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  key : SC = St Columba's, PR = The Priory, BL = Blacklion, BH = Broome Hall HV = Holland Villas
Photos from Tony Smyth (Pg 1)
Staff & students at HV 1970/71
3 close-ups from this photo
Peter Shorrock & Tony Smyth in "The Lark" (PR 1964)
Photos from Tony Smyth (Pg 2)
Sean Hughes & Jim Kelly PR 1964
PR 1964 : group in doorway of one of the huts
'Annabelle' from dorm windows 1964-5
'Felix' version of Annabelle
Fr Eugene Lewis at Mass in BL chapel
Musical Troupe BL 1968 and 2 close-ups taken from this photo
Photos from Tony Smyth (Pg 3)
SC building 1961
3 photos of SC after the fire
Oliver Reed : newspaper article
Photos from Tony Smyth (Pg 4)
PR 1st Eleven 1964/5
Their signatures
'The Mozes' band PR 1964
Cast of Simple Spyman
More photos from Tony Smyth
PR crucifix (cemetery)
Frs Mike Ryan & Pat Shanahan
Blacklion chapel
Deaconite ordinations at St Edwards 1971
"The Lark" : PR 1961
2 Plays and SC photos (Tpny Smyth & Pat Gritton)
"Twelth Night " : PR 1964 (2 photos)
"A Man for All Seasons" : BL 1969
Group of lads at SC (Pat Gritton's era)
Form 2 at SC (Pat Gritton's era)
Photos from Pat Gritton
The Priory For Sale
The Infant School next to The Priory
View of SC from playing field
PR Summer 65 : strangely dressed group
10 recent photos of SC taken by Chris Benton (early 2002)

Photos from Pat Gritton & Danny O'Hagan
PR group _ when Fr Duffy was Superior
John MacDonald 1970
SC Football Team (mid fifties)
Danny O'Hagan & others outside one of the huts at PR
SC; Melrose House 1955/56
Nick Kendellen in kilt with others. PR ?
BL 1959/60 possible — boating gp on lough
Stevie Duggan on PR trip to Lourdes (1958?)

PR Gp 29th May 1964 in 4 parts
(Pat Gritton)

1965 PR First Eleven
Canterbury Procession to remember the martyred friar John Stone
Camp Lavigerie USA
PR Sports Day 1948
PR 1954 Rhetoric Group

PR Group Photo 1954 plus close-ups
more close-ups of the PR Group 1954

1935 PR group photo — which includes the following staff : Brother Paddy, Frs Michael Ryan, Francis Gaffney, Leonard Marchant, Joseph Bouniol, Cornelius Kingsellar, Stanley Lea and Joe Haigh.

Photos from Danny O'Hagan & Eugene MacBride
BL building 1961
Hickey the dog, BL 1960
Galleydown 1958/9
Pat Menzies 1952
4 lads at SC 1955
Football down on "The Mine" at PR late 50's
Gp photo at PR 1934 plus extract of staff

PR Group Photo 1934 — (Eugene MacBride)
(extracts/ close-ups)
PR Group Photo 1934 — (Eugene MacBride)
(extracts/ close-ups)

PR Group Photo 1934 — (Eugene MacBride)
(extracts/ close-ups)

PR Choir ("Vienna Boys") 1952/3
taken by Fr Tolmie (source : Eugene MacBride)

New Priests at Galleydown
Form IV Football Team 1952/3 at PR
— (Eugene MacBride)

Various: (Mike Mearns & R Dempsey)
PR cap badge
Portsmouth Dockyard PR gp 1956
BL Gaelic Football team 1961
1923 gp photo at PR

SC photos from 1949/50 (Gerry Hamilton)
Staff & pupils with visiting bishop
Pupil gp with lads from Fr Murphy's parish
Fr Drost's Golden Jubilee
Gp photo on visit of Bp Kiwanuka to SC
Gp photographed in the lane leading up to SC
Gp photo taken at Scot's View

