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key : SC = St Columba's, PR = The Priory, BL = Blacklion, BH = Broome Hall




A large collection of photos from Eugene MacBride mostly taken at one or more African Missions. Fr Kevin Wiseman is probably the source.

* Includes several group shots which have yet to be identified.


Laurens ten Horn took this page of photos when he was at Broome Hall with Fr Pat Shanahan, Eric Creaney, Maurice Cunningham, Jim Connelly and others.

Includes group shots, a trip to East Grinstead and some very evocative pictures of BH in the snow.


Three more pages from Eugene / Fr Kevin Wiseman of photos taken on the Missions, with few people/places that have yet to be identified. Again, here is also a varied collection of group photos etc.


This Page starts with two photos taken at St Columba's in the 1930s, followed by two up-to-date shots of the area from Gerry Lenaghan.

There's a photo of children from Brocagh School (Dungannon?), from Maurice Billingsley.

The three photos that follow include one of the main dormitory at The Priory, probably by Fr Kevin Wiseman, and two more shots taken at one of the African missions.


The last 7 of Fr Wiseman's photos taken in Africa.


Maurice Billingsley at Margate with 2 African priests.
• A postage stamp bearing a picture of Bishop Dupont.
• Photos by Mike Ellis and Robbie Dempsey, taken at two reunions, featuring John Joyce, John Strain, Pat McDermott,
a Blacklion resident who knew Bro Paddy well, plus Paddy's tractor.


Further photos of Robbie Dempsey's trip to Sligo, Fermanagh, in the company of Pat McDermott.


Some group shots from Vincent O'Neill taken at Broome Hall Templeogue, and a 2001 reunion at Cypress Grove. He also took photos of Broome Hall as it was in 1968. (Includes a rare photo of Jarlath Hynes).

Plus : Maurice Billingsley, Clement Forestier, Andre Fillon and Winfried Hartwig at Totteridge (1972?).


Tony Smyth's photos taken at a reunion in Bishop's Waltham, May 2009. Includes a fond reminder of the gap in the hedge that used to lead through to the rugby & cricket fields.


Photos from John & Margaret Morton taken at :
• Bishop's Waltham (1998) on the occasion of the Blessing of the parish church (Our Lady Queen of Apostles)

• Dryburgh Abbey, November 2003 reunion.


A reunion in Edinburgh, Sunday 26th July 2009:

Pat McHale, Ian Scott, Owen Gormley, Tom & Mary Canning and Mike Ellis, Robbie Dempsey and Robin Russell


Found on eBay: The Shorter Latin Primer that was used at The Priory, and two other associated memories.

Two photos of Blacklion from John Quinn (including a group photo of 1962) and two of Broome Hall (featuring John MacDonald, Chris Cuthbert, Jim Brennan, John Quinn and Charlie Timoney).


A fascinating mix :

• Robin Russell and friends at BL 1968.

• The whole community at Ratho (Edinburgh) 1967 (?).

• Greetings card from Bishop's Waltham, mid-50s,
( 5 views of the area).

• Fr Adolf Eisele, Latin Teacher at PR.

• Stairs in the Fathers' House at PR.

• Three photos from Peter Finn, featuring:
Laurence Geraghty, David Cullen and Des Fitzmaurice at s'Heerenberg (1954-58); Charles de Foucauld; Frs Tom Moran, Andy Murphy in North Africa (1930s)


• September 2009 get-together in London at Peter Jennings' club, attended by John Joyce, Robbie Dempsey, Owen Gormley, Mike Ellis and Peter Jennings.

• Followed by a catch-up with Fr Chris Wallbank, Owen Gormley and Mike Ellis


•1960 group photo of SC students and staff.

•Oct 2009 get-together of John Joyce, John Mattock, Charlie Savage, Pat McHale & Mike Ellis

•1966 football team (St Columba's)

•Easter 1968 photos of a group of  St Augustine lads

•1968 photo of  several lads from SC performing at a concert

•Performing trio : Mike Hartley, Owen Gormley & Margaret Donnegon


•A very large collection of photos from 1982 and later : formation days at Oak Lodge, Ratho, Fribourg and elsewhere (from John Fleming)

Page 373 includes a photo of John Fowles and The Priory basket ball team (1956/7)


Photos of the old SC site, the Eildons, Monteviot etc
contributed by Gerry Lenaghan, Pat Gritton and John Fowles.


