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Vincent Martin, originally from County Cavan,
was at St Columba's 1956-58. He has sent us the following two photos
from that time
that include some 'names' that haven't cropped up before/

(source : Vincent Martin)

(L-R) : Trevor Robinson, Tony Brown, Michael DeLacey, Stephen Duggan, Thomas Power,
——, ——, ——, Patrick Russell, Michael Nolan, ——, ——

Tony Brown is carrying a camera. Did he take any pictures that we could borrow ?

Fr Pierre Aucoin
suggests (01-06-08) : 3rd from left is Michael DeLacey; 5th from left is Stephen Duggan.

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((source : Vincent Martin))

St Columba's footbal team 1957

(L-R) :
Back : Vincent Martin, Alex Mcleod,-----, ---------,
Andy Mooney, Tony Carolan (RIP), Patrick Russell, Joe Allen

Front :
Joe Rule, Frank Richardson, Robert Blakey, Felix Salinas,

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1962/3 : Bud Greene and Peter McKenzie (RIP) in the grounds of Blacklion

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(source : Paul West)

This is the original Priory tabernacle, now resident in the 'new' parish church
of Our Lady, Queen of Apostles, (built in the old Priory grounds, where the tennis court once stood)

Close-up, revealing the etching.

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Question : Is your French still good enough to see whether this was
'The Jackal' posing as Maurice Billingsley—or vice versa ?



These two photos will eventually apopear in the GAP Appendix as well.