SC pilgrimage to Rome 1950
(Gerry Hamilton)

Early 50's at The Priory — plus others
Derek Biewer

Various, from Eugene MacBride
Aerial view of PR
Maps of SC
PR First X1 1950/1
WFs with back to camera, facing PR lads (probably early 50's)

Various — from Eugene MacBride & Bernard Melling:
Gathering of the Maxwell Scott sisters and other dignitaries
1950 Fr Drost Golden Jubilee
Two nuns ringing bell
Fr T 'O'Donnell (TOD) and nuns
Bud Greene & Caithe Fenelon

Michael Gallagher
PR Quad — last to be taken when students were resident
Passion Play at Danby Hall (3 photos)
Fr Peter Kelly WF, Jim Fairlamb, John Brighouse
The young Michael Gallagher

Bernard Melling
Tommy Russell & Jim Bentley
Our Lady, Queen of Apostles Church at BW today
1998 PR Reunion : Bernard Melling, Sean McGovern & Andy Coyle
Undated PR reunion gp
Bernard Melling & Fr T O'Donnell
Templeogue reunion, small gp
Bishop's Palace at BW

Mike Byrne
Photos taken from undated issue of the WF magazine:
6 WF houses
9 new priests : Frs John Lynch, Michael Singleton, Anthony Whelan,
Peter Wetz, Fiacra Fahy, Aylward Shorter, Liam Ludden, Brendan Shannon & John Conlon

PR gp photo 1935/6 (Eugene MacBride)
Full picture plus 'close-ups'

PR gp photo 1935/6 (Eugene MacBride)
PR gp photo 1935/6 (Eugene MacBride)
PR gp photo 1935/6 (Eugene MacBride)
Various - from sixties
PR gp photo 1961(Mike Byrne)
John Mattock : Pueri Cantores passport,
Little Singers of the Cross card 1960
Paul Maggiore & John en route to Rome 1960
Seamus O'Grady & John as choristers
SC : Melrose House, 1961/2
3 drawings of SC by M Theresa Flynn
WF Prayerbook, am/pm prayers
Peter McComisky
PR boys playing monopoly 1950
1956: s'Heerenberg gp gathered for cake cutting
Scots novices at s'Heerenberg 1957
PR 'Harriers' Feb 1952
BL passing-out parade 1956
Peter McComisky
BL gp 1956
New students arriving at BL 1955 (with Frs Dooley & Cantwell)
Procession at the official opening of BL 1955
3 students climbing near BL
Students waiting at Belcoo Station for the train home 1956

Peter McComisky
Concert time at BL 1956
Novices at s'Heerenberg, Rotterdam 1956
BL : Blessing of St Augustine's 1/9/55
BH 1955 : James Browne & Peter McComisky
the high altar at s'Heerenberg 1956
Lough Mcnean 1955

Peter McComisky
BL opening 1955 : guests, staff and students
PR 1973 the quad when a police training college
PR 1973 : view of the Fathers' house
Philosophy students at BL 1954/5
View of BL building
PR 1952: gp off to Galleydown
Peter McComisky
PR : Galleydown. 3 lads eating lunch
BH Philosophy gp 1954/5 staff & students
Peter McComisky
PR : photos of the last days
1977 & 1995 (before/after demolition)
Mike (Ebby) Bolan RIP
copies of his paintings, loaned by Peter McComisky
Mike (Ebby) Bolan RIP
copies of his paintings, loaned by Peter McComisky
John Fowles
Photos of his European tour to see old friends in UK, France & the Netherlands 2002
(includes visit to BW to see the Burdett-Clarks and the old PR site)
John Fowles
2nd page of his friends in France & the Netherlands

PR : Various
lent by Mike Byrne & Bill Hart's 1965 Pelican magazine
Statue of Madonna & Child, once part of PR
PR 1965: First XV team plus close-ups

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