(source: The Pelican, Summer 65)

The 1965 Priory First X1

Back : Sean Hughes, George Jason, Patrick McHale, Owen Gormley, Philip Mason
Front : Andrew Murphy, Patrick Gritton, John Mills (Captain), Charles Savage, Paul Fletcher, Vincent Brosnan

Anyone got the original?

(source: Maurice Billingsley)

"Canterbury Memories: Gruesome Deaths of Martyrs"

I decided that this photo ought to be in the GALLERY as well as in the NEWS section, so that by giving it more
prominence people might be able to identify those taking part. It accompanied a local newspaper article
(4th October 2001) that Maurice Billingsley kindly sent to me.

Question 1: Do you recognise anyone in the picture?
(Question 2: Why did they abandon the white habit?)

To read the article (in the NEWSletter section — "Other News") click here.

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(source: Jim Butters)

This photo was sent to me as part of the following email which a lot of you might find interesting:

Mr. West:

This is an exploratory message. By way of introduction, the (above) photo is a picture of the chapel at the site of Camp Lavigerie, a former White Fathers'  seminary and family vacation facility located in the Adirondack Mountains in northern New York State.

It was taken September 2nd last, when a group of families from  Canada and the United States celebrated mass at the fifth reunion of families of Camp Lavigerie. About 100 of the faithful were involved.

The story of this reunion, and the site named after Cardinal Lavigerie, is lengthy and difficult to encapsulate. The story runs for about 50 years,  the history for about 100 years and is a part of White Fathers' presence in North America.

I / we had not been aware of The Pelicans and are interested in 'making contact', if that is appropriate, at this time. Brother Jim Heintz of the White Fathers is currently serving in Malawi and is copied in this instance because of my respect for his guidance and devotion.

Yours respectfully, Jim Butters

Let me know if you would like to make contact or find out more about Jim's reunions. (Email me)

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(source: Eugene MacBride)

June 9th 1948, Sports Day at The Priory. Brian Geraghty winning the 100 yards heat.

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(source: Eugene MacBride)

Form 5 — the old Rhetoric, July 1954

(L-R) :
Back Row:
Mike Fitzgerald, John Kelly, Jimmy Johnston, Peter McComisky,
Peter Wetz, Paddy O'Sullivan, Bill Capper, John Gately, Pat Martin,
Joe McManus, John Dhurkin, John Mulligan, Seamus Browne, Tommy Price

Front Row: Albert Gardner, Brother Modeste, Walter Perry,
Vincent Callaghan, Tom Hennessy, Fr Dickson, Eugene MacBride,
Ged Wynne, Joe Tierney, Ray Donoghue, Packy Harrity