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(source: Maurice Billingsley)

Maurice writes (November 2010) :
" Here's a picture that the Johannians amongst us may appreciate: Southsea Common, though seen from the ferry, not the grass. We used to walk around there at lunchtimes, perhaps round the castle at the far right in the picture, where rushing between waves was a sport on windy days, one which left a few of us with wet feet for the afternoon!"

Robbie Dempsey writes (November 2010)
" I often recall walking around the sea front at lunch times. I regularly called to look in the window of a small music shop. They advertised the latest offerings from Bob Dylan - or whoever was top of the pops that month.

The last time I was on that sea front was 2002 and we visted a wonderful museum dedicated to the Normandy Landings. "

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(source: Owen Gormley)

(L-R) : Joe Gibson (Kelty), Paddy Maguire (Loanhead, Midlothian), Kev, Andy, Sean and Tommy

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(source and annotation: Maurice Billingsley)

Gap in winter

Hugh McCafferty bites the snow

Vicente and Peter

Padre Antonio Marin, (Spain); Hugh McCafferty; John Halloran (the second), Peter Hurrell; 2x Antonio (Spain) at back with Josef, from Switzerland; Pius also Swiss, and Vicente (Spain)

Vincent  O'Neill writes (April 2011) : " Vicente Blesa is third from the right at the back.
You can see and hear him on Youtube entitled "Aragoneses por el Mundo Montreal Parte 1

My Spanish is not great and Vicente speaks very quickly but he seems
to be doing very well, working for a large construction company.

Vicente was with me in Broome Hall (1968-69). We stayed in contact for
a while after he went to Canada for Theology but unfortunately lost contact".

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Four more views of the River Tweed and St Columba's.

(source: Gerry Lenaghan)

(source: Gerry Lenaghan)

(source: Gerry Lenaghan)

(source: Gerry Lenaghan)