A return to some fondly-remembered haunts by John & Carole Fowles, accompanied by Eric and Patricia Creaney (May 2010)


•Photos recording the visit to Paris by John & Carole Fowles to meet up with old colleagues.

• St Patrick's day in Belcoo (recorded by Patricia Hawkins de Medina) and a 1960 shot of Blacklion (Mike Mearns).


•A large collection of photos from Owen Gormley of BH, BL, SC, & PR

•The trip to Rome by the SC Schola of 1960-61

•1960 photo of PR dormitory

•St John's group photo, date not identified


• Two enlarged pictures from Page 379: 1960 photo of PR dormitory

•St John's group photo


The Ordination of Tony Guilfoyle (July 2010) as recorded by John & Margaret Morton.


Tony Smyth re-visits the site of the Canadian Scholasticate (Notre dame d'Africa, Eastview, Ottawa)


•A view of Southsea as seen from the ferry

Group photo of Joe Gibson (Kelty), Paddy Maguire (Loanhead, Midlothian), Kev, Andy, Sean and Tommy (supplied by Owen Gormley)

• Gap in winter (from Maurice Billingsley) featuring Padre Antonio Marin, (Spain); Hugh McCafferty; John Halloran (the second), Peter Hurrell; 2x Antonio (Spain) at back with Josef, from Switzerland; Pius also Swiss, and Vicente (Spain)

• A collection of photos taken at Broome Hall in 1968/9 by Winfried Hartwig — fully annotated with help from Maurice Billingsley, Karin and André Filion. Also included is an aerial view of St Anne's, Jerusalem.

• This Page is dedicated to the St Columba's choir that took part in the 1960 "Pueri Cantores" event in Rome. The original pamphlet was supplied by Mike Ellis and carefully translated from the Italian by Ian Scott — to the accompaniment of 'The Seven Joys of Mary', a track that was not actually included in the LP album that was produced). Many photos included.

• Many more photos of Broome Hall and the seminarians' involvement with local children. Features a good few non-British students, thanks to Winfried Hartwig.
• Winfried's photo record of his days at St Edward's, Totteridge. (10 items from 1969-71).
• 1970 Deaconite Ordination photos at St Edward's and Whetstone. Again, from Winfried.

• Even more photos from Winfried Hartwig's days at Totteridge!

• The final page of Winfried Hartwig's days at Totteridge, including Oak Lodge, of course.
• Peter Finn's visit to s'Heerenberg 1957, accompanied by John Morton and featuring many well-known people.

• Fr Tom O’Donnell saying Mass in the Priory chapel in 1950.

• John and Margaret Morton's Golden Wedding Mass at their local Church, officiated by Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald etc.

• Several photos from Maurice Billingsley from his time at Blacklion 1967/68 and one from the top of the Grand Autan mountain, 1969
• Another wideranging collection of photos from Maurice taken in France, Germany and the UK. (Even includes the steam train to Larne and Maurice dressed up in silver foil).
• The sale of St Edward's 2011. (Copy of the estate agent's brochure).

• Hugh McVey, Ian Scott and Mike Ellis meeting up in 2011.

• Seven outstanding shots of the Scottish border encompassing the old St Columba's area — from Chris & Josie Benton, who visit the site every year. (Includes an up-to-date view of the graves at SC).
• Ten photos taken by Tony Smyth in October 2011 when he met up with Mike O'Callaghan on a trip to Vanier, Canada, to re-visit their days at Eastview.
• Two shots of a group of St Columba's students in 1963 (probably) plus many rare pictures of life at Danby Hall.
• More from Maurice Billingsley's collection of photos take (mostly) in France and Germany.
• Group shots of students at St John's, Southsea, taken by Cedric Pollard and Michael Gallagher, 1967/68.

• Celebrating the Golden Jubilee at The Priory (1962) — Mass on the lawn facing the Fathers' House.

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