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As you may have already noticed, photos don't always arrive here in strict chronological order . . . .
One day, when the flood turns to a trickle, I'll rearrange this collection into some sort of order.
On second thoughts, I think I'll just disappear — intestate, as it were.

BUT it's time to stop and say THANK YOU, again, to all those people out there who keep finding more 'stuff'.

(Source: Maurice Billingsley)

Maurice writes : 'This is Fribourg in Switzerland, where the noviciate went after Gap — taken from the lower, German-speaking town, up to the Cathedral in the upper, French-speaking town. Africanuum, the WF house, was in the upper town, but way out of sight. Date: 1970.'

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(Source: Mike Mearns)

Mike sent these with the following note : ' . . . . one latin bumper sticker, picked up in Melrose in 1993, referring to the Roman camp on the slopes of the Eildon Hills; and the label off the bottle of Thibarine, which is the liqueur from Tunisia, which was first produced by the White Fathers.

If you recall I said it tasted like alchoholic cough medicine.

You recommended a little soda to " help the medicine go down". I'm sure the bearded lady couldn't have given the stuff away down at the Jubilee. In fact, in a rush of the Mardi Gras spirit, I finished the bottle last night, two years after the trip to North Africa.'

Footnote : Mike didn't supply a translation of the bumper sticker, so I am grateful to the friend who bought me an excellent Latin dictionary (publ. Harper Collins). The textbook that I have always regretted losing, however, was my personal copy of the Shorter Latin Primer by Kennedy. It was a slim, brown book — laid out in such a logical way that all you had to do was learn the stuff !

I really miss that book. Has anyone got one that they are willing to sell me, please ?

(It wasn't this version on the left, by the way).

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(Source: Larry Shine)

Danny O'Hagan, Blacklion 1960 - 61

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(Source: Larry Shine)

Danny O'Hagan and Larry Shine
, Blacklion 1960 - 61