Heston (1948 - 1951)

(Source: White Fathers & White Sisters magazine — lent by Mike Mearns)

The biography of Bishop Walsh can be read on Page 10 of the Histories section.

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Fr Antony Hames
Parish Priest at Heston (1951 - 1957)

(Source: Mrs Sheila Steggal, née Tolman)

Peter Briody writes :

"I knew Fr Hames from the date of his appointment as Parish Priest at Heston up to September 1953 when I departed for St Columbas as a student.

Father, later Bishop Wash was Fr. Hames's predecessor and a hard act to follow, because he was idolised by all the parishoners . Fr. Hames, however, was in every respect a worthy follower and was indeed very popular (as said in hisobituary) - mainly because he was the perfect gentleman and an active business-like parish priest. He was also a doer: I remember how he used to put a belt around his habit, so that he could hammer and paint things or do repairs on the huge chicken run behind the parish hall.

He took me to London in the Summer of 1954 to be innoculated before going to visit my parents in Uganda. On the way back he decided we should go see a film ( The "Malvary Queen" ). I thought that was the greatest thing since sliced bread - going to the "flicks" with the parish priest ! It was the only time I ever saw him relax and do nothing - otherwise, he was always active . . .

John and Paul Tait will probably be able to tell you more.

Two more photos (from Marguerite Boulter):

(L-R) : Maggy Page (now Swift), Marguerite Noone (now Boulter), Fr Tony Hames and Fr Van der Klundert

1966  Fr Tony Hames with Form 2 of St Monica's Secondary School ,Fort Jameson (now Chipata).

Marguerite writes (May 2012):

"Fr Oswald Mallya knows some of the pupils that we taught.
They were among the very first Zambian girls to receive secondary education."

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For further information, read Fr Hames's entry on Page 4 of the Obituaries Section (or click here)

Incidently, I think there is a parish priest missing from the list at Heston . I seem to remember a Father Lee being there before Fr. Walsh in 1948 or thereabouts."

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Fr Lawrence Jones WF
Parish priest at Heston 1957 - 1960

(Source: Mrs Sheila Steggal, née Tolman)

Fr Lawrence Jones (left) with his successor, Fr Peter Moore.

This was probably taken during at the time when the
parish was handed over to the diocese in 1960.
Fr Jones was the last White Father to act as parish
priest at Heston(from November 1957 to February 1960)

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