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(Pelican magazine, 1960 via Robbie Dempsey)

St Columba's, 1960

(The original is of very poor quality)


(source: Mike Ellis)

John Joyce and John Mattock

Mike Ellis writes (Oct 2009) : " John and Lynn Mattock came to visit us and
I organised a lunch in Guildford with them and John Joyce.

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(source: Mike Ellis)

(L-R) : John Joyce, John Mattock and Mike Ellis

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(source: Robbie Dempsey and Pat McHale)

Charlie Savage and Pat McHale

Robbie Dempsey writes (17th November 2009) :

" I am delighted to forward you a photo just sent to me by Pat McHale in Antigua. I know that many Pelicans will be pleased to hear that while Charlie Savage was on a business visit to Antigua last week he caught up on old times with Pat.

Charlie lives in Orlando, Florida.

During his trip, I called Pat on his mobile when he was driving along and so I got through to his passsenger instead - it was
really great to talk with Charlie again after all these years. He is looking forward to one day making it to one of our Pelican reunions."